Powers on Rice: Nomination Would Be “arrogance” and “would be his undoing”…..

When asked on FNS if she thought President Obama would nominate Susan Rice to be Secretary of State Kirsten Powers says:

“I don’t know. I think if he does though it could be, that kind of arrogance, which I think it would be, would be his undoing. Because if she is put under oath and is forced to go through and answer all of these questions about Benghazi, it’s going to put the administration into a really bad position. And I don’t think she was the frontrunner. I don’t understand where this came out of… It’s now become almost a sense of pride… His defense of her was fine but then it kind of went into an area that didn’t make sense.”

Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten….. seemingly alarmed, shocked, even surprised that President Obama would reflect such arrogance in his decisionmaking or policy. Seriously?

Consider, if you would, this picture from Libya:

Arrogance?   Do you really believe that Obama would NOT nominate a person of such “STATURE” amid his own ideological view?

Tsk, tsk…. 

Of course he would.

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7 Responses to Powers on Rice: Nomination Would Be “arrogance” and “would be his undoing”…..

  1. sundance says:

    Cue the audio visual demonstration:


  2. 22tula says:

    It seems that Obama has taken his identity from his mother, not his father.
    That is why Obama surrounds himself with radical feminists.
    Phyllis Schlafly – Ed Klein interview – October 13, 2012


  3. 22tula says:

    “From Rwanda to Benghazi, Susan Rice’s Record of Political Cronyism”
    By Kevin L. Martin – November 20, 2012
    Ethiopian Review

    2001 – Samantha Powers
    “Obama’s Adviser on human rights accuses Susan Rice of being a bystander to genocide”
    By Elias – November 15, 2012

    “Uber-Left American-Hater Samantha Power To Be Next Secretary Of State?”
    Atlas Shrugs – April 3, 2011


  4. 22tula says:

    More From the Ethiopian Review
    “Susan Rice a bad news for the U.S., Africa and the world”
    By Justin Raimondo – November 21, 2012

    “Susan Rice brings shame and dishonor to the United States”
    By Elias Kifle – September 2, 2012

    “The ugly consequences of a beautiful gesture”
    Jillian Becker – March 25, 2011


  5. ED357 says:

    0bama could give a $hit what anyone else thinks…….

    The next four (4) years are going to be a very “bumpy” ride………….

    as Louie XVI used to say…….”IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KING ! ! !”


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