Foggy Bottom Firestorm – Convenient Holiday Weekend Fire At Hillary Clinton Office U.S. State Dept., Truman Building….

Fresh off plane(s) from the Middle East and Asia, and just in time for the holidays, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama return to Washington DC amid the growing ferocity of House and Senate hearings on Benghazi, Libya and the possible cover up.  

Simultaneous to the hot button political issues surrounding Susan Rice and “who changed the Benghazi talking points” to reflect falsehoods and lies…..

….. an unusual fire breaks out, on a long holiday weekend, in the State Department building, in Washington DC, on the Seventh Floor [Office of the Secretary of State], and Eighth Floor [State Reception and only Public Tour venue] ……  You just can’t make this stuff up.

ABC News – Authorities say a fire broke out at the State Department headquarters in Washington, seriously injuring three maintenance workers.

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Lon Walls said the fire started at around 11 a.m. Saturday in the ductwork on the 7th floor. Workers were able to put out the fire before firefighters arrived, but not before three people had suffered burns.

Walls said one person suffered life-threatening injuries and two others had serious but non-life-threatening injuries. All three were taken to Washington Hospital Center.

State department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the fire began during routine maintenance to a mechanical area of the building. She said the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened.  (article)

Think there is a coordinated “story” to sell?   Check out the wording from:

Yahoo News – Click Here

ABC News – Click Here

USA Today News – Click Here

CNN News – Click Here 

NBC Washington News – Click Here

Reuters News Service – Click Here

Hey, at least they’re consistent…..

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36 Responses to Foggy Bottom Firestorm – Convenient Holiday Weekend Fire At Hillary Clinton Office U.S. State Dept., Truman Building….

  1. The building was briefly evacuated while incriminating documents and hard-drives were removed…”


  2. ytz4mee says:

    Prayers for the injured workers, who are pawns in a much bigger scheme…. bumps in the road, so to speak. It’s awfully convenient that all the news story lead with the injuries to the workers, and no mention of what exactly started the fire, or who was investigating. Usually such incidents involve an investigation by the Fire Marshal, but that isn’t even mentioned. Nothing to see here, move along…


  3. elvischupacabra says:

    The case of: The Missing Rose Law Firm Billing Records II or Where’s Ron Brown? or The ‘Suicide’ of Vince Foster. These people are beyond scary.


  4. nameofthepen says:

    Sundance says: “Think there is a coordinated “story” to sell? Check out the wording from(posts several major media outlets).”

    Ha ha…of course. The “free press” isn’t. There are less than a handful of news feeds, Reuters being the major one.

    I’m always amazed at how “lucky” the Clintons are. I mean, golly, just look at how convenient it was when Vince Foster “committed suicide” after the debacle at Waco.

    Or, the many sudden Mena deaths when the cocaine -smuggling story was on the horizon.

    Signed, “Just another silly conspiracy-theory nut with an internet connection” 😉

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  5. Sharon says:

    Building to be renamed The Reichstag. Ceremonies will be held on February 27, 2013, 80 years after the unfortunate event.


  6. Mikado Cat says:

    Its the sort of story that will always at least initially be from a press release. Where else could remotely complete or supposedly accurate information come from?


  7. ftsk420 says:

    Wow this kind of reminds me of 9/11 and the pentagon.


  8. Sam says:

    When something appears entirely too convenient, that’s exactly what it is. Hillary Clinton strikes again, no doubt through agents. And this woman will be running for president in 2016. That’s the way the Soviets operated. “Nothing to see here. Move along, comrade.”

    Heck, even Pravda has the Obama administration pegged as Putin said, “He [Obama] gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.”


    • ftsk420 says:

      Like I said reminds me of 9/11 and the pentagon. I don’t believe for one second a large jetliner hit the pentagon. The day before 9/11 Rumsfeld states they can’t account for 2.3 Trillion in pentagon funds. The next day something hits the pentagon right in the spot that housed all that info. 34 people died in that office that day. Many people will say it’s bs and that conspiracy nuts are the ones putting this stuff out there. I saw the video of the plane or whatever it was that hit the pentagon and to me it doesn’t look like a plane.


      • ctdar says:

        Ok ftsk420 than what happened to all the people that were flying on AA flight 77 that moment including those that were describing exactly what was happening at that moment to their loved ones via cell phone?


        • ftsk420 says:

          I don’t know what happen but I do know the video that’s out there is not a jetliner. There is pilots who have tried to simulate it and can’t. Reports also say the guy who flew the jet into the pentagon could barley fly a single engine cessna. But that wasn’t my point my point was what Rumsfeld said the day before and what was destroyed on 9/11. I have seen tons of photos of the impact site to me it doesn’t appear that a jetliner hit the pentagon.


        • nameofthepen says:

          ctdar says: “…what happened to all the people…describing…to their loved ones via cell phone?”

          Ctdar, just food for thought:
          1. Why was there no one at Los Angeles Int’l Airport waiting for “loved ones” to arrive via AA flight 77 that day? Zero. Zip. Nada.

          2. Considering the state of the technology, and number of relay towers in 2001, were undropped cellphone calls from airplanes even possible anywhere except in low altitudes over densely-populated areas?

          Signed: Your friendly conspiracy-theorist. 😉


          • ctdar says:

            1) the passengers on Flight 73 were dead & the entire world knew it @ 10am EST
            2) if cellphones were not used every seat on the planes had the air phones which were also used by the passengers


            • ctdar says:

              ^^ Flight 77


            • Mikado Cat says:

              Did anybody check the tower ping logs?


            • ftsk420 says:

              Only 2 calls came from that flight. Olsen cell call which lasted 0 seconds and was unconnected the other call came from Renee May. Now go back to 2001 and the limited capabilities of cell phones especially at say 25k to 40k feet which is where most of the cell calls came from that day. The cell phone in those days had to complete a “handshake” with a cellsite on the ground, which took several seconds, so a cell phone in a high-speed plane would have had trouble staying connected to a cellsite long enough to complete a call.

              Things from that day just don’t add up. Like the plane that took off from JFK after the skies had been closed to all air traffic.


              • nameofthepen says:

                ftsk420 says: “Things from that day just don’t add up.”

                No, they don’t. Even cutting the media all the slack in the world for stress and confusion, too much is too fishy. For instance, we all know that the POTUS and the Veep never fly on the same plane together, “the Dick” was filmed and broadcast live, down in Sarasota on the morning of 911, as he was preparing to board Air Force 1. (See below, I posted links rather than embeds, since this is fairly off-topic)

                Yet, we all sat and listened to Norm Mineta’s hokey testimony, as he swore he and “the Dick” were bunkered up at the White House, with him nervously querying “the Dick”, “Sir, do the orders still stand?” 🙄


            • nameofthepen says:

              ctdar – I do not believe that the flight number of the “plane that hit WTC 1” was announced over the news for quite some time.

              Nope. There should have been people waiting for loved ones, etc., at the destination. LAX (the destination) is not a little neighborhood airstrip. It pretty much takes all morning to go gather up someone arriving there.

              As hard as it is, as scarey as it is, to contemplate that 9/11 was not as we were led to believe, I refuse to bury my head in the sand about all the evidence that indeed, perhaps we were attacked not by “Muslims who hated us for our freedoms”, but instead by some group far more sinister. 😦

              I think you’ve gotten a pretty good taste of “media truth” here on the Zimmerman case already. Frankly, I’m surprised you believe anything they say anymore.


      • nameofthepen says:

        ftsk420 says: “I saw the video of the plane or whatever it was that hit the pentagon and to me it doesn’t look like a plane.”

        Hey, ftsk420 – My favorite video of that day is the one showing “the plane” going all the way through that massive steel-and-concrete building, and poking its unblemished fiberglass nose out the other side. Quite a feat! Bet George wished he had a nose that strong! 😆

        Signed: Your friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist. 😉


        • ftsk420 says:

          Just doesn’t add up. The hole isn’t big enough. 757 has wing span of 125 feet they say it came in at a 45 degree angle. Grass in front of the pentagon looked almost pristine afterward.


          • ctdar says:

            it doesn’t add up? btw who is “they?”
            Why don’t you take a look at the security camera footage, the plane was practically horizontal on the ground at the end. Here’s a mix of both actual film footage/photo stills from the day and engineer animation which I find more factual than “eye witnesses” and theorists.


          • nameofthepen says:

            ftsk420 – I misread this comment. You were talking about the Pentagon. I answered about WTC2. Sorry.

            Yes, you’re absolutely right. Not only did the grass look pristine, there were a couple of enormous empty cable spools on the ground right in front of the so-called “entry site” which were untouched by “the plane”. What? It hopped over them at the last moment?

            Nope. Just like the media snockered us on the Zimmerman case, they also fed us a line of hooey about 9/11.


  9. howie says:

    And now. Maximum Energy. Plan 9 from Outer Space is in full effect. This is only a taste of how bad it will get. Meanwhile back at the GOP loyal opposition headquarters they are cowering in fear their FBI files may not be incinerated. Prepping is the order of the day. It is amazing to watch the destruction of the Constitution live and in real time. Prep up folks it is going to get bumpy. I just got my Rocket Stove. My water distiller is in progress and I am getting 200 lbs. of salt.


  10. akathesob says:


    Xcuse me!


  11. Hillary Clinton’s office caught fire?

    Bill probably left a smoldering 6 inch cigar.

    Just pray there weren’t any Benghazi papers,
    computers, emails, interoffice correspondence,
    sticky notes, fax machines, telephone recordings,
    CIA bugs, FBI microphones, teleprompter videos,
    I-pads, BlackBerry’s, Androids, cell phones, TVs Laptops iPads, Tablets & eReaders
    Home Audio & Theater ipods & MP3 Players
    DVD & Blu-ray Players Printers, Scanners & Supplies Cell Phones
    Cameras & Camcorders Networking Headphones
    GPS & Navigation Auto Electronics Accessories damaged..


    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      According to the Paula jones affadavit concerning the distinguishing characteristics, the “cigar” was less than five inches long and thinner than the diameter of a quarter. Jennifer Flowers also made disparaging comments about Clinton’s diminutive endowment.


  12. Coordination? No. Laziness? Yes. The same story on all of the linked news stories came from the same AP source. This is the way with most stories. For the most part, we really only have one news agency, the AP.


  13. czarowniczy says:

    Probably a bit late on this post but the Army Personnel Records Center and the National Personnel Records Center, both of which served as an employment sink for East St Louis, have convenient fires every few decades to cover the filing and record keeping incompetence endemic to the two places. They had a fire in the Army section in the 1973 and I was getting replies to records requests for people who hadn’t enlisted until after 1975 saying their ‘records were lost in the 1973 fire’. Imagine what people at State can do with a fire…


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