Rumor: Fareed Zakaria In Running for SOS or UN Ambassador?

I have no idea how much credibility to put to this “rumor” per se’.   But you never know, with this administration it would NOT surprise me…. or it could be a “trial balloon”.

(Israel Matzav)  There have been rumors that Fareed Zakaria is in the running to be Secretary of State in President Obama’s second term. While the now leading candidate may be worse, this op-ed by Zakaria in the Washington Post makes you wonder why he was ever considered.   Zakaria gives us a rundown of the region and reaches the following conclusions..

This is why Egypt, despite being under a new Islamist government, is not going to risk war with Israel. Nor are the other Arab states. They will make fiery speeches and offer humanitarian assistance. But they will not fight alongside the Palestinians in Gaza or do anything that could trigger a wider war.

Turkey, another powerful regional player, has a government that has weakened its ties with Israel and clashed with it repeatedly over its treatment of the Palestinians. But these are verbal clashes, unlikely to amount to much more. In fact, Turkey is now facing a situation in which its efforts to become a regional power have backfired. It gambled that it would be able to dislodge the regime in Syria, which has not yet happened. Its relations with Iraq have deteriorated as it shields the Sunni vice president from Baghdad’s Shiite-led government, which wants to arrest him. And since Turkey has frosty relations with Israel, it can only watch from afar as Egypt becomes the bridge between Israel and Hamas. The only real outside broker in the region is, of course, the United States, Israel’s closest ally.

These are the realities of the Middle East today. Israel’s astonishing economic growth, its technological prowess, its military preparedness and its tight relationship with the United States have set it a league apart from its Arab adversaries. Peace between the Palestinians and Israelis will come only when Israel decides that it wants to make peace. Wise Israeli politicians, from Ariel Sharon to Ehud Olmert to Ehud Barak, have wanted to take risks to make that peace because they have worried about Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state. This is what is in danger, not Israel’s existence.  (read more)

Then again…

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7 Responses to Rumor: Fareed Zakaria In Running for SOS or UN Ambassador?

  1. doodahdaze says:

    That sounds about right to me. We will not survive 4 more years of Obama. No Way No How.


  2. Sharon says:

    He was carrying the book for effect. I can’t imagine him reading books of which he is not the author.


    • obsidian53 says:

      These liberal clowns are sure going for the Post America world. What do they offer after America? Everywhere else in this world is a shithole and if it’s going to be post America then why do some many people from other countries stow away, swim or walk miles of desert just to get here.
      Post America what a bunch of shit.


  3. Arkindole says:

    “…Peace between the Palestinians and Israelis will come only when Israel decides that it wants to make peace….”
    Make me friggin vomit.

    To quote SK:

    “Israel, in the name of peace, turned over the lives of millions of people to the control of a terrorist organization which taught their children to believe that their highest purpose in life was to die while killing Israelis.”


  4. Just what this Nation needs…ANOTHER Moslem in the Mohammedan-In-Chief’s Cabinet. 🙄
    Americans are going to be arriving here on flying prayer rugs. 👿


  5. obsidian53 says:

    foreed zakario is an idiot, he’s perfect for the job of SoS send him to afganistan ASAP.


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