No Deal ! – Netanyahu Refuses Cease Fire Consideration – Now Meeting With SOS Clinton

Hillary arrived in Israel and held a presser in advance of close door meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.   Bibi says no to ceasefire, Secretary Clinton affirms Israels’ position, then her and Bibi head into a private conversation so she can hear first hand what the details are of Netanyahu’s terms.    With those Israeli terms in hand she will approach Egypt’s President Morsi to leverage Hamas for ceasefire.

Egyptian President Morsi is, in essence, the figurehead leadership of Hamas.  Think about that?   My, how things have changed……   Meanwhile…..  These are the savages who represent Hamas – Hamas terrorists shot a van-load of suspected Israeli “spies” in Gaza.  Then they dragged the body of one of the men through the streets.

IBTimes reported:

Six Palestinian men have been executed after being accused of spying for Israel. After a brief trial, the six alleged informers were executed and dumped in a Gaza street, reports said.

“Their bodies are still there now. Ambulances have been arriving to presumably take them away,” Sky News correspondent Stuart Ramsay said.

The six “were caught red-handed” with high-tech filming equipment to take videos of military positions, according to a security source quoted by the Hamas Aqsa radio. The men were shot.

Militants hooked the body of one alleged spy to a motorcycle and dragged him through the streets of Gaza City(more)

One of CNN’s homosexual anchors, Anderson Cooper reported on this story out of Gaza, and he’d better be really careful.


When Anderson Cooper was in Egypt (Feb 2011) they put a Fatwa on his head and CNN had to evacuate him out of Cairo.    STORY HERE

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31 Responses to No Deal ! – Netanyahu Refuses Cease Fire Consideration – Now Meeting With SOS Clinton

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  2. coffeeandsleeplessnights says:

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  3. doodahdaze says:

    Can anyone imagine what BiBi thinks of Hitlery. He must look at that Stupid Dope and just shake his head in utter disgust. What a fool she is.


    • I think Netanyahu is fully aware of what he faces from this administration, and yes perhaps internally he feels as you describe.

      However, each has purpose and a loving God has placed this man, at this time, in defense of Israel…. and I have NEVER witnessed, nor read in historical reference, of a man so uniquely capable of walking the razor thin tight rope of righteousness in the face of an unrighteous world.

      Netanyahu has brilliantly navigated his way through the public discourse and is more well regardin in the United States than the President of this country himself. THAT is an awesome job – IMHO

      Strength, pure STRENGTH, is the key right now…. Strength in the face of adversity is one of the key principles of taking righteous action.

      I am proud to be on the side of Israel. VERY PROUD.

      Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran and every rabid islamist entity in the region are poking Israel, yet she absorbs with magnificent humility then when the “line is crossed” POW… Smashed to irrelevence is the future of the antagonists should they proceed.

      Yeah, I guess you would put me in the Netanyahu fan club. Go Bibi. !!

      Wolverines !!


      • doodahdaze says:

        Agree with that but he now has a problem larger than the Muslims … Barak Hussein Obama.


        • Obama is not bigger -in the immediate sense- an issue than the uncaged Big Cats patrolling the ME zoo looking for their next supper. Luckily Obama and his leftist global cohorts are predictable.

          Bibi knows that Obama considers him, well, his nations existence, a mere nusiance, and Bibi also knows that narccisstic Obama has a short attention span for things that are not in direct idolitry to him personally. Obama gets angry when he is bored and kicks hornets just to feel relevent. It is all about feelings for our President… and in a larger sense ‘feelings” are what drive the actions of all leftist progs.

          Benjamin Netanyahu retains focus on that which is divinely inherent – not that which is man made. He serves a bigger purpose. Pretty awesome actually. God Bless That Man.


      • PatriotUSA says:

        Well said SDC. From a Wolverine in Oregon:


        Israel must do whatever needs to be done. Now is NOT the time for any negotiations with rabid radical muslims.


    • Sharon says:

      What SD said: Netanyahu has brilliantly navigated his way through the public discourse and is more well regarded in the United States than the President of this country himself

      Joel Rosenberg tells about his first meeting with Netanyahu on September 25, 2000:

      “So, Joel, tell me a little about yourself,” Netanyahu began.

      “Well, sir, my first job was at the Heritage Foundation….”

      I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth when Netanyahu broke out in a smile and told me how much he loved the work Heritage did for the cause of freedom and how long he had been friends with the organization’s founder, Ed Feulner.

      “What did you do after Heritage?” he asked.

      I explained that my next job had been working for Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp. This, too, elicited a strong reaction. Netanyaho was friends with both men….Netanyaho also turned out to be a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, for whom I’d worked as director of research from 1994……

      …..He couldn’t say enough good about (Steve Forbes’) the flat tax, Steve’s passion for free-market reform, and the Jubilee Business Summit they had co-chaired in October 1998.
      –Epicenter, Joel C. Rosenberg, 2006

      The reason Mr. Rosenberg met with him at this point was because Rosenberg was in the process of being hired (after this short interview) as part of an “inner circle of Americans to complement his Israeli team”….as Netanyahu was preparing to run for Prime Minister.

      Bibi has a heart for freedom. He knows exactly what America WAS….so he sure knows that what he’s seeing now in our “leadership” is not America.


  4. jordan2222 says:

    Where the hell is Jimmy Carter?


  5. Bongo says:

    Anderson Cooper had better watch his own scalp in Gaza City. Muslims don’t like gay dudes.



    No matter what HAJI HILLARY says in public, she will recant in private or just lie to BIBI. She wants to set up the Caliphate and has been working as hard as she can to do so.
    Israel is just a bump in the road as far as HAJI HILLARY is concerned.
    Israel had better not trust a single word she says.


  7. Cyrano says:

    Bibbi should invite Clinton and Morsi to discuss the details in an open field near the Gaza border, assuring them that the IDF will provide ground security for them.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Why would anyone think that, except for a few wildcards, anyone in the Israeli government trust what the POtuS and/or his flying monkey SoS has to say? Israel won’t trust the SoS to broker a ceasefire unless she can get some sort of unequivocal guarantee that no more rockets will be fired from Palestine or the Sinai. Sure the POtuS could probably wrest a short-term cease fire from Hamas but that would mostly be their getting time to rearm, rebuild firing sites and get more accurate surveys. Getting Hamas (read: Iran) to stop screwing with Israel is like getting a skunk to stop stinking. Unless you cut out the scent glands or just kill the damned skunk it’s gonna do what the stinky bastards do naturally. I can’t think of any way to ‘descent ‘ the Palestinians/Iranians, not that I’d ever thought them decent, so looks like I agree with Israel, dead skunks still stink but not for as long. For a more in-depth opinion on the matter I defer to Loudon Wainright:


  9. ZurichMike says:

    Typo in blog title, should be “meeting with POS Clinton”


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