Look Out Below ! “Heads-UpChuck”

But don’t look up…..  NEW YORKThere was real-life drama at Paul Rudd’s Broadway play “Grace” when an audience member who appeared drunk threw up over a mezzanine railing onto theatergoers below. “A drunk guy vomited over the railing onto about a dozen audience members seated in the orchestra, right in the middle of one of Rudd’s big monologues on Wednesday.”

[So] said one disgusted witness, adding, “There was mass chaos for several minutes, but the cast played right on through, ignoring the disruption.” Spies added of the nauseous fellow, “It was very apparent that alcohol was to blame” for the incident.

Paul Rudd

(Rather than, say, a pre-theater meal at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar nearby.) The unidentified intoxicated playgoer was immediately “ushered out of the house” and later was seen being treated by paramedics in front of the Cort Theatre. “The house staff expertly handled the situation as quickly and quietly as possible,” said an insider. “They quietly helped the messy patrons to restrooms to clean up and offered paper towels to others who wanted to stay in their seats and watch the show.”

At the end of the performance, Rudd even made a curtain call to say thanks to the audience for “sticking with us.” “Given the severity of the situation, and the number of people affected, it’s pretty amazing that the show was able to go on uninterrupted,” added a Cort source. A rep for the show told us, “We suspect that the audience member in question meant to see ‘Rock of Ages’ and stumbled into the wrong theater.

We apologize to the patrons seated in the direct line of fire.”  (article)

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7 Responses to Look Out Below ! “Heads-UpChuck”

  1. jordan2222 says:

    The British are great people in so many ways. After my first trip there, I was asked by a Scot for my observations about the British people. I said, I believe that if the Queen announced she was going to begin beheading people tomorrow, they would hurry to join the queue and never utter a word.


  2. Sharon says:

    That dog in the bottom photo must have just been subjected to a White House press conference or something–he’s an excellent doggie. Perhaps a wannabe wolverine?


  3. cajunkelly says:

    People willing to continue sitting in someone else’s vomit (with the aid of paper towels) 🙄 get no sympathy from me.

    *I* want to know why the hit on Guy;
    “(Rather than, say, a pre-theater meal at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar nearby.)”

    I’ve watched his shows now and then. Horrible hair, good food.

    But food the mooch would not approve of. Mystery solved?


  4. scubachick75 says:

    That’s disgusting. I can’t even hear or see someone throwing up without doing it myself.


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