Iron Dome Intercepts Two Iranian-Made Fajr-5 Missiles Aimed At Tel Aviv…

ISRAEL – The Iron Dome intercepted two Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv on Saturday. The missiles marked the third attack on the heavily populated central city in as many days, after Palestinian terrorists from Gaza fired four missiles toward the financial capital on Thursday and Friday, prompting red alert air raid sirens to sound in the city.

While police said that one of the missiles landed in an open area, a military source told The Jerusalem Post that the Iron Dome intercepted both missiles.

The Defense Ministry deployed an upgraded Iron Dome battery in the Gush Dan area in the center of Israel on Saturday morning, after rushing its production in light of escalation. The battery is the fifth Iron Dome system operational in Israel.

undefinedIslamic Jihad leader Khalid Batsh said on Saturday that the launch of rockets at Tel Aviv from Gaza show “the rules of the game have changed in the region,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

The attack followed volley after volley of rockets aimed at southern towns on Saturday, as red alert sirens wailed repeatedly, warning residents to flee for cover. Two rockets also landed outside the capital Jerusalem on Friday. One rocket landed near a Palestinian village in the West Bank, shattering windows and scaring residents. Another struck a home in Ashdod directly, injuring five Israeli civilians.  (more)

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30 Responses to Iron Dome Intercepts Two Iranian-Made Fajr-5 Missiles Aimed At Tel Aviv…

  1. at-Fay an-May…
    ittle-Lay oy-Bay.



  2. (Lucifer says Moslems are forbidden from reading Pig Latin) 👿


  3. Knuckledraggingwino says:


    How did those somewhat sophisticated missiles get into Gaza in spite of the blockade?
    Does Obama’s BFF in Egypt have some explaining to do?

    What happens if becomes hundreds of missiles with nerve gas warheads?

    Will Obama step up security in case the Israeli Mossad decides to assassinate him?

    Assuming Obama were to expire before the end of this term who would be the new President? Biden would be temporary President until the House voted on a new President?

    RINO Romney conceded the election, so it wouldn’t be him.

    How about President Palin?

    MILF 2012 after all. LOL


  4. czarowniczy says:

    The main way Fajrs are getting in by ship. They port in Gaza and are off-loaded (see Israeli drone videos) where they disappear into storage facilities, many of which have tunnels. Israel can’t interfere with shipments coming into Gaza once they reach port, even when they know what the ship’s carrying. It’s not unusual for Israel to board ships suspected of carrying arms into Gaza while the ships are in international waters but that doesn’t happen all that often. The Fajr can be shipped in unassembled in boxes labeled – whatever. There’s also the problem of anyone boarding a ship flagged under – let’s say – China or Russia even though everyone knows it’s carrying illegal offensive weapons. You can have a XYZ country-flagged ship leaving an Asian port that intel’s reported having Fajrs on it and the best you can do is follow it and try to get the XYZ country to pull the ship back. Board that country’s ship in international waters and watch them start boarding yours in retaliation – soon international trade goes all to hell. Who’s to say a ship docking in a Gaza port, offloading a sea van full of boxes marked ‘farm equipment’ that are of the size that could hold two Fajr airframes isn’t actually offloading farm equipment? You take the boxes to a warehouse, remove the airframe parts, assemble the unit, attach the warhead, put the assembled missile in covered van. Warehouse assembly area is located right next to a school, hospital Starbucks, whatever, so all you can do is use ground intel to find the assembly, transshipment and storage sites and wait for the politicians to give you permission to attack. That’s one way illegal weapons shipments travel – a method used by the good guys as well as the bad guys.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Strange – in answer to above I posted a reply about how the bad guys (and the good guys) ship weapon systems around with minimal oversight – it seems to have gone ‘poof’ into cyberspace. Was it eaten by some carnivore?


  6. lovemygirl says:

    I want one of those missile batteries in my backyard! It sure would get a certain neighbor to quiet his parties when I aimed them. 😉


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Let’s see if this makes it through. I suppose you know that Iron Dome does not fire an interceptor at every rocket (it can whack 155mm or larger arty shells also), it’s system calculates if the incoming round will hit in a valuable area or empty ground and only fires at incoming that it projects will cause damage to a high-value (e’g’, populated) area. It looks as if the US Congress twill toss a truckload of cash into a joint-development program with Rafael so that the US will have an Iron Dome system of its own. This would be handy for the US to use as an anti-antiship missile and a Theater anti-SRBM/IRBM system.
    On the more quiet side is the joint US-Israeli (Boeing-IAI) development of the Arrow III system. The two companies have been in bed on this project for about 10 years – about the same amount of time Iran’s been bragging about developing a joint Iranian-Russian (whoops) make that a ‘totally Iranian developed’ ICBM. Interestingly enough the brochure on the Arrow III advertises it as an ‘exo-atmospheric’ interceptor. What country would possibly have a warhead delivery system that flies outside of the earth’s atmosphere? Anyway, with IAI taking the lion’s share of the project curious minds wonder how many immigrant Jewish scientists who worked on the\ Russian A-35 ABM system are working for IAI and how many of the US’s cancelled ABM system engineers are working for Boeing? If the Democrats don’t wish to offend the enemies of the US by spending money protecting it from foreign ICBMs what better way to get an ABM system up and running than let private industry do it for $$$?
    Stay tuned, sports fans ,as I do believe that we’ll see not only the Arrow II (or another advanced version) protecting us but it ain’t out of the question for something like Iron Dome to eventually be deployed across our southern border with Mexico.


  8. Mikado Cat says:

    Gaza, practice for Iran.


    • czarowniczy says:

      What I find most ridiculous is that Israel has been forced to go to these expensive and technologically excessive lengths, placing their citizens in absolute mortal danger to appease the Islamopologists in the US and in the *&^%$# UN. The Palestinians, who as a group have not accomplished 1% of what Israel has in the last 60+ years, can freely rain death an destruction down on Israel. In the meantime Israel has to go to extreme lengths to parry the offensive moves as the apologists debate what kind of penitent response from Israel is appropriate. Israel has every right to go over to Gaza with a BFH and flatten the place, but she waits and waits and waits until terrified little rodent politicians, miles out of any harm’s way, determine what appropriate apology Israel should offer the Palestinians for having its citizens in a Muslim rocket impact zone.


  9. Mikado Cat says:

    Is Gaza a test of what open conflict with Iran might be like?

    Testing Obama’s response.
    Testing Israel’s Iron Dome.
    Testing the response from the rest of the world?


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