Watch Jordan Closely…. In The Days/Weeks Ahead….

While international eyes are on Gaza…… and the conversation is about how will Egypt react….. Now is when the islamist jihadists will move on Jordan…..   Dangerous time.

Tunisa is gone.   Libya is gone.  Egypt is gone.  Yemen is gone.  Iraq / Iran are gone.  Syria is in the works and Turkey is openly friendly to Islamists….. Heads Up Jordan.

“What started in Tunis and continued in Egypt is ongoing in Syria, and will threaten Jordan and other Arab countries,”

“The Brotherhood already has an outpost in the Palestinian territories, in the form of Hamas.”

The keynote speaker at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s World Summit, [Avi] Dichter added that the beyond infiltrating Israel’s neighbors, the Brotherhood’s more long-term goal is to gain control of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where “there is already a massive movement of youth devoted to eradicating non-Muslim values from society,” according to Dichter.

Turning to Syria, Dichter said that so long as President Bashar Assad remains in power, the Brotherhood can not achieve its aims. “In Syria, being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is tantamount to a death sentence,” he said. However, Dichter warned that if the embattled Syrian leader were to fall, the Brotherhood could in fact take control of the country, which would have deep repercussions on Syria’s neighbors.

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6 Responses to Watch Jordan Closely…. In The Days/Weeks Ahead….

  1. Josh says:

    Jordan is the next in line to be overtaken by The Brotherhood


  2. War on big bird! Youtube video did all of this! Look at the shiny new toy.


  3. akathesob says:

    Troublesome little sheet-heads they are!


  4. czarowniczy says:

    I do believe that, at the slightest hint of trouble in Jordan, that Israel will come to her aid in force. Anyone remember The Black September group? Jordan kicked the Palestinians out of Jordan in 1970 and won the everlasting hatred of the Palestinians. Since then the Jordanian intelligence service has become very proficient and has very close ties to US, French and British intelligence agencies. Jordan has maintained closer ties with Israel, the US and England than it has its many of its Muslim neighbors and has worked with Israel in ways that have caused many of those neighbors to hate it as much as the Palestinians do. Where I have doubts that thePOtuS would rush to Jordan’s aid I do believe that England would, considering their ties. Israel could have worse countries covering her six.


    • canadacan says:

      I do not know your professional background but you have a good comprehensive understanding of the Mideast a lot of common sense I’m going to save this commentary of yours along with some others on Israel and Turkey. pay attention treepers.


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