Update: Full Video Obama Press Conference 11/14/12

First Question from AP – Can you confirm to the American People that National Security has not been compromised by General Petraeaus? and should you have been told earlier that an investigation into him was taking place.

A.   You need to ask and talk to the FBI regarding their protocols of divulging information and discussion.   Mueller has standards and internal points that must be followed.  (he ducks)

A.  There is an ongoing investigation into the potential for security compromise,  so I will parse my commentary.  General Petreaus has a distinguished career and by his own admission this personal failing has compromised his capacity to be effective.  With that in mind I accepted his resignation.

Question:  CNN Jessica Yellen – Fiscal Cliff.   Will you accept eliminating tax loopholes etc as opposed to rasing rates.?

A.   The math does not add up that way.   I am for considering anything that raises revenue and does not burden the middle class.   I want a big deal, I want a comprehensive deal, I want to ensure certainty, but right now I want to make sure taxes on middle class families don’t go up.

Question:  Hispanic Reporter – Immigration.   Will you propose comprehensive immigration reform?

A.  Yes, we need to sieze the moment.  I expect the process to begin very soon after my inaguration.  It should include strong border security measures, it should contain serious penalties for undocumented workers, and a pathway for legal status for people living in this country not engaged in illegal activity to give them the avenue to resolve their legal status.   Obviously making sure that we put into law the Dream Act kids – One thing I feel strongly about is that kids brought here by no fault of their own should not be under the cloud of deportation.   Businesses want skilled labor and want specific concerns addressed, the agriculture sector wants workers to deliver food to our table.  Border security, employers, pathway to citizenship, Dream Act kids.

Question:  Chuck Todd MSNBC – Are you withholding judgement that you should have known sooner on the Petraeus investigation?  Or are you saying you should not have known.

A.  I am witholding judgement surrounding how the topic of General Petraeus comes up, and I have confidence in the FBI.   Chuck what I will say is that if we had been told, you would be asking me why I am interferring with an FBI investigation (another duck)

A.   I want to hear ideas from everyone regarding tax rates.  I don’t want to slam the door on anyone.  I am confident that it can be done.  My budget does it.  I don’t expect the REpublicans to adopt my budget (?).   What I will not do is have a process that is vague with a kinda sorta unscorable revenue gain.    I want certainty in the tax increase on folks making over $250k, so that we can avoid hitting the Middle Class with a tax hike.  I am concerned that we will find a situation where the wealthy will not pay “what they should”, and the burden is passed to the middle class.   The American people want compromise and action but middle class folks don’t want to bear the burden.

Question:  Nancy Cortes – On election night you said you wanted to sit down with Mitt Romney, have you done that yet.  Have you reached out to him?

A.  No.  I think everyone forgets that the election was only a week ago.    I hope to sit down with him prior to the end of year.  I think some of the things he did were good, example the Olympics – some of his ideas might be beneficial to streamlining government.    There may be ideas about jobs and growth so I might be open to those ideas also.   What I want to do is get ideas from him to work together.

Question:  How do you plan to approach your releationship with congress?

A.  I think it is certain that I can do better.  So I need to communicate my desire better to work with everyone.  I have a lot of good rrelationships with people on both sides of the aisle.   I think both myself and Republicans have to do more to work together, I have no issue looking in the mirror.   There will be fights and I think fights are going to need to be had.  I don’t have another election.   There is an incredible gift in that we have been given the opportunity.   I have every intent to be a better president in Term 2.

Question:   Senators Graham and McCain have called for Watergate style hearings on Benghazi and Graham has stated unequivocally that he will block Susan Rice from any nomination to The State Dept.

A.   Susan Rice was making a presentation based on information provided by us in the White House.   To attack her and besmerch her reputation is not ok.   I will not talk about whether or not I will nominate her.   But when they go after the “U.N. Ambassador” because they think she is an easy target then they have a problem with me.

Question:   Ed Henry – FOX News –  question about the mandate but to follow up on Benghazi….. Sean Smiths father says his son called 911 for help.   On 9-11 did you issue any orders to protect their lives ?

A.   I will address those families independently not through the press.    If you think that anyone did not do all they could they were wrong.  My orders to everyone on my National Security Team in regard to our people in Benghazi during the attack were “do whatever you need to do to make sure they are safe“.

Regarding whether I got a mandate, I got re-elected to do work on behalf of Americans to recover and get things moving.  I do know the federal government can make a difference, we are seeing that now on the Jersey Shore.  That’s a pretty good metaphor for how I want the government to operate.

Question:   Can you envision any scenario where we do go off the fiscal cliff, and do you plan on one-on-one talks with Iran.?

A.  Yes, we can all see a way that we will go off the fiscal cliff, but the impact will be devastating to our economy, it could push us back into a recession.   That would not be a good thing.   Step #1. is to agree with certainty that the first $250k of all income will not have any tax increase – period.  We can do that tomorrow.   I have been living with this for a couple of years now – it can be done.  It is arithmatic not calculus.  We can continue to grow and invest, a modest tax increase on the wealthy will not break their backs, they will still be wealthy…. so we can do this.

A.  Respect to Iran.  I want a diplomatic solution to the problem.  We are not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon.  We still have a window for negotiation.   We have put in place strong embargos against them – so yes, I will open a dialogue and open door for them, but I cannot promise they will walk through the door.   If Iran is serious they will be in a position to resolve this.

Question:  Mayor Bloomberg said you would do more to confront climate change than your opponent.   Tomorrow you go to visit the affects of Hurricane sandy.  What will you do to tackle Climate Change and will you, in term two, institute a carbon tax.

A.   We do know the planet temperature is climbing faster than it was even 10 years ago.  I am a firm believer in climate change and that people affect it.   I also believe that carbon emmissions create it.   We doubled the efficiency of autos, we doubled the use of wind energy, and we continue to invest in green programs.   What I am going to do over the next several months I will meet with scientists to determine what we can do in the short term to constrain carbon emmissions, and what can be done in the long term to educate and adjust.   I don’t know what Democrats and Republicans are willing to do, I know there are regional differences and political differences.   If we can create jobs, advance growth and still advance climate progress then you can expect from me that you will hear what efforts we can take.

Last Question:   Mark Felsonfall – Syria is being brutal, France is calling for Regime change, will you arm the rebels.

A.   We were the first to ask for regime change.  We are supportive of the opposition.  We are consulting with our allies and with the opposition.  We are in very close contact with Turkey and Jordan which are impacted, and oh yeah, Israel who might be affected because of Chemical Weapons.   I am encouraged the Syrian group is opening up in more of an umbrella group – we consider them a-legimate of the representative voice of the Syrian people.   We have seen extremist elements in the opposition also, we have to be concerned when we arm them that we are not arming people who would turn those arms against us, or against Israel.   We need to encourage moderate, thoughful, inclusionary government.

Question in retreat:  about $1.2 Trillion spending beyond the budget.

A.   Great question, but I will not answer because you shouted it out.

End of Presser 2:23

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37 Responses to Update: Full Video Obama Press Conference 11/14/12

  1. margegunderson says:

    Did I miss the questions about Benghazi?


  2. margegunderson says:

    Oh, finally.

    Obama defending Susan Rice. McCain and Graham are besmirching her reputation.

    Barry wants to find out what happened in Benghazi. HAHA. We have an investigation going on. Need to get to the bottom of it.


    • ctdar says:

      Krauthammer “his (Obama) usual show of indignation….if she had nothing to go with Benghazi..than why the hell did you send her out there?”

      He calls out McCain & Graham…intent to embarress them and I guess trying to be tough guy. I wish someone in public would say Mr President you are not in Chicago lets leave those ways out of the Oval Office!


  3. gretchenone says:

    It seems hopeless. Darkest before the dawn?


  4. margegunderson says:

    Ed henry of FOX News. Faqmilies of Benghazi four deserve answers. On 9/11 did you issue any orders to try and save their lives?

    Barry says he’ll address the parties privately. lol. Immeditely upon finding out that people were in danger his orders were to do whatever it takes to save them.

    OMG! Totally sidetracked the question. Back to the jmi9ddle class….blah…blah..


    • Sharon says:

      I’m getting tired of that phrase, even though it’s quite emotionally true, “the families deserve answers….” That’s not bedrock. Bedrock is….he has the Constitutional duty to provide answers, before, during and after such events: first to Congress, then to the nation….ANSWERS “for the families” will have automatically BEEN TAKEN CARE if he fulfills his official responsibilities. But I guess they’re too well trained to even consider going there.

      Question: “What parts of the incident at Benghazi were the most beneficial to you personally?”


  5. smoothcriminal says:

    listening to live obama white house press conference on whitehouse.gov, and I just have to say eff you obama!!! In response to the question about the president not knowing till after the election, he went on about fbi protocol, to ask the fbi, then praised patraes’ service to the country. He went on to say:

    “were not supposed to meddle in criminal investigations”….”people are innocent until proven guilty”…”we want to make sure we follow protocols that are already established”..”we want to make sure we dont prejudge”……

    excuse me? you invented a son that looks like trayvon martin to further bring attention to the “no justice no peace” cause of “justice for trayvon” and increase racial division…….you helped perpetuate the innocent black child killed by white racist false narrative that has 225,000 people joining the movement in the first month and declaring george guilty sans evidence.you sent the DOJ and the FBI after George to investigate a fake race hate crime that never happened, based on your false assumption that zimmerman was a white jew.


  6. Obama says his administration and the White House was the one who sent Susan Rice out to answer questions…….

    Then in the next statement says “she had nothing to do with Benghazi, she didn’t have anthing to do with Benghazi”…….

    Which begs the obvious “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SEND HER OUT THEN”?

    Where was Clapper? Where was Petraeus? Where was Hillary? Where was anyone then? Why did they pick Susan Rice to be the face of the narrative?

    Obama just opened himself up for a world of critical hurt on that one…. if the media will smack him with it. It don’t make sense.


  7. Obama says “come after me instead of Susan Rice”…

    OK jackass… why have you been ducking the issue for the past two months…. we’re chasing you. What a stupid thing to say. You are the one running away from this.


    • michellc says:

      Did any of the Senators tell him they do hold him personally responsible and are coming after him?
      Just curious as I’ve black outed all news media including FOX on tv, so I rely on what I read here and a few other places?


    • recoverydotgod says:

      That’s what a President gets for “leading from behind”. He’s in the back, so you hold accountable whose in front and get to the back when you get there.

      I didn’t plan on listening to the presidential press conference, due to quality of the press. However, I did happen to tune into second half of Graham-McCain-Ayotte press conference. Wow, did Sen. Graham ever laying down the marker of no need to nominate anyone for anything that is “Up to their eyeballs” in Benghazi before President Obama had to go out and give his press conference.

      Great job of leading today – strategically and tactically, Sen. Graham. Thanks to the three Senators for being out there before the Pres. Obama’s press conference, trying to create an edge for the truth to gain a foothold.


      • ctdar says:

        Yeah & their usual 3rd (the once loyal & true to self) Lieberman comes out from a closed door meeting basically saying a special committee is not necessary. He has been useless ever since 2008 when than Senator Obama grabbed his hand (during a handshake) and steered him backwards into a side area of sennate floor all the while speaking “intently” to him. I remember seeing this back than but have had no luck finding video clip 😦


  8. Sharon says:

    ” Can you confirm to the American People that National Security has not been compromised by General Petraeaus? ” Wrong question. Presuming a positive answer.

    The question is: “What nations are benefiting by the National Security weaknesses your administration has supported?”

    …and I hate it when they link/ask two questions. That always guarantees an easy out for answering neither of them.

    And he ALWAYS has to be sprawled on the furniture? In Speech 101 we immediately lost points for leaning on the podium–we were taught the podium was for our notes, not for our bodies.


  9. AghastInFL says:

    Did anyone catch the last question? the one Obama refused to address… his response to it raised my curiosity


    • Sharon says:

      I can’t bear to listen….but you just perfectly described every question that’s ever been addressed to him, I believe! He refuses to answer them–and his responses raise more questions.


  10. howie says:

    Exclusive! Photo of WH Press Corpse

    Incruppentant Admisistration strikes again.


  11. cajunkelly says:

    He was SUCH a snark regarding that last question….

    That’s an excellent question, but answering it just because you yelled it out would set a horrible precedent. (paraphrased)



  12. cajunkelly says:

    I swore I wouldn’t watch it, but DH watched while home on lunch break. I think I could be heard by neighbors 1/4 mile away screaming at the lying jackass.

    I threw enough F bombs to obliterate at least half the obama voters in FL.


  13. waltherppk says:

    We have a totally renegade POTUS and everybody knows it. Senate select committee investigation on Benghazi here we come. I smell fear in capitan zero. His answers were
    “witness unresponsive” rhetoric and deliberate obfusaction almost Clintonesque. When a homicide investigation is being conducted that slick answer – not really an answer kind of talkathon bullcrap doesn’t fly.


  14. Before today the President has always argued that he called Benghazi a terrorist attack. Today he defends Susan Rice by saying, he told her to tell the world that the attack was because of the movie.
    I guess if you’re the President, you can be right taking both sides of any argument, and be right both times.


  15. marie says:

    Notice his gray hair is gone–a dye job.

    Ed Henry asked if he issued a “go” order. He merely said if you think they didn’t do all they could to……

    So, nope. He didn’t issue a “go” order.

    He also contradicted himself with his tenses in his comment about connecting with the families of the dead Americans.


  16. triage says:

    Susan Rice and Hilary are one in the same. They love the prestige of their positions but hate the resposibility and accountability that go with it. I hope their feet are held to the fire. These are not freebie positions they hold.


  17. BertDilbert says:

    His defense of Susan, you would think he was boinking her. Better check their G mail draft folders and search under the desk….


  18. Sharon says:


    His words are magical!

    US stocks tumbled on Wednesday as President Barack Obama challenged Republicans to accept tax increases for the wealthy in a deal to avert the year-end fiscal cliff.

    After opening higher, helped by Cisco Systems’ strong earnings, share prices slid and then turned more sharply downward after Obama laid out his terms for a deal in his first media conference since his re-election.


  19. Sharon says:

    “….on the Jersey Shore. That’s a pretty good metaphor for how I want the government to operate….”

    Wonder what kind of metaphor the folks on Staten Island are?


  20. Sharon says:

    All of this today just proves again that being well informed these days is completely useless. Being well informed just keeps confirming what we already knew.

    At what point are we going to know what to do about what we know? All of the Constitutional avenues (Supreme Court, Congress, etc.) are useless to us. How do we get through the seemingly endless ………………………………………………that stands between our present hour and the hour in which we take action? (And I’m not trying to be smart about this….couldn’t if I wanted to….I’m just wondering.)

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his friends and many of the generals including some from the German General Staff knew 4 years before France fell that they had a HUGE PROBLEM. Their understanding of the problem did not basically change, at all, in those four years. The adjusting, the thinking, the distress, the documenting, the reality of KNOWING WHAT WAS WRONG just kept playing out, month after month after month after month……….until the reality of “this is what we must do” was finally within the current hour. Then they began dying, because it was past the point where their courage would have met with success.

    We’re in that ………………………………….. space. God help us.

    Kyrie Eleison


  21. Josh says:

    One reason I appreciate this website is that many of you listen to B. Hussein Obama (and others) and then report in. I simply cannot stomach the guy. He and his ilk literally turn my stomach. I read your comments (and sometimes between your comments) and I believe I get an accurate picture of what is happening and what was said.

    THANK YOU, Treepers!


  22. Mikado Cat says:

    Picking the press who can attend, and which can ask questions is basically the same as who counts the votes in an election.


  23. popeyes spinach brand says:

    Graham, McCain, Issa, Ryan, and the rest of the House and Senate better buck up because 47 state petitions have been submitted requesting secession from the federal government. The members better act against Obama and stop pretending that the election was fair. Eventually the desire for secession will work its way up to States officials as the economy gets worst and more incidents of colossal ineptitude occur. It will become a matter of necessity not choice for the survival of Americans. When people are jobless and can’t support their families, revolution will occur.

    We tried to uninstall Barack H Obama and got to 99% until a virus took over (a fraudulent election). To continue the analogy, every once in a while, you have to re-boot when the computer slows down and gummed down by extraneous software and corrupted viruses.

    Every 200 years or so, some kind of reboot is needed. With Americans in 47 states petitioning for seceding, isn’t that the majority of states? Military weight will shift to the new union of 47, the other 4 will climb aboard. A new leader put in place. The state governments must get ready. If the US$ tumbles the way it’s going under Obama, the new standard will be gold. Conservative states must become self reliant energy and food wise. People have been getting ready for four years already in case of emergencies. Who says Americans have to shoulder the burden of Obama’s reckless debt? We didn’t ask for it, and we certainly didn’t give Obama a mandate for it, especially under the reasonable assumption that there was rampant fraud. Where does it say that if the USA goes bankrupt, that it’s on the grandchildren’s shoulders? Going along with this irrational debt and Obama’s destructive policies is like the SS blindly following Hitler. Rational people have to think for themselves and group together to survive, not follow like blind sheep off the cliff.


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