Condi Rice Reflects on Benghazi….

Condi Rice approaches three perspectives:  1.) what was the breakdown in security leading up to the attack on 9/11.   2.)  What took place during that 8 or 9 hours when the State Dept. had a “real time” feed of activity.   3.)  Why was there a White House breakdown in communicating the reason for the attack.

Transcript via (GWP)When you have the ambassador walking out to talk to the Turkish diplomat in the courtyard on 9-11, something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate… The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground so something didn’t get right in terms of decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack.”

“The second big issue is what happened during the eight or nine hours. And there I think the proper place to understand that has to be the Congressional intelligence committees. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what is the role of the CIA was in all of this. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what role the Libyan militias actually were playing… It’s a sad thing with David Patraeus who I know very well and admire. I think he will be called to testify because he did the investigation himself… And they have in the State Department something we did not have which is a real time feed of what was going on.”

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5 Responses to Condi Rice Reflects on Benghazi….

  1. Arkindole says:

    Isn’t Condi on the second index card with her talk?
    Doesn’t the first index card have something like this?
    1. Why was Stevens in Benghazi meeting with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin? 2. For this meeting, why was a 4-man 17th February Brigade unit (that lived in the main compound) solely in charge of security? 3. Why was it that the attack began about an hour after Ambassador Stevens escorted the Turkish Consul General out of the consulate front gate. 4. Is it true that the 17th February Brigade had a base less than a mile from the consulate that could have provided approximately 50 additional VIP “protection” assets that could have fought the approximate 100 rebels attacking the main compound? 5. Was Ali Sait Akin there to discuss a weapons transfer? 6. Was he warning the American Ambassador about a possible compromise of the Libyan weapons pipeline to Syria?


  2. apachetears says:

    I no longer trust Condi, it’s not that she is black I just don’t trust any Government official.


    • Josh says:

      I’m with you on this. Plus, she was GWB’s right hand. GWB spent a lot of money. GWB brought us BHO. At one time I thought I liked GWB.


  3. Mikado Cat says:

    Something I read fundamentally bothers me. Sharia law forbids Muslims from killing another Muslim in defense of an infidel. What were we expecting the 17th brigade to do, yell please go away?

    *** google just now of “defense of infidels” the only hit is the piece in themadjewess, so I am wondering if the claim is accurate.


  4. akathesob says:

    Ohhh boy blind leading the inept is all I can see of this.


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