Wednesday…. Another Comes To Pass…..

Last week reflecting the research of President Obama’s campaign affiliations we outlined 10 steps, ten specific outcomes, that President Obama Term-2 would reflect:

This is merely assembling the puzzle bits – organizing them, placing them into their logical pattern of connectivity – then standing back and looking at what is factually evident within the assembly.  –  November 7th

And so another comes to pass….. (Politico)  A White House official has confirmed POLITICO’s list of CEOs scheduled to attend a meeting Wednesday with President Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff, and sent over the list of union and progressive leaders who will sit down with him Tuesday:

•Mary Kay Henry, SEIU •Lee Saunders, AFSCME •Dennis Van Roekel, NEA •Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO •Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress •John Podesta, Center for American Progress •Bob Greenstein, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities •Laura Burton Capps, Common Purpose Project •Max Richtman, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare •Justin Ruben, MoveOn •Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change

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6 Responses to Wednesday…. Another Comes To Pass…..

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    The list is very chilling but no surprises here at all.
    I found an SEIU troll trying to put an SEIU sticker over my “Give me liberty or give me death”
    bumper sticker after the election. Had I been anyplace else but the state agency parking lot, somebody would have gotten badly hurt and it would not have been me.

    Let me just say he did not succeed with his plan and he almost ate that SEIU sticker.
    Perhaps the evilest union of them all.


  2. bvc says:

    the pundits never address the melting pot. every time an interracial birth occurs, the generation is -1 white, +1 nonwhite.

    interracial births will eventually dilute out the white race because their progeny are never classified as white (i e Obama).

    something to think about. its not all about immigration.


  3. Mikado Cat says:

    Race is the flag that is waved, and skin tone is a big factor, but cultural division and economic class are bigger dividers and unitiers.


  4. Mikado Cat says:

    We need to change thinking on entitlement programs, change the perception within both liberal and conservative thinking. I was talking to some friends in Alaska where everyone gets a $7k or so check from the government every year, but the average citizen thinks about the whole state budget as THEIR money and all state spending faces tight scrutiny.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    The POtuS is lucky, if these were his Democrat/union parasite buds he was trying to squeeze they might find it cheaper to reserve him a 55-gallon drum next to Jimmy Hoffa. Instead he gets to further sacrifice those with a work ethic to his sponging ’47-percenters’, reinforcing their belief that money floweth from the pockets of someone else. I’m guessing that if the CEOs don’t kowtow to his confiscatory demands they’ll find swarms of leftist protestors with bad hygiene once again protesting the CEO’s hard work and success.


  6. Huckleberry says:

    I smell card check and more bailouts for the unions to continue laundering money for the democrat socialist party


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