The Origin of WAR

Today – Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades released this video of them firing 107mm rockets at Israeli civilians.

Last year we tried to send a little refuge warning beacon to anyone who would pay attention. Our warning was to underscore why OUR national leadership on both sides of the aisle was failing us. Few paid attention. Today we are facing the consequences from those short-sighted decisions. Here is the concern we shared in Sept. of 2011:

[September 7th 2011] For several months my fears about the collapse of the Libyan regime have been heightened with the thought of all the Libyan arms being dispatched to all of our enemies throughout the middle east.

Six months ago [March 2011] the first reports of Missiles, WMD (mustard gas), and SAM’s being sold and traded to hostile forces of the West were confirmed. There is no substantive reason to believe these missiles will not leave the Middle East and be used against the West. Indeed, if a prudent consideration is applied exactly the opposite should be anticipated.

Again, this is just one part, and one tool, in the grand scheme of radical rabid islamofacists. The capacity to use these SERIOUS weapons to distract the West, and even threaten the west, or perhaps even blackmail the west, to stay out of ME affairs is a looming prophecy.

One can well imagine the position of the lefist, non-freedom accepting,  isolationist citizenry within Europe and leftist-America, given the possibility of personal attacks as retaliation for any of our involvement.

This further isolates Israel, and I hope that you can see how dangerous this connection is to what could eventually become the 3rd world war, in essence: The battle for Freedom.

There is enough anti Israel sentiment throughout Europe and even our own nation that would be given further credence and support if the threat to us were leveraged against the Islamist’s demands to keep us from protecting the only FREE people in the region.

“Interfere (Protect) in Israel, and those weapons will be used against you”; that will be the purpose of those missiles.

It would take no more effort than to bring down a few Air France, British Airways, or American Airlines flights to strike isolationist fear into an already stressed out group of nations.

This can then be the distracting set up for Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Turkey to begin Israels’ destruction.

God Help Us All…..

What is at stake? Freedom.

ALSO TODAY –  Netanyahu: Israel Will Launch New Ground Invasion Of Gaza If Rocket Fire Doesn’t Stop:

If we are forced to go back into Gaza in order to deal Hamas a [serious] blow and restore security for all of Israel’s citizens, then we will not hesitate to do so,” he warned.

“It is Hamas that will pay the price; a price that will be painful,” he said.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also warned, “We are prepared to intensify our response,” speaking at Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

“The world needs to understand that Israel will not sit idly by in the face of attempts to attack us,” the prime minister said.

“The IDF is operating, and will operate, aggressively against the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip,” he said.  (article)

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13 Responses to The Origin of WAR

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Sigh. And the POtuS who’s doing his best to encourage an Islamic caliphate from Morocco west through Pakistan, if not further, is trying to find a way to bury Israel. He’s done quite a bit to let the Islamics know that his Administration will not be totally unhappy if they somehow find a way to wipe Israel (the Israelis too) right off the map. If only he could find some way to eliminate Israel’s nuke capabilities and make it more palatable for his livestock-loving anti-Israeli brethren in the neighborhood to risk an all-out attack. Having had their asses handed to them a number of times since 1947 the sorry remnants of the Ottoman Empire are, shall we say, chickenshit about once again going up against the IDF even though they outnumber them. If only they could find a way to convince Barack Hussein al-Amreki to really really grease the path for them. Until then they’ll have to fire a few projos at the Israelis, like kids harassing an old man by throwing rocks at his house. Maybe if things get bad enough Rahm Emanuel will take a leave-of-absence and go over there to do brake jobs again.


  2. pbunyan says:

    If Israel actually does anything, the Obama administration will use military force against them citing the “responsibility to protect” those poor helpless radical islamists.

    All those idiots who think the Republicans are war mongers are in for a rude awakening. Then again World War III probably wouldn’t make it onto the evening news with Obama in the Whitehouse. Maybe it’d get a paragraph at the bottom of page A22 in the NY Times. I guess that’s the new rule– if it’s not in the news, it’s not a war.


    • pbunyan, strong in the force of sunlight is your Treeper branch.

      AND YOU ARE MORE CORRECT THAN YOU CURRENTLY ACCEPT – We know with specific certainty, what approach President Obama would take to military action by the Israelis to defend themselves. Obama, Power, Rice, Clinton et al view Netanyahu through the same lense as Mouamar Quaddafi himself – no more, no less.

      R2P is indeed their long time developed ideological narrative – but hidden within it is a really concerning concept….. They Define Those Who Should/Could be Protected…. “they define”.

      This is the quandry that where people defined the Administration as “hypocritical”…. No action in Egypt, but action in Libya. No action in Iran, but action in Yemen….. and it continues now with questioning about what makes Syria different?

      People don’t see that it is the White House, no-one else, defining their priorities and spreading them globally. The Office of the President has “taken” the power to spread his specific ideology regardless of the “will of the people” he is supposed to represent.

      Even the insufferable progs will admit this distinction with this presidency.

      The Libyan Conflict was the first “test” of their capacity to engage in using the military for specific ideological endeavors that are not based on U.S. national interests. WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL INPUT.

      The broader American Electorate ignored what took place in Libya from the perspective of the United States taking action without approval from our “representatives”. It had never been done before. Initially Obama, through the General Counsel, claimed authority under the “War Powers Act”, and made the claim that 30 days of action needed no approval. Once the 30 days were up, even the General Counsel then recognized there was a danger with this blank check authority – they told Obama he needed to present his case to congress.

      Obama sent a letter to congress outlining his intention to continue using the U.S. Military to intervene in Libya despite no interests to the United States. Hence, the conflicted messaging from the WH and Officials about “authority”.

      But, again, this was largely under the radar of the citizenry…… No-one called him out, and the willing media blindly deflected the issue. And so it goes…..


      • boricuafudd says:

        Using americans troops as peacekeepers in Israel will allow to force the Israelis to accept the 67 or 48 lines, with the americans in between to maintain peace. At a later late, after the Palestinians have returned and absolved the area the troops will leave, with Israel in an untenable, indefensible borders. This was actually proposed to the UN by the Arab league, during an earlier uprising. Of course, the end line was not outlined as clearly but, that was the goal. Obama might do it without the UN.


  3. ctdar says:

    Netanyahu will turn on the US to protect Israel, he knows Obama for who he is and what he is capable of. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the lengths Israel will go to
    defend their nation.


    • Sharon says:

      Thank you….I linked this article on another thread, not sure of context. But I just keep wondering—WHERE’S INFO ON RUSSIA?? Too much silence.
      Submitted on 2012/11/12 at 9:04 pm

      This is a pre-election column written by someone who was puzzling the Russian piece into the Benghazi story….

      Consider the arms to Iran activity, and the not-so-secret liaison between Russian and Iran…and yet Russia’s former ally-relationship with Gadaffi…there’s got to be something somewhere in all this mess that reflects Russia’s long term goals–which are definitely anti-Islam, but if they can use the Islamists’ terrorism as leverage to achieve some of their desires in the meantime….., oh, well.

      And don’t forget the silent-never-spoken-of-visit that Putin paid to Israel mid-summer. That still has not been explained anywhere that I’m aware of.

      In the linked article,

      Aleksei K. Pushkov, the head of Russia’s parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote via Twitter: “Under Qaddafi they didn’t kill diplomats. Obama and Clinton are in shock? What did they expect – ‘Democracy?’ Even bigger surprises await them in Syria,” a New York Times story read in September.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Going back to the first week of the Benghazi incident I’d mentioned Russia’s deep interests in maintaining Syria in the Russian sphere as it is has the last Russian porting facilities in the Med the Black Sea fleet can use. There was also the mention of the Russian Q-ship tanker floating off- Syria’s shore a reported Spetz unit on it as far back as March. If a GRU Spetz unit was off shore it was undoubtedly there to do strategic recon and possibly take active measures in required. Russia is serious as to retaining its porting rights in Syria even though Obama is not as serious about blunting Russian presence in the Med as an American president would be. Let’s see how the POtuS handles Russian resurgence in the Med and North Africa now that the election’s over and he can be ‘more flexible’.


        • Sharon says:

          I know I don’t grasp how the major players and the unfolding game would develop….but is it so that Putin would/will have a “narrow use” for obama’s foolish treason, and the instant Putin has gotten his bishop into place, the Pawn obama gets put in his place and told to shut up? I can’t imagine Putin “partnering” with obama even as a traitorous POTUS partner…

          The GRU Spetz activities and formations seem to have undergone a variety of changes in makeup and implementation over recent years. I sure can’t follow it all, but I know that Putin plays for keeps and he’s implementing stuff designed when obama was running with his choom gangs. Russia’s interest in the ports is a huge factor…thanks for reminders….my knowledge on these is not deep. I just enjoy the business of trying “grab historical perspectives” and trying to have some understanding….but the pieces are all moving so fast now, I appreciate anyone who can put some focus on various parts.


          • czarowniczy says:

            Russia is Russia regardless of what thin veneer of political dogma is driving the train, byzantine is as byzantine does. The GRU and the various Spetznaz units are under nominal new leadership but their strategic missions are as they’ve been for decades. The Spetz are the primary units of long range strategic reconnaissance and active wet work for the Russian government. Remember the Spetz units that, in disguise, sneaked into Kabul days before the invasion in 1979 to kill selected members of the Afghani government to ease the Russian entry? I am personally confident (not professionally, I signed the 312) that the Syrian government has Spetz on the ground working with the Syrians (or without) to neutralize rebels. We put SEALs and SF on the ground assisting allies in CI ,missions, what’s so hard to believe that the Rooskies haven’t in what they consider to be part of their Near Abroad. Syria is important to the reemergent Russia’s presence in the Med and, I’m willing to bet, the Russian also fear that the West would find out the full extent of what Russia’s provided Syria over the decades. Russia has been trying to secure warm water ports that don’t freeze over in winter for centuries. While Syria isn’t such a port per se it provides an ability for Russia to base part of its Black Sea fleet outside of Russian waters and flank NATO. With Greece on one side and Turkey on the other – both NATO partners – Russia’s Black Sea fleet would have a hell of a time trying to run the Dardanelles – just ask the Brits, Watch for Russia to schmooze Egypt and try to get its former porting and land basing rights back. As an indicator I’m looking for Russia to start talks with Egypt on Russia coming back to clean up its old public works project the Aswan High Mud Puddle. Putin will use Obama for what he is, a dimwit tool to enable Russian expansionism.


            • Sharon says:

              Thank you for all of that…..and your last sentence is perfect. Putin will squish obama like the bug he is the moment it suits him to do so.


  4. Sharon says:

    I realize not everyone who reads here has a Judeo-Christian perspective on what the Bible says about Israel. I also recognize that among those who have a Judeo-Christian perspective, there are a variety of approaches regarding eschatological passages in Scripture. With those things in mind, here’s a generic summary of some themes that are clearly presented in Scripture regarding God’s protective, covenant relationship with Israel.

    1. Israel is under the protection of the Sovereign God, and we understand that any nation who puts a finger on Israel is poking a finger in God’s eye.

    2. An attack by forces/countries to the north (a straight line goes right through Moscow from Jerusalem) would seem to be setting things up for God-Intervention as described in Ezekiel 38-39.

    3. Israel, in the context of what is spelled out there, will be quite fine. Those nations who moved against Israel will not be quite fine.

    4. Individuals who honor the God of Israel will ultimately be all right even if they live in one of those stupid nations who attack Israel, but they’re in for a rough ride, courtesy of their leaders who have taken a national policy stand in opposition to the Sovereign God.

    What’s the Aramaic (or the Hebrew or Greek?) for “how stupid can people possibly be?” Oh, well. Once willful deception is in place, extremely, universally stupid is only a small step away.

    Here’s the Greek: Πόσο ηλίθιος μπορεί οι ηγέτες μιας χώρας να είναι

    …and Hebrew: כמה טיפשי מנהיגי מדינה יכול להיות?

    Genesis 12:3 (YHWH, speaking of Israel) “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; ….” (That’s not murky. That is not murky at all.)

    Psalm 25:12 “Redeem Israel, O God, from all their troubles.”


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