Polls Schmolls – Alexander Tytler

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.” -Alexander Tytler

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29 Responses to Polls Schmolls – Alexander Tytler

  1. Fm commenter Winslow at PJMedia http://bit.ly/XaDV1H
    The Sixth of November

    Remember, remember, this sixth of November,
    The radicals’ treasonous plot.
    I know of no reason the radicals’ treason
    Should e’er be forgiv’n or forgot.

    The Sixties were waning, and Leftists were claiming
    That radical changes were due.
    Their Marxist solution was armed revolution:
    The Weathermen made their debut.

    The radicals raged on the national stage, and
    Horrific explosions ensued.
    Their bombs were dramatic, but also erratic;
    They sometimes killed radicals, too.

    The Leftists grew older, the underground, colder,
    And so they came in from the cold.
    “Subvert from within – in the long run, we’ll win,” said
    The Leftists, determined and bold.

    And thus it began – this nefarious plan – and
    The radicals slowly took charge:
    Complete infiltration of all education;
    The long institutional march.

    The journalist schools would produce useful fools, for
    The Left would need media shills.
    And Hollywood, too, would assist in the coup, with
    Its slick propagandizing skills.

    “Community action” would build a new faction;
    ’Twould organize proles on the street.
    A smooth politician would front for the mission,
    And run for the president’s seat.

    The radicals’ goal, which they proudly extol, is
    A communist U.S. of A.
    Collectivist schemes lead to brutal regimes, and
    For this do the radicals pray.

    But Jefferson’s aim, with the charters he framed, was
    To guard individual rights.
    And “redistribution” was not a solution,
    But one of the evils to fight.

    So let us remember, this sixth of November,
    Just what is at stake on this date.
    Will Jefferson’s dream, or the radicals’ scheme, now
    Determine America’s fate?


  2. Bigus Macus says:

    All the Proressives have done is to awaken a sleeping giant! America, The Sleeper has awakened!


  3. g8rmom7 says:

    First of all…I LOVE curling…possibly the most relaxing sport to watch ever! But secondly, I keep telling my family members I think this is going to be a landslide, and no one believes me…mostly because they only see what is on the MSM or the home page of Yahoo.com. I keep hearing about all these early voters and do you honestly think that all these long lines of early voters is caused by enthusiasm for Obama? Not bloody likely. The only enthusiasm I’ve encountered is the fact that people are hopeful that the Muslim Communist in the WH will be escorted out come Jan. 20, 2013. Actually, I think he should be out much sooner in that and put in handcuffs and escorted to Guantanamo…wouldn’t THAT be poetic justice?


    • It is going to be an ELECTORAL landslide. Massive – Historic.


      • ytz4mee says:

        More flee Obama’s Sinking Ship…. progressive papers like this always want to be seen as prophetic and “ahead of the curve”.

        Long Island NY’s very liberal paper NEWSDAY endorses ROMNEY and links to the long list of other ROMNEY endorsements:


        “Although he was elected in a time of economic turmoil, Ronald Reagan’s greatest achievement wasn’t his tax plan or his economic theories. His success came from emotional leadership, the ability to bring us together and reignite our confidence in the virtues and future of the nation. This is what FDR did. It is this that Barack Obama has failed to do.

        Elected with a significant mandate and his party briefly in control of both houses of the Congress, Obama squandered the support of the nation.

        Newsday endorses Romney.”


      • Coast says:

        Man I hope you are correct. Not only do we need Romney to win, but a landslide would help change the political nature. We shall see soon enough. Say your prayers each night.


  4. labrat says:

    Maybe it’s because I live in blue country, but I don’t see this happening. Awful lot of people still drinking the koolaid. I even know someone who used to be quite conservative telling me how he can’t stand how hateful the Republicans are. This just floors me. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything more viscious than the current crop of progs. What the hell are they seeing that I’m not?


  5. Scott says:

    It’s what they ARE NOT seeing that you are.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Very Liberal papers are giving “permission” for the ideologues to vote against the black prophet. They’ve been linked the internals too. MSNBC last night was chirping that they were on a conference call and the Dems are “very confident”, “very confident” of their numbers in the key swing states. They are trying to plug a gaping hole in the dam as they watch support bleed away in even their core constituencies.


  6. jordan2222 says:

    I posted this predictive model here and elsewhere right after 8/22 , when it was first made available and am grateful for the October update, so Thanks.

    The study is exactly why I have predicted here that Mitt will win big.

    It makes more sense to me than the phony polls. \


  7. g8rmom7 says:

    I got into it with a guy at my hair salon today. I was sort of glad it happened so my 14 year-old daughter could witness how incredibly insane and unhinged the left is. I honestly felt sorry for this guy because he was a Vietnam vet and his big problem with Romney is all the money he made selling things to the Chinese. Make no mind of the debt our gov’t has incurred with them or that our President bows to them. At first the guy was just annoying and talking to me when I obviously didn’t want to talk to him. But when he started talking about how great Alan Grayson was…well, I couldn’t very well sit there and agree with him…I’ve been campaigning for his opponent and my daughter knows this!

    Anyway, I tried to just end it with the guy saying we will never agree and that is what’s great about this country…we have different opinions, etc. and he just went off practically foaming at the mouth. Our hairdresser (who is the girl who runs the place) finally rescued us and came to get my daughter for her cut. She said she was listening and was just about to insert herself to tell the guy to stop it. She said he does that all the time.

    My daughter was actually more freaked out about the guy’s 20-something son who paced around the place making animal noises and just basically acting like something was definitely wrong with him. That is another reason I really ultimately felt sorry for them.


  8. jordan2222 says:

    I started reading a bit about how voting laws vary from state, especially about registering and voting on the same day as well as “early voting.”

    I find it amazing that people can vote so early in some places. How can anyone make an informed, educated decision without at least hearing the debates.. that is, of course, unless NOTHING would ever change your mind.

    What’s next in early voting?

    Are you, like me, looking forward to the 2248 elections? I’m still undecided between I.B Martian and Gelatinous Jelly though. Who do you like?


  9. akathesob says:

    My real issue is who are the folks that are going to count our so called safe electronic ballets???


  10. nomorebsplease says:

    Please dont be wrong.


    • november7ishappiness says:

      Poor guy, they are getting your hopes up for nothing. Seems like there is just no way Romney is going to be able to win this one.


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