And the walls came tumbling down ……

I write this not as a partisan, but as one American who has been engaged in extensive political research for five solid years. The picture in our current banner is reflective of my feeling right now: Hands outstretched toward the heavens asking “why”? Not why did Mitt Romney lose, but why cannot our citizenry see what they just did?

By now most of you know my approach at understanding events, and their surrounding outcomes. Events that create both intended, and unintended consequences.

That approach is research; pure research to understand the specifics of the circumstances and understand the mindset behind the people within the events being portrayed.

The “why” is more valuable than the “what”.

So I hope you will digest this analysis with the understanding this is not a series of guesses, projections, or predictions. This is merely assembling the puzzle bits – organizing them, placing them into their logical pattern of connectivity – then standing back and looking at what is factually evident within the assembly.

Back in 2006/07 I was specifically requested to organize some research about national financial impacts from a prior thesis / white paper, which I had written back in Sept 2005 (merely as a hobby), and it oddly had reached the desk of some industrialists and peaked their curiosity. To this day I am still uncertain how it found its way to them.

Anyway, the essence of the request was “labor impacts”; Essentially – what would happen to organized labor unions during widespread economic contraction. During the research I found SEIU President Andy Stern, and SEIU Lead Counsel Craig Becker, to be excellent subjects for analytical approach. How would they respond to economic contractions within the industrial venues of their union.

Within that research a trail to Senator Obama was noted, and as time passed the relationship between then Senator Obama and Stern/Becker from SEIU was a valuable resource to track, analyze and research. In depth.

Quickly I recognized, if the predictive economic modeling I was outlining was actually to occur, there was a collaborative and mutually beneficial strategy to be played by Democratic leadership and Organized Labor.

Unfortunately, it all came to pass. In 2008 the economic contraction I had been tracking for 2.5 years hit the broader economy. The speeches given by Obama to SEIU audiences took on a new meaning and a new sense of intention. Those same speeches took place at various workshops and seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada and expanded to include AFL-CIO and AFSCME.

The short version is a system would be put in place to resource public sector revenue to prop up Organized Labor’s operational needs. You saw this visibly with the Auto-Bailout program; However, that was only one small aspect. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or Stimulus Bill, was another planned strategy to afford Big Labor the gift of avoiding the impacts from economic contraction.

In essence think of the Stimulus money, sold to -congress and the American public- as a jobs plan, as a way to fill the massive revenue hole from a severely contracting economy.

Public Sector workers were propped up at local and state levels with the infusion of borrowed federal stimulus tax monies so that no lay-offs were needed due to decreased local and state revenue(s). Even though the business model did not require the employees any longer, the stimulus paid their payroll. The administration actually was not lying when they said it was a “saved jobs” plan. They actually did save jobs in a sense – union jobs and their paychecks.

But the underlying economic contraction still existed, and still actually exists today. So while they were filling a hole, the hole itself never naturally repaired. This, in a larger sense, created the economic malaise. The economy was never permitted to naturally contract, so it could never actually naturally repair – this is still the issue today.

This was the specific and intentional collaboration between 2008 President-elect Obama and the labor unions. The stimulus, and the Healthcare bill, Obamacare, were both created specifically and intentionally to bail out labor unions. Then during a controversial 2010 Easter Recess, Craig Becker was appointed to the National Labor Relations Board without Senate confirmation.

The stimulus was needed to cover the paychecks, and Obamacare was created to eliminate the need for the unsustainable retired union healthcare benefits. Both Andy Stern and Craig Becker talked about both of theses issues in 2007 extensively, and then to a lesser extent in 2008, and then completely shut up about it in 2009 when the actual bailout action was taken. However, many people did note the #1 visitor to the White House in 09’/10′ was SEIU President Andy Stern. About a year later AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumpka famously stated he talks to the White House “every single day”.

Again, earlier this year, May 2012, a similar end-game was strategized. Help President Obama overcome the difficult challenge of re-election; in part difficult because of the economic stagnation the initial union bailout activity created. So that is one of the reasons you have witnessed the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and SEIU spend more for Obama in 2012 than they did in 2008.

In return Obama will deliver another union “stimulus” of sorts. “Card Check” or super-easy unionization laws pushed upon private industry by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As the Daily Caller noted in May of this past year:

[…] Becker is the operative who said he thought employers didn’t have a role in discussing the costs and benefits of joining a union, even though lower wages for new employees, restrictive work rules that limit skill-building, impediments to career advancement and a less secure retirement may all come with a union card.

Becker is the operative who was on the Obama transition team to install Big Labor allies throughout the government before he was the operative who was himself installed by “recess appointment” (read: against the will of the Senate) to the NLRB.

At the NLRB, Becker is the operative who advanced a radical agenda that would allow paid union organizers to trample businesses’ property rights and strip employees of the right to a secret ballot if the union and company had cut a secret deal, allowing the creation of swarms of “micro unions” to cherry pick a few employees at a time to bypass the will of the entire proper bargaining unit and reduce the amount of information employees would have when suddenly faced with a one-sided union sales pitch and election for dues-paying membership. […]

The reason I reference this is because it becomes easy to see, once again, what the priority list for President Obama Term-2 will carry. These are not predictions, they are actual events that will occur specifically because the contingencies that assisted the Obama Campaign are dependent upon them:

1.) Regardless of the impact on the economy, Obamacare will be 100% implemented. The Unions are dependent upon it as a profit item that allows them to avoid the costs of healthcare coverage for ongoing and retired members. Products, Goods and Services will increase in cost due to this employer “mandate” and governmental takeover but the costs for retired union members will be shifted away from the union itself and placed on the employers and everyone else.

2.) “Card Check”, the easing of the unionization rules, will be passed by fiat order/directive from the National Labor Relations Board. Removing the secret ballot and thereby eliminating the protective step in the forced unionization process. Again, Products, Goods and Services will increase in price due to this business labor cost increase.

3.) Immigration “Amnesty” under the guise of immigration reform will be forced through congress or done by executive order. This is being done for two reasons: #1 payback for the election support, and #2 long-term social embeds of leftist policy. You can see the seeds of that optic being sewn right now with the Republicans being told: in the face of their election defeat, they need to find a way to be more inclusive of Latinos. This lays the groundwork for comprehensive immigration reform which will include an amnesty program. The outcome of which will be millions more registered dems to ensure the long-term power hold on leftist re-distributive policies. It’s their insurance policy.

4.) Two liberal supreme Court Justices will be appointed – Gay Marriage will be affirmed into law. During this term the New York gay marriage law will reach the Supreme Court; It has to because New York’s law strategically demands “reciprocity”. Unlike prior state’s same-sex marriage laws that only apply in the state of marriage, New York has wording to extend the legal protections beyond its geographic borders. This sets up a specific and intended constitutional crisis for a gay couple married in New York who move to another state. The supreme court will have to define marriage.

5.) Taxes will increase ON EVERYONE who pays them. Key words “who pays them”, given 50% of the nation is without Federal Income Tax obligation the Payees into the system will all see their tax rates increase. This is in addition to Obamacare taxes, business taxes, the non-extension of the Bush Tax Rates, and the hidden taxes noted above in 1 and 2 to provide for the labor unions.

6.) The National Debt will Increase beyond $20 Trillion – AND worse yet, the federal government will underwrite the state budgetary shortfalls, another way to stimulate spending in unsustainable state budgets like Illinois and California. You might note that these progressive states have also passed increased taxation requirements upon their citizenry – now the feds will move in (Obama the Community Organizer) to shift general federal tax revenues, and use them to “underwrite” states obligations; Thereby allowing those fiscally imprudent states to spend more money without being forced to balance their budgets. The #1 State Expenditure? Labor Unions payroll and retirement obligations. Remember, there is no structure for an entire state to go bankrupt – it just does not exist.

7.) The Dollar Will further devalue. This is yet another hidden tax. More quantitive easing with the monetary policy will further depress the value of the dollar. Subsequently oil/gas prices will increase by the same amount of the deflated value because oil is traded in dollars. More dollars = Higher gas prices… regardless of supply and demand. (Watch the dollar drop tomorrow – then watch gas prices climb)

8.) Gold prices will necessarily skyrocket. People understanding of the devaluing of the dollar combined with inflationary pricing will seek shelter in gold, silver, and precious metals. Look for $3,000/ounce gold by end fiscal year 2013. (Watch it spike tomorrow)

9.) Stock Market will tumble beginning today. Why? because of the prior eight points above. By re-electing Obama now the increased costs from Obamacare are baked into the fiscal projections. It becomes a matter of number crunching for actuarial’s and CFO’s to now project the impacts to their profitability. Those offshore finances being held in reserve are now part of their operational budget. By Obama’s specific economic policy toward business he is, in essence, forcing the repatriation of those overseas accounts to cover profit margins. As a consequence the funds then become part of the taxable income for the business now needing to tap those funds to retain stockholder share value and ROI. Instead of creating jobs (Romney’s plan), the money will be used to maintain profit standards for stockholders.

10) Inflation will hit everyone directly – energy costs and food costs will massively jump. Simultaneous to a lower rate of return on paper money investments due to deflated values of the dollar you are going to see prices of goods and commodities reflect the additional costs of all the first 8 items. Labor costs, product raw material costs, transportation costs, energy costs, fuel costs, all will flow downward through the supply chain to the consumer. So those on fixed incomes will have lower rates of returns (income) and higher prices for consumables – a double whammy.

Again, these are not predictions any more than it is a prediction to look at a jig-saw puzzle put together and understand the image. These are cold hard consequences to the election that just took place.

In an effort to ward off economic contraction/recession QE3 (quantitative easing) will be rushed into action. Watch how the economic measures respond to the new certainty of everything outlined. And you can forget about any business hiring anyone. The certainty of increased operational costs is “baked in” now….. it is just a matter of time to witness.

Calculators are burning amid the company CFO assistants.

And if those insufferable talking heads and Republicans who keep talking about some type of “moderation” to be expected. Well, they are all just idiots. Just plain stupid thinkers if they actually believe Obama is about to move toward them.

Then again, maybe that Republican disconnect between accepting reality, and understanding the difference between what is real and what is a wish, is exactly what caused them to lose the election in the first place.


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10 Responses to And the walls came tumbling down ……

  1. texan59 says:

    The only problem is that no one reads a newspaper anymore. Most are as near death as mslsd and cnn. I’m glad to see it though. Hopefully some older voters who still get their news the old-fashioned way will read them.


    • ytz4mee says:

      It’s also published online and was linked to a RSS & Twitter feed.


      • texan59 says:

        I’m not being critical of this. I actually saw it on FB. My point is that many, many people watch the legacy networks and if it’s not on there or in their local paper they’ll never hear about it. I don’t do Twitter or have any idea what an RSS is. We here are high info consumers of news, from many, many sources. But every time I think of technology I am reminded of my pop who has never been on a computer other than to play solitaire, or one of my aunts who still has a rotary dial phone. 😀


    • ctdar says:

      I went to grocery store earlier and was happily surprised to see at 4pm the stacks of NYTimes Sunday paper left, looked like no one bought one today 🙂


  2. ytz4mee says:

    It’s not just Jewish voters.

    “Priest orders “anti-Obama” letter to be read” (can you spot the media bias in the lede?)

    It’s not an “anti-Obama” letter, it just reiterates the Church’s official position on
    social issues:


  3. ctdar says:

    If anyone is still on the fence of which party to support I hope they remember this moment just 2 months ago at the Democratic Convention when the delegates deny God not once but 3 times!!


  4. jordan2222 says:

    What a scathing indictment of the one. I was hoping all of this support for Mitt would develop before Tuesday, which is when most people will be voting anyway. This kind of stuff will be fresh on voter’s minds as they head for the polls. For the record, many folks over 55 still read print media.

    Where’s Obama now? Never mind. Mitt wins in a landslide.


  5. Mikado Cat says:

    The person I know who most wants to see Obama gone is a devout Catholic. He is retired, but fills every day with service to others, food banks and charity work. About once or twice a week I get an email from him, sometimes inspirational, lately Obama needs to go. He is highly offended at Obama’s treatment of his church and its values, and I am certain his opinion is shared to all that will listen to him.


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