September 7th 2011 – Why It Is Important To Understand The Concepts Of Predictable Unintended Consequences…

Last year we tried to send a little refuge warning beacon to anyone who would pay attention.  Our warning was to underscore why OUR national leadership on both sides of the aisle was failing us.   Few paid attention.  Today we are facing the consequences from those short-sighted decisions.  Here is the concern we shared in Sept. of 2011:

[September 7th 2011]  For several months my fears about the collapse of the Libyan regime have been heightened with the thought of all the Libyan arms being dispatched to all of our enemies throughout the middle east.

Six months ago the first reports of Missiles, WMD (mustard gas), and SAM’s being sold and traded to hostile forces of the West were confirmed. There is no substantive reason to believe these missiles will not leave the Middle East and be used against the West. Indeed, if a prudent consideration is applied exactly the opposite should be anticipated.

Again, this is just one part, and one tool, in the grand scheme of radical rabid islamofacists. The capacity to use these SERIOUS weapons to distract the West, and even threaten the west, or perhaps even blackmail the west, to stay out of ME affairs is a looming prophecy.

One can well imagine the position of the isolationist citizenry within Europe and America given the possibility of personal attacks as retaliation for any of our involvement.

This further isolates Israel, and I hope that you can see how dangerous this connection is to what could eventually become the 3rd world war, the battle for freedom.

There is enough anti Israel sentiment throughout Europe and even our own nation that would be given further credence and support if the threat to us were leveraged against their demand to keep us from protecting the only FREE people in the region.

“Interfere (Protect) in Israel, and those weapons will be used against you”; that will be the purpose of those missiles.   It would take no more effort than to bring down a few Air France, British Airways, or American Airlines flights to strike isolationist fear into an already stressed out group of nations.

This can then be the distracting set up for Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Turkey to begin Israels’ destruction.

God Help Us All…..

What is at stake?    Freedom.

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18 Responses to September 7th 2011 – Why It Is Important To Understand The Concepts Of Predictable Unintended Consequences…

  1. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Excellent analysis. I wish I had discoverred the CTH a year ago when this Arab Spring insanity was first going down. We need too be mindful of the motivations that various Western powers had to overthrow Daffy Gadaffy.

    First and foremost, we didn’t choose to incite rebellion against Daffy Gadaffy because he was a threat to the West. You may recall that soon after Saddam Hussien was discoverred hiding in a latrine pit, Daffy Gadaffy surrenderred. While the fact that Daffy Gadaffy thought Condi Rice was hot enough to warrant keeping a photo album of her might have been a motivation to surrender (proof he wasn’t completely nuts) he wanted to survive. In an effort to survive, Daffy Gadaffy had surrenderred his chemical weapons (which had been secured but not all removed or destroyed by the time of the revolution) and gas centrifuges for Uranium enrichment that we never suspected that he had.

    We also didn’t overthrow Daffy Gadaffy because he was attacking his neighbors or committing genocide. Gadaffy had ceased external wars decades ago after Reagan bombed his family and he had never engaged in mass murder of his own people.

    There is considerable evidence that the French and the British wanted to overthrow Gadaffy because he was giving better deals on oil contracts to the Chinese.

    However; the major motivation to overthrow Daffy Gadaffy was immigration. Decades ago Daffy Gadaffy had predicted that the Muslim world would defeat the West by overwhelming Europe with immigrants. (read Mark Stein’s America Alone). In recent years, Daffy Gadaffy had been cooperating with European efforts to restrict immigration from Africa in return for money. Unfortunately; the Europeans and Obama had decded that the Islamification of Europe was inevitable. Obama also considers that date desirable. In an effort to make their future dhiminitude as painless as possible, the Europeans decided to assist the Islamofascists in their efforts to overthrow the secular regimes of the middle east to enable the resurrection of the Caliphate.


    • howie says:

      If they have to Israel will nuke em.


      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        Israel simply doesn’t have enough territory and enough nukes to engage a nuclear armed adversary. Look at a map. Compare Israel’s territory to the Muslim territories. Take note f how Israel’s population is concentrated in only a few, compact urban areas. Even with it’s significant civil defense capability, it would take nay a handful of successfully delivered nukes to devastate Israel’s infrastructure and decimate it’s population. With it’s industries off line, transportation system crippled and population ravaged, Israel would not be able to constitute it’s reserves much less sustain them. An invasion by Egypt would roll right over them.


    • John Galt says:

      “Unfortunately; the Europeans and Obama had decided that the Islamification of Europe was inevitable. Obama also considers that date desirable.”

      Yes, Zero intends the predictable consequences of his actions.


    • John Galt says:

      Alan West gets it. Why can’t Romney talk like this?


  2. Don P. says:

    I have heard excuses about crossing international air space as a reason that help was not sent. About that I have several questions that maybe someone can answer.
    1. When the one used our air assets to overthrow the Libyan goverment from who did we seek permission to enter sovereign airspace?
    2.Has there been a recognized government in place for Libya? If so, was the president in communication with him/them?
    3. If there was a AC130 gun ship on station. Who where the crew and why are they not in front of Congress testifying?

    4. There was suppose


  3. Bette says:

    SD…I have been thinking a lot about this too. Has it been intentional by some in our government to see Israel destroyed or taken over by radical Islamists and perhaps unintentional by others due to their utter incompetence? If Israel were to be isolated, who other then the U.S.A. would really stand with Israel? No one? Yes, Israel could nuke Iran, but they are too small a country to stand alone against what appears to be a growing Middle Eastern coalition of radical Islamic countries and who provides Israel with their weapons? I believe we do. Hence, we could not enter into WWIII without allies and the UN backing. If BO commits us to further UN treaties, then he could in essence tie our hands if that was his intent. Who would be our allies in the defense of Israel? We would be lucky to get Great Britain. With the economic uncertainty of the times and the war weary mind set of so many people here, would the liberal left agree to enter into another war? Plausible denial. No UN backing, no allies, no Congressional support….no war. The advancement of the radical Islam marches on??? First Israel….then???? I do not foresee anything short of WWIII that might stop this now, but have we put ourselves in a position where we can not even entertain the idea of defending ourselves little lone Israel?

    Libya has put a bright spot light on the widespread level of either incompetence or corruption and perhaps both that permeates all areas and branches of our government….from the the Executive branch, the CIA, the Congress and the Military. Fox News just had breaking news that General David Petraeus account of events in the initial briefings to the Congressional Security Council were unwavering that the attack was the result of a spontaneous event in response to the video. We all know now without a doubt that he was not telling the truth. Why??? Why did they lie then? Why do they continue to withhold the truth? Why have they now classified the videos the recovered from the consulate as “Top Secret” to avoid releasing them?

    I am so ashamed of my government. I am so saddened that my government is no longer an example that all the world should aspire to be. I apologize to Mr. Woods that my government failed to protect and to do its duty and thus left 4 Americans dead and we really do not know how many others injured. God help us all.


    • John Galt says:

      “Has it been intentional by some in our government to see Israel destroyed or taken over by radical Islamists”

      Connect the dots:

      Zero meets with Muslim Brotherhood member Mursi, but does not want to meet with Netanyahu.

      “Don’t shoot us! We were sent by Mursi.”

      Benghazi attcker: “Don’t shoot, Morsi sent us”


    • Sharon says:

      “If Israel were to be isolated, who other then the U.S.A. would really stand with Israel?”

      Upon what do you base your assumption that the USA would stand with Israel? The USA has been undercutting Israel ever since Teh Won came into office.

      It has been some time now since we can assume that the United States government will honor any of its treaties or stand by any of its “friends and allies.” That is no longer a given. Unfortunately.

      Your last two paragraphs–precisely right on the nail. It is what it is, and we really need to stop assuming that we are somehow mistaken in what our gut instincts and our informed intellect are telling us about how bad it is.


      • Bette says:

        Sharon, I was being facetious in my comment about who other then the USA would stand with Israel. That is why I attempted, obviously no too well, to illustrate how Obama has set the stage for “plausible deniability” as it relates to his professed allegiance to Israel; no congressional support for war, no UN approval and no allies to assist in the effort…gee sorry BB, our hands are tied, we would really like to help you, but we can’t go against our own people’s wishes and the rest of our allies, the UN (puke) won’t pass a resolution. Plus we hold the option of withholding our support to them even in terms of weapons. That would not surprise me either. I am absolutely sickened by the depths of pure corruption and ineptitude our government has sunk to.


        • Sharon says:

          Sorry–sometimes I’m dense–‘specially when I’m reading too many things too fast! 🙂 No problem. More good discussion–and actually your two comments together now are a fine piece of thinking and posting. I’m glad you found us.


          • Bette says:

            Sharon, I appreciate and welcome any all feedback. You are far from dense. I read your posts frequently and find you very informative and astute. I am still very much in novice mode here and look forward to more of your commentary:-) I am glad I found all of you too!


  4. labrat says:

    Listen to this guy – a former CIF team member’s take on what could have been done to help our guys in Benghazi.


  5. Mikado Cat says:

    All Obama would need to do to destroy Israel is to delay our response, and for the enemies of Israel to know it. Only a day or two might be sufficient, then the excuse would be it is senseless to retaliate as peace efforts are under way etc.

    A real, hot war in the middle east could occur so fast, and so intensely that politically driven actions would lag far behind events.


    • Sharon says:

      Israel won’t be destroyed.

      It’s going to be an awfully bumpy ride for them as well as for anyone within the impact zone, but Israel won’t be destroyed regardless of what obama does. The Sovereign God has laid Israel’s cause on Himself; and the nations who stand against Israel do so at their own peril. It appears that obama has, in fact, taken our nation into that position–which is just one reason among many that the same Sovereign God is truly and absolutely under no obligation to protect the US or help us at this point.

      Genesis 12: 3 speaking to Abram, from whom He built Israel, God says, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you….”


  6. Charlotte says:

    Israel has 200 nukes– more than1 each for Teheran, the 9 nuke sites in Iran,Baghdad, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Mecca and Medina, Lebanon, Sudan and every Muslim country including Pakistan, Agfghanistan or whoever threatens her etc etc. And Israel will use them if her back is against the wall.Even if she cannot get them via fighter planes, the Dolphin subs are nuke armed. And by the way-Saudi Arabia apparently paid Israel to assassinate the Iranian nuke engineers


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