Dem Agenda Exposed – Long Islander “Kerry Ladka” and The Ideology of Flag Carrying – (Toldyaso….. /SD)

Diffusing The Weapons of Misdirection

This is a follow-up to our previous outlining of intentional media manipulation during the last Presidential Debate – Specifically with CNN and the Obama Campaign.   Their coordination is beyond refute at this point.   Backstory Here and History Here.

Previously I shared:  Occam’s Razor –  Ladka is a NY Dem minded ideologue.   However, if he was “registered as a Democrat” the Alinskyites would have chosen a different front man.    Bottom Line Ladka aligns himself ideologically with Dear Leader.   Hence, his “handlers”, while known or unknown, will carefully guide him into the spotlight…..  

Water follows the path of least resistance.   So does ideology.   This Kerry Ladka guy is beyond a doubt a David Plouffe coordinated OFA strategic manuever.   Just watch…..

Many readers and commentators posted discussion about the Libyan questioner “Kerry Lakda” and the ideology behind the approach.   Initial research into Ladka is available HERE.

As the days advance, the cloud covering intentions are removed.   Today is no exception.

Why would random undecided voter, Mr. Kerry Ladka, of Long Island NY, be calling media outlets, media pundits, and requesting to be on their shows?

Just a randomly selected “undecided voter”/”audience member” chosen by CNN?


Seriously?   Give me a break…..   Consider:


Yeah, random audience participants constantly hound the media to put themselves on TV. Don’t you know that?   /SARC

How useful for a “self identified” “Republican” “undecided voter” to be selling the desire for Obamacare to be retained, for the glory of the President’s “propensity for positive social change” [Yeah, he said that].

For the talking points about avoiding “cuts in Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid”; For the war on women because he doesn’t want to see “Planned Parenthood cut, or anything else”, …… and the bestest one yet, wait for it….

“I don’t want to see them turned into a voucher system”.

Smack – Socko – Boom – ….  (((cue the music)))  Whoot there it is!   Hot Damn, David Plouffe in action.

On Fox’s show Greta Van Sustern “On The Record”.

LADKA: I — my vote is hinging on the president’s propensity for positive social change. I like his “ObamaCare” idea. I don’t want to see any cuts in Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid. I don’t want to see them turned into a voucher system. I don’t want to see Planned Parenthood cut or anything else.

LADKA: I will. And can I just take a moment to thank my boss, Isaac Illiasoff at Global Telecom Supply in Minneola, for allowing me to take off so that I could attend the town hall. It was really a great experience. And without Isaac at Global Telecom Supply, I never would have been able to attend.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I should note that you even gave them credit for your question last night, in rereading the transcript.

LADKA: Well…

VAN SUSTEREN: So they’re getting a lot of credit.

LADKA: Isaac’s actually part of our brain trust. So we have Phil and Justin, Isaac, Christian and myself and John. So — but Isaac is the boss, so he was the one who actually allowed me to attend the town hall. So it was very generous of him to do so. And I wanted to thank him publicly, so thank you for taking — giving me the time.  (link)

What is that they say about “Apples and Trees”?      

HatTip Sibiljx1 – – – –

Sup, Dad.

… @MissileBean He taught me everything I know.

… I sent out a campus wide email…

My dad was at the debate. The Ladka family is famous nbd


I’ll be serving a delicious home-made Treeper recipe consisting of “Crow” to all the TreeHouse naysayers as soon as we assemble the ingredients.   Thank you.

“Fuuuuuuddge… I can’t believe a dumb ass nobody blogger and a bunch of peeps called “Treepers”  figured it out”…..

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37 Responses to Dem Agenda Exposed – Long Islander “Kerry Ladka” and The Ideology of Flag Carrying – (Toldyaso….. /SD)

  1. sybiljx1 says:

    Dot connecting…

    Aloysius Ladka is related to Vera Ladka, who is 55 years old and lives in Levittown, NY. Aloysius Ladka is also related to Dorothy Ladka, who is 84 years old and lives in Hempstead, NY. Aloysius Ladka is also related to Wendy Ladka, who is 58 years old and lives in East Atlantic Beach, NY. Aloysius Ladka is also related to Kerry Ladka, who is 61 years old and lives in Hempstead, NY.

    Multicultural Affairs
    National Coming Out Day Support List
    Employee List:
    Vera Ladka, Financial Aid Administrator, Student Financial Services, Office Of

    Jeremy Epstein suspected his question might be the first asked at Tuesday night’s presidential debate, but the importance of the moment didn’t sink in, he said, until moderator Candy Crowley told the audience she was starting with “a first-time voter.”

    “Two of the most powerful people in the world are standing five feet away from you,” Epstein, 20, of North Woodmere, recalled during an interview Wednesday. So he reassured himself, “Here we go, get up, and say it.”

    The [nearby] Adelphi University junior — the youngest person asking questions of President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney …
    Hofstra University prepares for tonight’s presidential debate


  2. Auntie Lib says:

    SD – you are spot on with your instincts on this, methinks. I haven’t been able to follow this as closely as I would like to – traveling the eastern reaches of Montana and not having much opportunity to be on the ‘puter. When I saw Ladka on GVS last night I immediately thought “PLANT”. First thing I did when I got home (even before checking in with my Treeper buddies!) was check him out on He doesn’t show up as a donor there, but I’ll bet you a quick search on his boss and/or the other members of the “brain trust” and find someone’s been a big donor. Do you know any of the others’ last names?


    • Auntie Lib says:

      Sorry – SD – I should have read all the links before commenting. I just checked out Isaac Elyassoff. He doesn’t show up on follow the money. But I have to get something to eat and then I will see what else I might be able to find.


  3. WeeWeed says:

    Can we say “political whore?”


  4. PatriotUSA says:

    I was patiently waiting for hm to be exposed. I am not one of naysayers and it was so obviously with Ladka.

    Superbly done SDC. I will wait for the serving of crow to be posted and I am famished….hurry!

    I hear most libtards are extremely allergic to the TRUTH and crow, heh!


  5. Another faker is Susan Katz, the undecided voter who posed the question to Romney, “Why are you different than George Bush?”

    Then, with great fanfare, she goes on CNN the next day to announce that she is voting for Obama again!


  6. howie says:

    I did not need to research it. Ir was apparent at the start. A den of libs. CNN…of course it was a set up. They are part of the Obama operation.


    • You know that….. I know that….. Heck, every Treeper knows that….. But the wider electorate? notsomuch 😦

      They could be dying of dehydration – Yet, you have to drag them to water, shove their head in it, hold their nose so they are forced to drink and acknowledge the TRUTH.

      They’ll probably still spit it out and complain about being thirsty….. but, meh 😦


      • michellc says:

        Well progs have even less than half a brain so they’ll never see it. The independents sometimes make me think they don’t have half a brain as they’re undecided after 4 years of hell, so they probably describe leading a horse to water but not being able to make them drink.


      • howie says:

        Tru. But most pay no attention and are in the dark. Or refuse to allow the facts to creep in. They believe because they want to.


    • michellc says:

      CNN working with Obama was obvious to anyone with half a brain.


  7. michellc says:

    I only get a bite of the crow, I was with ya at first then waivered whether he was a willing participant a bit then came back after his Greta interview.
    I just saw this though on twitter.

    Jack Moss Jack Moss ‏@macranger

    Nina Gonzales is a registered democrat, and surprise works for the Obama campaign out of Nassau County NY. #tcot

    I’m worried about those Gallup polls now though, they have me uneasy. I’m really worried next week we’re going to see Obama up by 10, the race is over.


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  9. lovemygirl says:

    I’m not sure if I posted anything that night but I too was sceptical that he was a plant. I’m going with BBQ Crow since a good sauce helps the medicine go down. 😉


    • Don’t be silly…. LOL 😀 Crow ain’t for Treepers – EVER…

      When we jump out of the Treehouse we set off to find the truth in a vast overgrown jungle filled with agenda. While slashing our way through the weeds, vines, and overgrown brush fertilized by the shadowdwellers, we are bound to lose direction at times. Heck, we even question the effort of travel.

      So we pause, sharpen our machete, refresh and move on… failure is not an option.

      Wolverines !


  10. lovemygirl says:

    Has anyone considered forwarding SD’s research to the RNC or Foxnews? Foxnews could get it on the radar quickly.


  11. ctdar says:

    Great job SD, you were all over that from the start, spot on.
    Cheers to you and all the treepers involved in the research 🙂


  12. lovemygirl says:

    I just saw something that many have already see about Benghazi. McCain/Ayotte/Greta


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  14. Kim Marie says:

    Reblogged this on AmeriKim Patriot and commented:
    Conspiracy Theory or Just COMMON SENSE? I’ll Go with the Latter!


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  16. Scott says:

    The one thing missing in the profile of every member of the liberal machine is a conscience…”the man in the mirror,” as my father used to say. How do these people sleep at night?


  17. JessicaLevin27 says:

    I watched the debate and I distinctly remember Kerry Ladka, in fact I tweeted about him, After the debate was over the cameras stayed on the candidates, and within one minute, Kerry Ladka had made a beeline for Obama and was talking to him. Couple minutes later, he’s taking a photograph with Michelle Obama, positively BEAMING with pride.


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