Democrats Exposed: The Real “He Man – Women Haters” Club….

Democrats are the political party who demand women stay living their insignificant lives as barefoot housewives subservient to their men folk, albeit while they hide behind divergent false women advocacy; and I CAN PROVE IT (see below fold).

Democrats also kill, physically kill –as in murder– more women than Republicans.   It is true.   They suck them through vacuum tubes and dispose of them in the human biological waste basket.   Some of them, like President Obama, even advocate for severing the spinal cord to kill them during child-birth.   And some, again like President Obama, advocate for killing them if by some miracle they are able to withstand the knife, vacuum tube and scalpel.

These are truths.   They are not disputed by any political ideology.   They are, quite simply, self-evident in the policies supported by President Obama.   Yet somehow, in their sheer rabid and insufferable manipulative lying, Democrats, along with the media, are able to attach the label of anti-women to Republicans.

Before I get to the latest example, just let me remind you of the following:

Lets look at the latest example from the Charlotte DNC Convention:  It should come as no surprise to hear the Head Of the Democrat Party of Massachusetts belittling Scott Brown for helping fold laundry.

Only “girls” fold laundry in the honest, non-media manipulated,  perspective of the Democrats.   How progressive:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh scrambled to apologize this afternoon hours after a convention kickoff gaffe this morning when he said U.S. Sen. Scott Brown was trying to be an “honorary girl” by folding laundry.

“In the excitement of getting the convention underway and getting the message out about how important it is to re-elect President Obama and elect Elizabeth Warren, I made a statement about Scott Brown that I regret. I apologize for that remark,” said Walsh in a statement.

Walsh was tweaking Brown at a Massachusetts delegation breakfast when he said Brown “spent a couple million dollars folding towels on TV to prove he’s an honorary girl.”

Brown’s campaign quickly condemned the statement, and called on rival Elizabeth Warren to explain a dismissive remark she made about laundry over the weekend.

“It seems Professor Warren and her spokesman can’t decide if they are just too good to fold laundry, or if household chores are suitable only for women. Professor Warren should apologize for her own elitist remark, and denounce her spokesman’s insulting comments suggesting folding laundry is a ‘girl’s’ job,” said Angela Davis, the chairwoman of the Brown for Women coalition.  (read more)

You see, when you pull back the curtain you expose the truth, the real truth.  The hate-filled, nasty, vitriolic truth that is progressivism.   It shows up the easiest when you just let them talk, and ask simple questions like:  “Why”?

Progressivism, or prog-socialism, is an ideological infection.   They live their lives amid complete hypocrisy, that is why deconstruction of them is so easy.  They cannot allow their core principles, their honest precepts, to be exposed.

The infection is everywhere.  They are surrounded by it, and are comfortable amid the bile and pus.    You can see it when they do not think they are being watched; you can hear it when they do not think  they are being listened to.

They project their own ideology and biases into everything surrounding them, and on to everyone they oppose.   Example:  If you are black and not a Democrat you are a token; if you are Hispanic or Latino and not a  Democrat you do not exist.  Just ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Or, in this case, if you are a woman the sum total of your value is defined by your uterus or vagina.   Yet this is a pro-woman platform?   Think about it.

If a woman thinks she is more than the sum total of her sexual organs, she is not a Democrat and therefore subject to vile attacks:

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11 Responses to Democrats Exposed: The Real “He Man – Women Haters” Club….

  1. Artist says:

    It’s all become so vile and disgusting, and hateful…and ugly. I simply don’t quite understand what is wrong with these people. I recently read about those really nasty tweets from that 4th rate actor Jason Biggs of American Pie movie garbage…tweeting about Janna Ryan. I didn’t want to repeat it but I read about it on Breitbart..these people really aren’t worth the space they occupy on the planet or the oxygen they consume.
    …and I wish someone would explain to me why women who spent years complaining and supposedly railing against being objectified as sexual objects now self identify as ambulatory vaginas….
    They’re so incredibly pathetic, if they weren’t so nauseating, I’d ALMOST feel sorry for them.


  2. ZurichMike says:

    Calling Scott Brown a girl for folding his own laundry, reducing women’s interest in politics to their reproductive organs, hurling vulgar epithets at women — these are the same Democrats who ironically say that Republicans have a “war on women”.

    Rush Limbaugh is right: I don’t want to get along with Democrats. I want to defeat them.

    And ZurichMike adds: And I want to trample their ideology on the ash heap of history.


  3. gretchenone says:

    The last four years have had an amazing impact on my family. My dyed-in-the-wool Democrat parental unit now identifies as a Republican. Yep, it is a true miracle. She has awoken from the nightmare of liberalism at the ripe old age of 70-something and joined the GOP. My dad must be smiling down from heaven. If she can do it, anyone can do it. She was a foam-at-the-mouth Democrat her whole life.


  4. howie says:

    Maybe the She-Male Man Haters Club would better describe the Gender Confused Democrats. It seems everywhere you look in this administration you find gender-confused Obammunists.


  5. ZurichMike says:

    I just read up on what B-list actor Jason Biggs tweeted about Ann Romney and Janna Ryan. Staggering vulgarity, and yet he gets a pass.


    • Knucledraggingwino says:

      Now that the Democrats are hurling these vulgarisms at Ann Romney, even the Viagra wing of the Republican Party can empathize with Governor Palin. The Democrats were even threatening to rape her and her daughters. RINO Romney didn’t have a problem with that.


      • ZurichMike says:

        I think your portrayal of both the Republican Party and Romney is incredibly unfair. Many, many people were upset about the threats against Palin. Inferring that Romney “didn’t have a problem with that” is putting words in his mouth.


      • churchladyiowa says:

        Just because a GOP politician did or did not make a comment about that awful Dem attack on Palin doesn’t mean they supported the left. Googled this, kdw . . .and here is what Romney really & truly said about Palin:

        From the October 2, 2008 issue of the Montana Spokesman-Review:

        Romney praises Palin, backs fix for economy

        BOISE – On the eve of the vice presidential debate, former candidate Mitt Romney touted GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s chances in what’s expected to be a much-watched debate tonight between her and Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden.

        Romney, who stopped in Boise on Wednesday to campaign for GOP Senate candidate Jim Risch, said, “I’m hopeful that as we watch the debate … that her plain-spoken, common-sense approach will contrast sharply with Joe Biden’s, oh, wallowing in the words of Washington.”

        Romney said, “I think Sarah Palin has done a masterful job in reuniting the base of the Republican Party with the kind of enthusiasm that we had hoped for. She brought to the race, I think, the energy and the respect of the Republican base that John McCain wanted to draw, and as a result, you’ve seen large crowds, enthusiastic response, a spike in fundraising.”

        Go ahead and play devil’s advocate about Romneycare or something with substance. But don’t say something as outrageous & unprovable as “he didn’t have a problem with Democrats raping Palin & her daughters.”


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