Why Did ABC Omit “Jesus” From Wallenda’s Niagara Falls Crossing?

The “All Barack Channel” seems to be a tad reluctant to acknowledge Wallenda’s praise for God.   As Wallenda walked the tightrope, he could be heard praising Jesus and reciting Bible verses over the two-way radio ABC had installed.  Yesterday,  ABC had uploaded those videos — today they’ve all been scrubbed except for one we found containing a  few seconds at the 1:30 mark. GO to http://e360bible.org/ to read more passages.

Contrast to the full length video below where the audio has been “conveniently” dropped…

Story below the fold… 

(NewYorkPost)…If you watched Nik Wallenda’s high-wire crossing of Niagara Falls Friday night, you’d never know that the tightrope-walking daredevil was praying out loud to Jesus the whole way, religious groups said over the weekend.

“During the event itself and on an ABC News blog . . . reporters did not mention Wallenda’s frequent shout-outs to God, and some viewers are taking issue with the omission,” according to report from the evangelical news web site World News Daily.

ABC’s own Web site carried comments from religious viewers who questioned why Wallenda’s display of faith had been so downplayed.

“Not mentioned by the news media, Wallenda prayed throughout the walk, and we could hear him,” says Christian writer Jim Bramlett.

“How come this blog leaves out the part about him praising Jesus?” the comment wrote,

“All the details are complete, except this is noticeably left out. Are you that uncomfortable typing the name of Christ?”

The stunt was watched by more than 10 million people on Friday — a huge ratings success for the network on what is traditionally the lowest viewing night of the week.


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27 Responses to Why Did ABC Omit “Jesus” From Wallenda’s Niagara Falls Crossing?

  1. Omar says:

    Yeah….some of those “pseudojournalists” are probably afraid that their fingers would catch on fire if they typed the name of Jesus into their story, and if they actually said the name of Christ in a news cast, they might immediatedly be grabbed by an angry band of demons and pulled into the abyss. AND….they don’t want to offend any non-believer or non-christian. BUT I”M OFFENDED that they left the prayer and praise out… because I AM a Christian, and this was my brother in Christ that the story was about, and he was praying and giving glory to the one who deserves it….Jesus.

    My mom actually had the privilege of seeing the Wallendas at her church in Missouri not too long ago. She said the message was one of the best and most touching that she has ever heard in her 35 years of going to church. God Bless them!


    • Ad rem says:

      In effect, what ABC did was a form of “censorship”…..it was an incomplete story because inconvenient facts relating to the story were omitted. I guess that’s why we refer to them as “Godless Communists”. Hey…wonder if they would have censored praise for Allah? 😉


  2. Sharon says:

    Oh, dear. They mock Christians, denigrate people of faith as just being a bit dim,….but for some strange reason they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge Jesus, the Christ. Are they a bit afraid of Him, do you ‘spose? I wonder if they ever wonder about that? In their personal thoughts, I mean–not their “professional” thoughts. Doesn’t the inconsistency ever bug them? There’s no other name that drives its detractors so completely bananas. Buddha doesn’t bug ’em. But Jesus just bugs ’em.

    The Name of Jesus is so sweet, I love its music to repeat;
    It makes my joys full and complete, The precious Name of Jesus!

    “Jesus,” O how sweet the Name! “Jesus,” every day the same;
    “Jesus,” let all saints proclaim Its worthy praise forever!

    I love the Name of Him Whose heart Knows all my griefs and bears a part;
    Who bids all anxious fears depart, I love the Name of Jesus!

    That Name I fondly love to hear, It never fails my heart to cheer;
    Its music dries the falling tear, Exalt the Name of Jesus!


  3. I Am Trademark says:

    They had to omit it. You can’t have state-run media endorsing a religion, now can you?


    • Susiejoe says:

      We do not have a state run media. We have a Marxist run state and media. One must learn Russian and European history starting with the French revolution – the versions not taught in our public schools The Russian revolution began with the Bolshevik revolution where Christians were slaughtered in mass, their churches destroyed, Bibles burned. The most persecuted group of people throughout history are not the blacks, not the jews, but rather the Christians.

      Sent from my iPhoneristians – lovers of Christ And today, nobody understands their evil better than the Russians.

      Check out this video on YouTube:


    • Ad rem says:

      If ABC’s reporting of Wallenda’s own comments can be considered an endorsement of religion, then I guess this means we won’t be seeing any more interviews with Muslims on network programming. Meanwhile they continue to worship at the feet of Obama.


  4. LJK says:

    I watched live and clearly heard him thank and praise the “Father” and Jesus several times. I am a devout Christian, a conservative and can not stand the main stream, anti-God media, but I think this is much ado about nothing. Actually, I thought his praises were a bit over-the-top. It’s wonderful to hear someone praise the Lord – whom all glory is to be given – on national tv to an audience of many unbelievers. But there is a fine line between that and seeming like a fanatic, which only brings mockery to the name of Jesus. Once or twice gets the message across and plants the seed. More than that, Christ becomes a joke for those who are seeking for every excuse to make Him so. Mature Christians know the difference. JMO.


    • Ad rem says:

      Read the story. We are NOT talking about the live broadcast, we’re taking about the subsequent write-ups and videos sent forth. Regarding Wallendas’s praises being “over-the-top”, I believe “fanaticism” is more likely to be in the eye of the beholder. You don’t think a young man, completing the stunt of his lifetime, might not be allowed a few verbal liberties? Your ‘armchair maturity’ sounds less than truly Christian…..JMO.


      • Omar says:

        I wonder if Peter and Paul and John and Andrew and the rest were ever called over-the-top fanatics who gave christianity a bad name? Hmmmm…….the answer is YES. But that didn’t stop them. The whole goal of Christianity isn’t to get the world to “like” you. In fact, Jesus said they’d hate you cuz they hated Him.


  5. Sandusky says:

    Kind of reminds me of some of the interviews after Landau Eugene Murphy Jr won America’s Got Talent last year. (If you don’t know who I’m talking about, take a look – or rather, a listen, preferably while wearing a headset, so that you get the full effect of his unexpectedly delicious voice – at http://bolstablog.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/landau-rat-pack/. The first video clip has a very touching ending, If you want to skip the glitz, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the last clip is just the songs.. I luuuuuuuurrrrrrrrve Landau!)

    Anyway, everyone wanted to interview him after he won the competition, but while they could cope with tall-skinny-dreadlocked-carwasher-who-can-sing-like-Sinatra, they didn’t know how to cope with someone who said quite simply that God told him to enter the competition. They did manage to quote him saying that he walked by faith, not by sight (presumably because they didn’t recognize it as a quotation from That Book), but when it came to him saying that God had guided him every step of the way, most of them just skipped that bit, and one of them even rendered it as something like “Landau said that he’d been aware of being led by forces outside himself”!

    Ironic, isn’t it, that if you use the name of Jesus as an expletive, the media doesn’t think twice about quoting you verbatim, but if you use it as an invocation of power and an expression of praise, they’re suddenly afflicted with a distressing case of deafness.


  6. Hybrid Lemon says:

    One spectator at the Falls yelled, “Jeeeeus Chrisssst, look at that guy!”…
    They left that in.


  7. backattack says:

    Had to be one of the most embarrassing things i’ve ever seen.


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  9. Sharon Dent says:

    His praise to the Lord was awesome. Lets receive a new beginning for our Niagara
    Falls,NY. No man can stop the power of the Lord that was brought forth that evening.


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