Broadcasting the Truth – Revisiting a Message for Site Readers

A recent e-mail to the Refuge has reminded me to continue sending out this very specific message.   It is important for site readers to understand the Mission Of The Treehouse, and our response to this, and similar contact/requests, remains consistent.

First the email (edited for privacy):

Dear Conservative Misfits-

After reading this recent compelling article at The Last Refuge,  

I alerted one of my contacts at The Daily Caller. He indicated that if the article was trimmed down to around 800 words, turned into an opinion piece, and met his high writing standards… he would consider publishing it.

If this is something that you would like to do, let me know and I will ‘transmit the information to XXXXXXX.

Warmest regards,

My response is below and perhaps this is a good time to revisit:

DXXXXX, feel free to “trim it down” to the appropriate level you feel would best advance the truth.

The reason the article(s) [are] is so long, is not because we wish to engage the reader in extensive digestibility, but more because we are forced to counter the inherent attacks with substantive citations for the thesis and opinion provided.

It is, quite simply, almost impossible to present the facts of the truth for readers without showing every scintilla of verifiable documentation to support the conclusion.   If we did present a “cliff notes” version it would immediately be dismissed by those who would seek to diminish the validity of what we outline.

However, that said, again I will repeat that we, and more specifically myself, do not present truthful and factual information with any proprietary interest in content.

Any reader can feel free to share, edit, add to, or take away any content from any presentation they desire.

The goal is to spread the truth, so to the extent that anyone, in any capacity, can use the information we provide, feel free to do so in any manner you like.   We simply outline the known truths, what people do with them is entirely up to them.

The media, and the Daily Caller is included in this consideration, have a vested interest in “shaping” the story;  and they all inject their “agenda” into their presentations.  We do not.  We only seek to spread the truth as we know it to appear.

In short, do anything, with anything, you feel will be of value and benefit.

Warmest best wishes and good luck.

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14 Responses to Broadcasting the Truth – Revisiting a Message for Site Readers

  1. Sharon says:

    Excellent. Go, Tree!


  2. teajr says:

    It’s a honor to be a part of this honest collective attempt to understand the world around us. I appreciate everyones input and it has caused a great deal of reflection, for me, these past few days as a new member of the Treehouse. Thanks!…………, Tommy


  3. F15Mech says:

    Hey all

    This is my first post to the site and pardon me for going O/T in my first post.
    I has walking thru the internet forest over the weekend and stumbled upon this treehouse of yours.

    After looking at the treehouse, from the ground, it appeared to have strong roots so I decided to climb it and find a limb I could call my own.

    While I have not found a limb to call my own YET. I think I will be comfy in this tree.


    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse “F15Mech”. Plenty of limbs to choose from, so take your time and make sure you find just the right one! There’s always a beer in WeeWeed’s cooler, and Sharon’s in charge of the s’mores. 😉


  4. F15Mech says:

    has s/b was BTW. My typing skills are not the best so sometimes that happens with my posts.


  5. thefirstab says:

    I explained to my 16 y/o why I have become attached to this site over the past couple months; I am in awe of the many skills involved in putting out the quality of work I find here, the different perspectives etc.I firmly believe in your mantra “the truth has no agenda”. This is a teaching moment…. thanks to all for your hard work! 🙂


  6. To error is human. To be truthfull is a CHOICE!


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