In Honor of Brett Kimberlin Day – We will not use the terms Jackass, Dirtbag, Scum-sucker, or Booger Eatin’ Cross-eyed Pig-Faced Slimeball.

Go HERE to get the scoop

Wolverines !!

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30 Responses to In Honor of Brett Kimberlin Day – We will not use the terms Jackass, Dirtbag, Scum-sucker, or Booger Eatin’ Cross-eyed Pig-Faced Slimeball.

  1. theebl says:

    #BrettKimberlin. Who is he? He is not John Galt…


  2. Jumping in as I can and will be re-posting. Dealing with horrific pain and limited mobility so I am unable to do a lot. Thank you for this site and all who tread here.


    BTW: There is now verifiable proof of Wolverines breeding in the state of Oregon.


  3. Realigac DeFigsmump says:

    You’re not going to be talking about Crump today then?


  4. myopiafree says:

    After reading this – it is clear why “Stand Your Ground” was created. It was to prevent CIVIL LAWSUITS by the drug crazed thug that you shot in self-defense. This is the real meaning of SYG. GZ, had he been charged with manslaughter – aand would have been released by the Grand Jury (the correct way to deal with the question of “justified homicide”). But he would have been hit with a million dollar civil suit. This is why Team-Crump has perverted our justice system with Angela Corey. The above video explains why the civil protection is so necessary. Thanks!


  5. cajunkelly says:

    I read about this guy here at the “allergic2bull” blog spot. It took me two days to read this man’s account of what this guy has done to him. It’s all there in painfully lengthy detail.

    I thought about posting about it here last week when I found that web site, but was concerned about bringing this man’s wrath down on the treehouse.


    • cajunkelly says:

      Oooops, I meant to post the link to that blog after the word “here”, but the link wouldn’t paste so I typed out the name. Didn’t mean to infer I read it here on the tree.

      I stumbled across that site and was appalled at the length this man goes to in using “legal terrorism” to destroy a person. Be prepared though, that site is VERY well documented with court records, etc. and takes a long time to read through.


  6. MelloJello says:

    Looks like good has triumphed over evil when it comes to Brett Kimberlin. Just google his name.


  7. a.paul says:

    Now this fella, if he were a pit bull or a rottie, would be put down as vicious. But because he’s a person and a libprog, gets celebrated by the left and funded by Soros.


  8. Aoife says:

    OH…as info…another day another ‘protest’ for St. Skittles in downtown Sanford. Shame we can’t get a few dozen of us to stand quietly opposite them holding our own signs with the names and deaths of all the non-blacks killed in black-on-other violence and the lack of media outrage or arrests in some of those cases….I guess that would be racist wouldn’t it?


    • Sharon says:

      Whether or not it would be racist would be in the eye of the beholder. It would be practical and truthful and courageous. 🙂


      • Sandusky says:

        How about standing there with signs depicting the names, dates of birth and dates of death of the other black teenagers in the area who have died from *drug-related causes* (have those words in bold underneath). Maybe a sign with stats on how many kids have died from this issue. See if you can make people understand that the most likely cause of death for kids around there is NOT some demonized “white” guy, it’s drugs that are used and supplied by people whom the kids regard as friends and role models. THAT is what’s killing their children.


        • Sharon says:

          What would happen next would be determined by the community’s capacity and willingness to let go of something in which they have literally invested their lives and their families’ lives in; specifically, the idea that “nothing is our fault,” “my baby would never do that….”…. let go of their determination to “be right” and acknowledge that they are not right.

          Those are very good ideas, but goodness me, deception is a powerful master and a formidable adversary. A good friend put a question to me about 30 years ago as I was explaining in great detail what was wrong with everyone in my family. This was the question: “How much are you willing to have it cost you to be right?”

          Stopped me dead in my verbal tracks, it did. I looked at my questioner and said, rather quietly, “Almost everything, I guess” because in that moment it flat blindsided me that that actually was the truth. I WAS going to “be right”–no matter the cost–and had invested years in defending that suicidal hill.

          The community oath that has been silently taken by these communities has an immense amount of power. That doesn’t take away from your comments one bit….it’s just very clear that they have committed themselves to defending an indefensible hill. It just remains to be see how much they are willing to have it cost them to be right about that oath and their investment.


  9. And the relentless attack on the right marches on ….

    THEY got Breitbart off this world, they got Palin out of the race, they got Beck off tv. And now they’re launching a full-out attack on the right blogosphere by financing a convicted terrorist so he can sue them all off the internet with the full backing of the current regime.

    Who are the financiers? Soros, Holder, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Barbra Streisand, Fidelity/Schwab Investments.


  10. g8rmom7 says:

    Dan Riehl has a good blog post about this that makes smile…


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  12. solaratov says:

    Found this interesting little item that explains a bit of Kimberlin’s ‘makeup’……………….

    For Brett Kimberlin, It All Started With A Little Girl

    For Brett Kimberlin, It All Started With A Little Girl

    * by Greg Allmain
    * on May 25, 2012
    * in Counter Ops

    For Brett Kimberlin, It All Started With A Little Girl

    Vladimir Nabokov’s book “Lolita” is considered a masterpiece because of the Russian author’s ability to humanize and make readers empathize with his character Humbert Humbert, who falls in love with his 13-year-old stepdaughter in the story. Unfortunately for Brett Kimberlin, even the Russian master would have a hard time getting people to feel empathy for Kimberlin, who allegedly suffered from Humbert’s fate of loving “nymphets”.

    Because, you see, for Kimberlin, all the madness that happened in his life all started with his apparent infatuation for a little girl named Debbie Barton. The original article on Kimberlin and the Speedway Bombings explains:

    Investigators learned that her daughter, Sandra Barton, was a very close friend of Brett C. Kimberlin. The relationship between the pair was complicated by his strange affection for Mrs. Barton’s pre-teen daughter, Debbie.

    Investigators learned Debbie accompanied Kimberlin on several long, unsupervised trips, including holidays in Florida, Mexico and Hawaii.

    Mrs. Scyphers (Barton’s mother and Debbie’s grandmother) violently disapproved of Kimberlin’s questionable relationship with Debbie and her mother. The concerned grandmother arranged for Debbie and her sister, Shari, to leave their mother’s home and move in with her.

    Separated from Debbie, Kimberlin threatened suicide.

    It was after the girls moved in with their grandmother, that their grandmother ended up dead from a gunshot wound to the back of the head from an unknown suspect. The Indianapolis Star report describes what authorities believed happened:

    On Saturday, July 29, 1978, Julia Scyphers, a 65-year-old grandmother was in her living room chatting with her granddaughters at her small home at 1651 Cunningham Drive, Speedway.

    (At) about 3 p.m., a man knocked on her door asking about some items she had displayed at a garage sale.

    When Mrs. Scyphers went outside to the garage to show him the items, he slipped a .25 caliber pistol from his black briefcase and shot her once in the back of the head. She slumped to the floor beside the family car.

    In the end, authorities believed that Scyphers was killed because of her interference regarding her granddaughter and Kimberlin. Authorities believe Kimberlin set up the Speedway Bombings as an attempt to distract from the investigation of Scyphers’ murder. (Unfortunately, Kimberlin was never tried for this crime, because the only witness, Scyhpers’ husband, died shortly after her death.)

    As you may know, Kimberlin, for all intents and purposes, took the life of another man, Carl DeLong, with the Speedway Bombings. DeLong was severely injured in a blast from one of Kimberlin’s bombs, and it’s believed that he eventually committed suicide from the injuries he received that day.

    And as is being well documented elsewhere at sites like Patterico’s Pontifications and Aaron Walker’s “Allergic to Bull” blog, Kimberlin engages in similar extreme tactics to this day, with anyone who dares to shine a light on his sordid and violent past.

    Just remember, though, that for Brett Kimberlin, it all started with his sick love for a pre-teen girl.

    Bellum letale.



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