Huffington Post Lying Again….. This One Was An Easy Spot

Why the Huffington Post needs to lie is beyond me.   Perhaps they are still so invested in the Trayvon narrative they cannot find a way to remove themselves from their complicit attachment to the false framing.   Regardless of motivation this one is absolute in its false premise and easy to deconstruct.

Here is another one of their blatant lies caught in their screen shot story introduction.   Note they say the 7-11 footage was taken 11 minutes before Trayvon Martin was shot.    The CCTV evidence footage shows the purchase made at 6:24pm.    Trayvon was shot at 7:17pm according to the 911 call which recorded the gunshot.

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50 Responses to Huffington Post Lying Again….. This One Was An Easy Spot

  1. myopiafree says:

    Fibber-Crump originally said 10 minutes. Given that 7-11 was about 9/10 mile, that would be a bout a 20 minute walk one-way. (TM did not look “up” to walking fast). Here again, another Crump “story” that no one bothered to check.


  2. chopp says:

    What is the difference between the discovery that the media had to purchase (see TalkLeft) and the discovery anyone can access? Anyone know?


    • tara says:

      The evidence is available to everyone, but at a cost. The media is probably most likely to fork over the $$.


      • DiwataMan says:

        Does anyone have a link to the site where that info is? And how much it costs?


          • chopp says:

            No indication of cost:

            The state’s attorney has put the discovery on a newly built website created for media access. While various media sites will put some of it up on their websites, I am not confident they won’t cherry-pick the material and only post some of it.

            So late this afternoon, when I read about the website created for the media, I applied to the state’s attorney’s office for media access for TalkLeft. My request has been granted.

            It’s not free. Every media organization has to share in the cost. The check or money order must be received at the state’s attorney’s office by 5 pm tomorrow. Personal checks, credit cards and cash are not accepted. I got my business check to Fedex at 5 pm today, and the state’s attorney’s office has graciously granted my access, conditioned on them getting my check by 5 pm tomorrow, which will happen.


            • DiwataMan says:

              I don’t see a link to where this “website created for the media” is either. Jeralyn doesn’t seem to be posting much on it either. I suppose now they have access to all the info every other media does.


        • tara says:

          I think you have to request it, possibly via instructions here. I don’t know the cost.


          • Donnie B. says:

            A person from talkleft posted in another thread that they applied for access and were granted. They mailed a check and should have acccess shortly.


  3. Mike says:

    I can already see it. Now the narrative will be “how could Trayvon be committing any crimes in 11 minutes??” This type of reporting makes me sick. HuffPo just cannot let it go. They’ve invested too much in the false narrative.


  4. tara says:

    More BS here, on Jane Velez Mitchell’s show on May 17. Look at the caption starting at 0:07 which remains for nearly a minute:

    The autopsy report shows Zimmerman shot and killed Martin from about two feet away

    Last night I think it was HLN that I saw a diagram of “contact” vs. “intermediate range”. Both figures in the diagram were standing. For the contact diagram the shooter had the gun directly to the victim’s chest. For the intermediate diagram, the shooter was a significant distance away.

    Most people do not know the details that we know, so they’ll see the diagram and think GZ shot TM while they were standing, and at some distance. I’m surprised they didn’t show the victim with his back to the shooter, running away. (eye roll) I’m going to try to find that video.


  5. DiwataMan says:

    Looks like someone took a Crump-A-Dump on the HuffPo.


  6. Sharon says:

    One of the characteristics of compulsive liars is an escalation that takes them past the point where they were “deciding to lie” (because it seemed necessary and helpful) and takes them to where they lie habitually, “necessary” or not. Lying becomes their default position. Eventually they have (without much exertion) constructed a parallel narrative with regard to all events and all thoughts and all relationships. Everyday things. Not crisis things.

    There are entire media industries based on this disorder today, including HuffPo.

    The biggest point of exertion for compulsive liars comes at the point of encountering circumstances or individuals who actually do expect “truth” and accuracy in statements, and instinctively the CL recognize that they are actually on unfamiliar ground. Their energy consumption goes sky high at that point, as they gasp for air, desperately trying to remember how to simply say what is so. They grab wildly for small rocks of accuracy and little branches of stable fact as they are slide down the mountain side. because someone asked them a few simple questions.

    Desperate times.


    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      This is just how communists think. A lie is not a lie if it supports the party line. A lie is whatever they say it is.


    • MRM says:

      You have described my ex to a T. And, he was the biggest bleeding heart commie prog evah. I think I see a pattern … 😛


    • rocker124 says:

      That almost sounds like you could be describing Obama and his place of birth!


    • myopiafree says:

      This personality is called a “Sociopath”. He feels not compunction about lying, since he feels everyone is lying to him. So his “skill level” is to lie in a way – THAT HE DOES NOT GET CAUGHT. This comes from the book, “The Sociopath Next Door”. I have run into some. There great strength is their ability to appeal to your PITY – to solicit funds, and to practice deceit. Crump knows how to get OTHER PEOPLE to fib for him. We don’t know if it were DeDe “calling in” or someone else. They can’t “get” Crump for lying. They can’t get DeDe either, because she is too young. I am certain that when Fibber-Crump realized that his “Cub-Scout” story was “weak”, he had to buttress it with yet another easy fib. What could be better that DeDe, who became an “ear witness” that TM was “scared”, and “cornered”, and this KKK Thug was running him down, and now TM had to FIGHT. (Yes, you see this on YouTube a lot.) If you get DeDe on the stand for cross-examination, her “story” would truly fall apart. Thanks, TreeHouse, for telling truth.


  7. tara says:

    Yet more BS, Dr Drew last night, video is here.

    Dr. Drew, Mark Geragos, and Natalie Jackson go on and on and on about how pot is no big deal, it’s harmless. This is a complete turnaround from Dr. Drew’s claim last year that marijuana is much more powerful now than it used to be, that it’s “addictive”, and that it has a “severe withdrawal syndrome”. (Text and video at the link)

    Anyway, back to the HLN video (the first link). Dr. Drew says that GZ was “on” adderall and temazepam. We don’t know this. We only know that these drugs had been prescribed to him, nobody knows if he was actually using them. But Dr. Drew and Mark Geragos and Natalie Jackson proceed with their prejudiced analysis nonetheless. Mark Geragos is shocked because, he says, GZ’s prescriptions are “the bigger story”.

    At 1:52 Dr. Drew declares that adderall “is a drug of violence”! Then why is it so commonly prescribed to ADD sufferers??


  8. tara says:

    This is strange. New Orlando Sentinel article is critical of Corey, and in the article the author , Hal Boedeker, says that Corey should have her head examined. But check out the headline, it implies that it’s GZ who is suggesting that Corey have her head examined! Why would a reporter write a headline like that???

    At least Boedeker is on the side of reason.


  9. Donnie B. says:

    I cant belive with all the facts out there on this case that some reporters still cant get it right

    Today in the Miami Herald:

    “Zimmerman was monitoring his neighborhood on a rainy evening when he first noticed Trayvon walking behind a row of homes on his way to his father’s apartment. Zimmerman called the police to report a “suspicious guy” — the kind of complaint Zimmerman made routinely in his role as neighborhood watchman.

    He was on his way to Target! Aggghhhh *FACEPALM*


  10. Donnie B. says:

    Speaking of Huffpost…In the TM section, they have a banner with a picture of Trademark with a caption that reads: “The Trayvon Martin Case”, but prior to the evidence being released, it read “The Trayvon Martin Tragedy”. LOL


  11. Lulu says:

    Jane Velez Mitchell was a hack bottom banana newser on a local Los Angeles TV outlet for years. Highly emotional and sensationalistic. The facts be damned.

    Some people never change.


  12. Lulu says:

    Here’s what we know about Dr. Drew:

    Deaths at rehab hospital in Pasadena draw scrutiny
    Las Encinas, where ‘Loveline’ doctor has a key role, is faulted by the state in two fatal overdoses in April.

    He finally “severed his ties” with Las Encinas in March 2010.


  13. Lulu says:

    We also know Mark Geragos out here, where he is known for several trademark features:

    1. Like the Crumpster he tries his cases in the media.
    2. He always promises that he will find key evidence to get his client, the defendant, an acquittal.
    3. He never finds the key evidence.
    4. His clients are habitually found guilty (ask Wynona Ryder about this).


    • CTDAR says:

      Scott Peterson (death row) was client too, remember when Gerigos brought a boat to back of parking lot so jurors could check out & imagine “how difficult would be to bring Lacis body out to sea”. He wasn’t even in courtroom next to his client when jury can back in.
      What pompous A$$


  14. justice099 says:

    From everything I can see, the prosecution is planning to use the very lack of evidence to her advantage and try to argue the case based on appeals to emotion, what-if scenarios, etc…

    She will pry on the jurors emotions about the case, and seek to diminish the factual evidence as much as possible.

    The facts don’t matter if she is successful in swaying all of the jurors’ emotions.


    • carUHsel says:

      “of the, in the.” I’m not a spelling nazi, but that really bothers ME! I guess once you hit the “Post Comment” – you can’t call it back and do repair work.
      so embarrassed….


  15. cajunkelly says:

    “I fell you’re pane” carURsel! (chuckle) *Intentionally* typing that dang near caused an anxiety attack!

    I just shared my angst about the inablility to edit posts with SD on the “JR” topic.


    Maybe I should do more of this so I can desensitize myself? Uhhhh nope, can’t see that happening. (sigh)


  16. chinchilla says:

    Huffington Post proves once again that counting is real, real hard.


  17. lovemygirl says:

    HuffPuff banned me and i don’t know why. I heard Michael knows his stuff. I posted for a decade under my own name, then realized that was unwise, a year under one uid, then banned, chose another for a few more and then the IP address checking that I had recommended multiple times before. Now it reverts to an id used years ago that was banned by an overzealous moderator. Hmm, other than a new IP address, any thoughts?


  18. the huff post lies constantly why it is still a viable source of news on the net is beyond me i don’t understand why doesn’t aol just dump the bitch and her weekly world news rag of a sight


  19. Sojourner Truth says:

    The Huffington Post has fast become the left’s most salacious and intellectually devious “news” mag on the internet. Almost everything they print is a lie and they surround those lies with websites that attempt to attest to the veracity of magazine. Their comments sections are edited to allow only those who agree with their position to be published while they churn out the propaganda at an alarming rate. The magazine lives for the sole purpose of demeaning people of faith, exalting all form of lust and sexual deviation, and the idea that there is no such thing as a corrupt “progressive.” Arianna Huffington began the journal because she is a staunch enemy of the foundations of the United States. She is a lunatic Marxist whose sole mission in life is to destroy capitalism and enslave the nation to a despotic regime of which she will be one of the wealthy elite. The magazine is a real blight on the nation.


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