A Visible Precursor To Zimmerman Acquittal in Trayvon™ Shooting….

Tomorrow at 6:00am Yatz/Teufelshunde begin to expand the Trayvon™ discussion and share insight.   A well honed plan is in place by the race-baiting industy to exploit anxiety based on a historically effective road map and strategy.  

(KTRH) — The day after an all-white jury acquitted a former Houston police officer for his role in the beating of a 15-year-old African American burglary suspect, community activists rallied a crowd of at least 200 people on the courthouse steps to protest.

Protesters carrying signs with slogans like, “No justice, no peace. Stop the racist police,” and “Justice for Trayvon Martin” circled in front of the Harris County Courthouse and a phalanx of media cameras.

His acquittal came amid heightened tension after the fatal shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman earlier this year. (read more)

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97 Responses to A Visible Precursor To Zimmerman Acquittal in Trayvon™ Shooting….

  1. Donnie B. says:

    I have a bad feeling that GZ text messages are going to be bad. 😦


  2. 2ntense says:

    Geeze. I work in Downtown Houston, not far from the courts and city hall. I missed the protest.


  3. DiwataMan says:

    What’s that white woman doing there with a National Black United Front member? The good ol’ Pan-African flag colors too I see, just like Tracy Martin had on his facebook photos. “Forward ever, backward never” on the back of his shirt there, sounds sort of like Obama’s new campaign slogan.


  4. Sentenza says:

    Watching the protest. Doesn’t this person have a right to a trail by a jury of his peers?

    What if his peers aren’t black people? I live in a part of the country where the black population is somewhere around the neighborhood of 1%.

    And the guy demanding a civilian review board is a moron. Technically, the police are civilians, because they don’t fall under the jurisdiction of military law. The police should not be referring to citizens as civilians.

    Then he wants to give an independent review board prosercutorial power to check someone’s no good white supremacist. He’s standing around with what appear to be people in Black Panther uniforms, so, plank, speck, eye, I guess.

    Hmm. Then there’s another Black Panther. Who is lucky to be alive because the police ran him down. He doesn’t mention what circumstances led to the police beating on him. I wonder why that is. Maybe he was beating on the police at the time. Through in a few gratuitous references to “hos” and some profanity.

    Then there’s the guy railing about taking away property and breaking up families. Kind of makes me wonder how many parents are of the quality of Angel Adams. Do they raise their kids to act like hers?

    Then there’s a guy railing about how they sentence more black people to death than in any other place in the industrialized world. Statistically, black murderers are extremely likely to have black victims, as in 94% likely. If the system is racist and doesn’t like black people, why do they sentence black people that are 94% likely to kill another black person to death? If the system was biased, and didn’t like black people, wouldn’t they let black people who kill black people off relatively lightly?

    Statistics on homicide and race:

    Looks like a bunch of rabble to me.


    • jimrtex says:

      It was misdemeanor charge, and a 6-person jury. The final pool had 19 persons, two of whom were black. One worked for the DA’s office. The other had been charged with several crimes, and said they were all unjustified.


  5. MRM says:

    I just read some of the comments over at Breitbart (of all places!) and was amazed at the number of anti-Zimmerman sentiment. I’m so sad right now: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/18/Trayvon-MMA-style-attack


    • WeeWeed says:

      The Bigs are notorious for professional trolls. Really. Worry not.


    • minpin says:

      You can bet your arse that when Benny Crumpster got the call from Natalie Jackson, that another black male was killed, he assembled a meeting with all “his people.” They strategized, they got on the same page, they were all sent out to do their jobs. The media presence of the Crumpsters was their biggest goal. They infiltrated every area that they could, from getting the college students outraged, to getting the leftist media on their side, via Julison. You can bet all the money you have that the Crump effort includes a team hitting every site that doesn’t follow, or buy into, his narrative. I promiose they are everywhere. There are even some here pushing the Crump meme, albeit underhandedly. Do you know how much destruction a group of college students can do? Look at the riots and protests in Greece. There is your answer.


    • MRM says:

      Thanks Wee’d and MinPin. I know you’re right. I’m just not used to seeing so many comments from people who seem so entirely ignorant of the facts. We get spoiled here in the treehouse…. 🙂


  6. thesitrep says:

    If you’re ever in Houston
    Ooh, you’d better do right
    You’d better not gamble
    And you’d better not fight
    Or the sheriff will grab ya
    And the boys’ll bring you down


  7. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Holy Sheet!!!! Has this been posted on the Site? I have not seen it. If it has been posted and discussed, it needs to be revisited.

    It is a March 7 Reuters story AND the CBS video that aired on CBS This Morning on Wednesday March 7, 2012 (Dan Trotta’s Reuter’s article on April 2 mentioned this video, but I have never been able to find it.)

    According to Dan Trotta’s story on April 2, 2012, this CBS This Morning video was the FIRST national story giving the Trayvon Martin worldwide attention.

    This is BIG IMO. It is significant because this has Crump and Julison commencing to tell the false narrative, telling lies to see what looks best.

    For example, apparently by the date of this article and video, Crump and Julison decided it sounded better for the media to have Brandy Green as “the bereaved mother.”

    For example, they refer to Chad as Trayvon’s 13-year-old brother.

    At some point as a legal strategy, Crump and Julison move Green and Chad out of the narrative.

    IMO this proves the conspiracy to defraud.

    Watch the video, read the story. Form your own conclusions.

    What I found interesting:

    – The main “actors” in the video or article are Crump, Brandy (sp) Green, Chad, Sybrina, Tracy Martin, the CBS interviewer, Police Chief Lee, and Ryan Julison. So just 10 days after the shooting the lawyers and PR team are in place.

    – The article does NOT refer to Green by name, but she is referred to as Trayvon’s “stepmother.”

    – Green is in the video, not Sybrina.

    – Chad is referred to as Trayvon Martin’s “brother.”

    – Take a look at the video animation reenactment. I wonder if Julison or Crump had a hand in producing that. We need to investigate who made that animation.

    Here’s a paste of the articles tidbits I found noteworthy:

    Trayvon Martin was shot dead after he took a break from watching NBA All-Star game television coverage to walk 10 minutes to a convenience store to buy snacks including Skittles candy requested by his 13-year-old brother, Chad, the family’s lawyer Ben Crump said.

    Trayvon, who lived in Miami with his mother, had been visiting his father and stepmother in a gated townhome community called The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, 20 miles north of Orlando.

    “What do the police find in his pocket? Skittles,” Crump said. “A can of Arizona ice tea in his jacket pocket and Skittles in his front pocket for his brother Chad.”

    “If the 911 protocol across the country held to form here, they told him not to get involved. He disobeyed that order,” said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for the family.

    “He (Zimmerman) didn’t have to get out of his car,” said Crump, … “If he never gets out of his car, there is no reason for self-defense. Trayvon only has skittles. He has the gun.”

    Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is “the 600 pound elephant in the room.”

    “Why is this kid suspicious in the first place? I think a stereotype must have been placed on the kid,” Crump said.

    If you are inclined you can read the 18,000+ comments.






  8. Donnie B. says:

    Trayvon Martin Witness Believes ‘He Intended for This Kid to Die’



    • 2ntense says:

      Is this witness the woman looking for 15 minutes of fame who keeps changing her story? Now she has 16 minutes.


    • zane says:

      Donnie B., I wonder if this is the same woman whose kid was initially questioned by the police the night of the shooting. The kid told the police that the black guy was beating up the white guy. The next day, the woman totally disputed the kid’s statements of the night before and totally changed the story told by the kid.

      Did someone get to her? She was black, if I am remembering correctly.


      • Jb says:

        What happened was he gave his statement to the police and to the media. She then accused the police of pressuring her. A few days later, the boy (Austin) would be on ‘black talk tv’ and promoted on Youtube as ‘Black’ witness.

        What nobody talked about was, as a minor, he should have had his name protected but the media exposed it instantly (unlike the world famous deed fashionsita). Before you know it, the mother was on tv on MSNBC with Al Sharpton.

        2 + 2 = ?


        • carUHsel says:

          You do realize that if many of your readers from Florida won’t be able to solve your equation or understand what you said in your comment since “nearly half of Florida high school students failed the reading portion of the state’s new toughened standardized test”?


          “the Florida State Board of Education voted to lower the standards needed to pass the writing part of the test, known as FCAT.”

          Hey, the Crumpster might have problems passing the FCAT since he is unable to comprehensibly speak the English language.


      • Donnie B. says:

        Yes, that was my thought also. And she was interviewed on Al Sharptons show. No suprise there.


  9. Rum says:

    It is song lyrics made famous by a 60s band, Credence Clearwater Revival. There is a big chance you were not even born back then.


    • JohnBrown says:

      None of us were born back then. “The Midnight Special” first appears in print in 1905. Bob brings it all back home on his latest album with “If You Ever Go To Houston”

      If you ever go to Houston
      Better walk right
      Keep your hands in your pockets
      And your gun-belt tight
      You’ll be asking for trouble
      If you’re lookin’ for a fight
      If you ever go to Houston
      Boy, you better walk right


  10. Sentenza says:

    Rum, I’ve heard them, and I wasn’t born until the 1980’s.

    This is actually the only really “modern” rock that I like:


  11. Jb says:

    Crump and DeeDee never got their story straight. IIRC, they disagreed on why he wore his hoody. One of them said it was to protect him from the rain (I believe that was Mr Dump) and DeeDee stated it was to hide from him.

    Wrap your brain around that. This entire thing started when Crump was talking about how he went to the store during the halftime of the all star game (nab) and, yet, he gets her interview and they still screw up why he had his hoody. It may have been an early Gutman article that quotes Crump. Maybe this weekend I’ll dig up the different quotes.

    Nobody paid attention to that stuff and it was driving me crazy.


    • Aussie says:

      except that it was not half-time in any game when he went to the store. The tape at the store has him them before 6.30 pm. TM had been sprung a big one… as has Chump and his Chimpette


  12. Sandy says:

    Just came across a video of Nancy Grace program 4/2 in which she interviews TM’s cousin Ronquavis Fulton. She asks him if he knew the “girlfriend” who was speaking to TM on the phone at the time. He said he did not know her but met her at the funeral. I thought the narrative was she was too distraught to attend.


    • Sharon says:

      It was.


    • Aussie says:

      more lies and inconsistencies.

      Ron was in the same gang. The girl is a gangsta’s moll. All her boyfriends are in the same gang… she moves from one to the next…. one gets shot so she finds a new one.

      These people have a lot of friends with the name RIP…. look them up.


  13. jr says:

    wow u people r even more stupid than i assumed. and believe me i assumed u were pretty stupid. first of all crump and dee dee’s “narrative” about why trayvon had his hood on was thier speculation…or opinion. niether of them claimed trayvon told them why he put his hood on so the reason nobody spoke about them saying two different things is because it is irrelevant. the funniest thing about u guys is u actually considers urselves intelligent lol. meanwhile ur discussing arbitrary subjects such as him having weed in his system and actually thinking that ur making a point. nevermind the fact that u people r so slow u dont even realize that the fight between trayvon and zimm… and the details of the fight itself are also arbitrary and irrelevant. all that will matter in the jurys eyes is that a grown man followed….stalked…and then confronteda high school kid….scaring the child to the point that by the time zimm confronted martin…trayvon was already in the primal…”fight or flight” sense of mind.


    • Ad rem says:

      I deleted your first comment due to your foul language. I only let this one through so the folks could see a shining example of the rigid thought process (or lack thereof) many of you on the prosecution side have.


      • You know, Ad rem, I never looked at it like jr, here. I think he’s got it all figured out. And we just don’t see it ’cause we’re stoopid. Traydemark was so skeered that when he saw Zim in the truck, he ran all the way home. No wait, he didn’t go home; he hung around for a long time before the confrontation happened. What was that frightened little rabbit doing all that time, jr? I bet he was just minding his own biddness in the rain. That’s right. Leading that mean ol’ monster all around that neighborhood in a stalking game. Jr is too smart for us.


      • tnwahm says:

        Thank you for your community service Ad rem. Just like we don’t want liberals to ever go completely away because we need current examples of their stupidity. We just need to defeat them.


    • Aussie says:

      you are more stupid than you think… it is because of all that sawdust in the brain cavity. Do you realise how stupid is your comment and analysis… I thought not because sawdust does not allow someone to think straight.

      Crump is a liar and DeeDee is going off a script set up by the Chump and his Chimpette.


    • Aussie says:

      by the way, a 17 year old is a grown man. He is not a scaredy cat child.

      A drugged out 17 year old is highly dangerous… he was not scared. He was confrontational.


    • barnslayer says:

      The above is not a joke! This can happen to your kid in school in your neighborhood. Teachers need your support. This public service announcement is brought to you by the UFT and Dept. of Edumacation.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

      jr …. It is Saturday morning and I am having my morning coffee. I am stepping back and taking in the splendor of your comment. All I can say about your words is that while some of your copy/paste has superficial appeal (from across the room), they breaks down on closer examination (aka when I put on my glasses so things are not a blur).

      In some circles people call your comments “thread crapping.” I tend to be nicer, because I am a pleasant sort, the kind of person whose life is an open book through which anyone may browse. So I would call your comments “litter.” Query: Are the used condoms I see on city curbs classified as litter. Yes! Or so I’ve been told.

      I am going to pour another cup of coffee and wonder: On my front sidewalk which should I clean up first, the litter or dog crap? While others may not like your comments I thank you for reminding me to get to work.


  14. jr says:

    And zimmerman is some sort of hero to u guys? that is absolutely incredible. a grown man who started a fight with a child…..got his ass kicked by a child….and then shot that child dead is ur hero! lol. as a white man i am distgusted to even be a member of the same race as all of u obviously are out of touch old miserable white people


    • Sharon says:

      Do you work for the mainstream media? Your approach of (1) stating a falsehood and then (2) using that falsehood as a reference for your continuing diatribe suggests that you do. If you are “distgusted” to be a white man–I understand you can simply declare you are 1/32nd Cherokee. Then you will considered an Indian minority and honored by all far and near. Just a thought.


    • Aussie says:

      17 year olds are not children. They are very close to being adults….

      Children are like under about 10 years old. TM looked like he was about 20 years old. He was a gangsta.


  15. carUHsel says:

    Currently there are seven stories on DRUDGE related to racial topics/unrest. Google has one story on the senseless rioting in Chicago. This isn’t just coincidental, is it? What the hell is going on, people? I’m just trying to understand. None of this was going on just a few short months ago, now RACE is upfront and constant every day in the news. Bizarre.


    • Sharon says:

      Eric Holder wanted a conversation about race. Unfortunately for him, he forgot that he couldn’t control both sides of the conversation any more. Looks to me like the Head Arsonist has a really big fire on his hands which he is legally responsible for putting out. Mr. Holder’s chickens are coming home to roost. His plan. His game. His disaster. The nation pays. (That was part of the plan, too.)


  16. jr says:

    He was a gangsta! woooow u people are absolutely hopeless. u complain about the msm lying about the trayvon incident…..yet the pics that most of u r referring to with trayvon having a gold grill and giving the middle finger are fake pictures that fox news obtained through the white supremecist site stormfront! they blatantly lied! and plz xplain how trayvon was a gangsta lol id really love to hear ur explanations for such outright blatant racism


  17. jr says:

    O… n another favorite of mine…..a drugged out 17 yr old?! drugged out! really? u do realize more white suburban teenagers smoke weed than any other demographic…..the 2nd beinng white college students…..dont u? if u dont know that u should not even be making comments u should be educating urself as to what is actually happening in the real world! and trayvon was a child! i dont care if he was 7 feet tall he was under 18 yrs old! and trayvon wasnt scared when he walked by zimm in his truck…he got scared when zimm began to follow him in said truck and then chase him down on foot!


    • Angel says:

      I beg to differ. I have met many so-called children l who had the mindset that would and should not be typical of a child in my line of work. You are a child if that is how you act, not because of a number.


    • Angel says:

      many youth under the age of 14 have committed horrendous crimes in our society or we would not have juveniles that are filled to the overflowing or laws that started holding youth accountable for their horrendous crimes against society. Black teenagers killed another teenager at a party in my neck of the woods that made the news and it was horrific yet they were children!!! I don’t think Trayvon was scared as it is being claimed because it is not the mindset (typically) of a black male to run from anybody or they are called punks, to say so politely. That is all.


    • Angel says:


      Jr. Read this and see what children are capable of doing.


    • Jasper says:

      what if trayvon was 19 or 21 would it change anything Jr.?


    • Jello333 says:

      Ok, what Trayvon did on other days isn’t important IMO. If he liked to smoke and get high… fine. But IF he was high during this confrontation, it very much is relevant. It could go to why George thought he was acting weird, and it could go to Trayvon’s judgement (or lack thereof). But you really need to quit with the “child” stuff. That’s actually insulting to ALL older teens. And especially one as big and apparently “world wise” as Trayvon.

      One more thing. You said, “trayvon wasnt scared when he walked by zimm in his truck…he got scared when zimm began to follow him in said truck and then chase him down on foot!”

      Seriously? I guess you’re another of the long line of people who just refuse to listen to the tape and look at the map. There’s good evidence that Trayvon did not just “walk by” the truck…. he actually circled the truck, likely in an intimidating manner. And he then slowly walked away from the truck, down the sidewalk to the north of the first building. It was only THEN that he started to run, and it was only THEN that Zimmerman got out of his truck. If you want more details, just let me know.


  18. jr says:

    Also…i love how ur all obsessed with every detail of trayvons life…his family members…frfiends…yet none of u seem to be concerned with the fact that zimm has an assault and battery on a police officer! and an assault and battery domestic! meanwhile trayvon had absolutely no record at all! u people sicken me


  19. jr says:

    And another thing! all of u keep refering to trayvon as ……trademark….because his parents trademarked his name. i find this the most disturbing of all. first of all….it is not at all uncommon for the family of a victim or deceased member of thier family trademark thier name so that other entities cant make money off of them….i.e. the pieces of hot garbage that made shooting targets that are clearly meant to represent trayvon martin. which….by the way…. is another thing that none of u seem to be concerned about. atleast the nazis had the backbone to admit how they felt and what thier agenda was. u people try to deny ur racist yet couldnt be anymore racist if u tried. its absolutely pathetic


  20. jr says:

    O and mr moderator…..plz explain why u delete my comment do to foul language… but allow ausiie to refer to an african american woman as a chimpette…….gee no bias there lol. and i thought old people were supposed to be full of wisdom. seems to me ur all full of hate


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