Is ABC’s Matt Gutman In Collusion With Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump?

It sure smells like it…..

The March 19th “ABC exclusive” expose’ story regarding the phone records found by Tracy Martin, and subsequently the mysteriously scripted “DeeDee” phone call/non-interview talking points, which aired on ABC News appears to have been staged, contrived and made up by Trayvon Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump.   Willfully and intentionally sold without question by ABC reporter Matt Gutman.

Trayvon’s phone logs, also obtained exclusively by ABC News, show the conversation occurred five minutes before police first arrived on the scene. Crump said the girl’s identity was being withheld because “her parents are gravely concerned about her health and her safety.” Her parents asked that only an attorney be allowed to ask her questions.

Martin’s father, Tracey Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, listened to the call, along with ABC News Matt Gutman.  (article)

ABC has been the benefactor of multiple exclusives throughout the Trayvon Martin shooting case against George Zimmerman.   They were the first outlet to release the footage of George Zimmerman being brought into the police station the night of 2/26; and it was ABC’s intended narrative to portray the footage as NOT showing injuries to Zimmerman’s head.

We documented from that footage about it being stolen footage actually video from a smart phone of the CCTV monitors within the police station.  The media firestorm over that footage was all aimed at discrediting George Zimmerman.

Go look at it again.   This footage is video of a video.  Meaning that surveillance camera used in the police station does not move.  Yet the video is moving and shadowing the police and Zimmerman.

This is footage taken on an i-phone by someone recording the screen at a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) panel monitor and feed.   You can tell in a few segments of the video that show the exterior frame of the monitor being filmed.  

Again, CCTV surveillance video cameras like this do not move.  They’re stationary fixed recording cameras.    This is a video shot of a monitor showing the CCTV digital video playback.

Why does this matter.?

Well first this proves this video was not released by the police department.  Nor was it leaked by the police department or it would have been footage from the actual digital recording.  They would not release footage from recording a monitor showing the footage, they would just copy the recorded image on DVD and present.

This is stolen and intentionally leaked “unauthorized” video footage from someone recording it from a monitor inside the Police Department.  Either by an employee of the police dept., or by a journalist who convinced an employee within the police dept to film it.

Almost simultaneous to this video footage release, ABC News had exclusive coverage of the released 911 calls,  and exclusive coverage of the Benjamin Crump phone interview with DeeDeeThe phone interview with “DeeDee” supposedly took place on Monday night March 19th.

The following report was released by ABC on the same day as the press conference to outline the new strategy and narrative from Trayvon Family Attorneys and Media Team:

[…] ABC News was there exclusively as the 16-year-old girl told Crump about the last moments of the teenager’s life. Martin had been talking to his girlfriend all the way to the store where he bought Skittles and a tea. The phone was in his pocket and the earphone in his ear, Crump said.

“He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” Martin’s friend said. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run, but he said he was not going to run.”

Eventually, he would run, said the girl, thinking that he’d managed to escape. But suddenly the strange man was back, cornering Martin.

“Trayvon said, ‘What are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again, and he didn’t answer the phone.”

The line went dead. Besides screams heard on 911 calls that night as Martin and Zimmerman scuffled, those were the last words he said.

Trayvon’s phone logs, also obtained exclusively by ABC News, show the conversation occurred five minutes before police first arrived on the scene. Crump said the girl’s identity was being withheld because “her parents are gravely concerned about her health and her safety.” Her parents asked that only an attorney be allowed to ask her questions.

Martin’s father, Tracey Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, listened to the call, along with ABC News, ashen-faced.

“He knew he was being followed and tried to get away from the guy, and the guy still caught up with him,” Tracey Martin said. “And that’s the most disturbing part. He thought he had got away from the guy, and the guy backtracked for him.”

The girl was  so distraught after the killing that she spent a night in the hospital, the lawyer said.  (read more)

Her parents required that only Trayvon Family Attorney “Benjamin Crump” be allowed to ask her questions.


It would appear these are doctored call logs willfully sold as factual evidence by Matt Gutman at ABC News.   In addition when you remove the call logs from the Benjamin Crump storyline for Trayvon you realize the “DeeDee” storyline is fabricated.

Call logs found/created Sunday March 18th,  phone call with DeeDee Monday March 19th,  Press Conference Tuesday March 20th.

The call logs are the cornerstone for the “created media evidence” being sold by Team Skittles.   Once you remove them, the entire construct for their framing of events collapses.


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34 Responses to Is ABC’s Matt Gutman In Collusion With Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump?

  1. sybilj says:

    CNN – Monday, April 2, 2012

    GRACE: All right, Matt Gutman is with us, ABC News correspondent.

    You’re now seeing good shots of the enhanced video. CNN is stating it appears there are gashes to the back of the head. But I’m going to go to you, Gutman, ABC News correspondent, who’s been on the scene from the get- go. What are you seeing in the enhanced video? You don’t really see it right there mostly because we have writing over the back of his head. But when he walks away from– there you go. Good thinking.

    Let’s look at the back of his head. Now, we’re slowing it down, Matt. Hold on. Let’s see what we can really see here. Look at the back of Zimmerman’s head. Notice on the highlighted section of what appears to be on the back of his head.

    OK, Matt Gutman , let’s hear your take. Repeat to me what you’re seeing on the back of the head because I know this is enhanced, but I’m not really seeing a lot more than I saw before. I see a mark back there, but I can’t really tell anything from that mark.

    GUTMAN: Well, from before, we couldn’t see anything. His head just looked like a blob. You could tell that he basically shaved his head. He was close-shaven in his face, took, had perhaps a light beard.

    Now we’re able to pick up a tremendous amount of detail. And again, when we talk about enhancement, this is basically a cleaned-up image. What we received from the Sanford Police Department was an encrypted 600 megabyte file of their surveillance video from that night. It took a tremendous amount of time, Nancy, to break it down and then rebuild it back together.

    And so what you’re seeing is a cleaned-up, sharpened version of that. And I pretty clearly saw what other people claimed that they saw earlier, which are either gashes or red welts.


    Back to you, Matt Gutman , ABC News correspondent. How did the video get enhanced, number one? How did this happen?

    GUTMAN: We sent it to a company called Forensic Protection–

    GRACE: Who is we?

    GUTMAN: This is what they do– ABC News. I did.


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  3. sybilj says:

    MSNBC – Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    O`DONNELL: Matt, you`ve done extraordinary reporting on this. Not
    just tonight but leading up to this. It`s fascinating to me what`s going
    on here institutionally between the police department and the state`s
    attorney office that made the call that night to not go ahead and
    prosecute, according to the other leaks that are coming out, and it seems
    as if what might be happening here now — is it your sense that some of
    what is happening here is the Sanford Police Department has had enough of
    being criticized about not going forward with charges here, and this
    actually — this video, helps focus attention on the decision that the
    state attorney made after the police actually recommended a prosecution?

    GUTMAN: It seems so. It was rather, you know, simple to obtain.
    All they have to do is ask for it and wait a couple of days. The police
    were quite helpful. The police
    were quite helpful. So, I think the sentiment that perhaps they want to
    get rid of this story and show they did do their due diligence. There were
    significant steps involved in the case as well.

    Apparently, he was never given — Zimmerman was never given a
    toxicology exam. They didn`t interview witnesses, like the people we spoke
    to today, including Trayvon`s girlfriend who was on the phone with him just
    seconds before he was shot. Those people were never spoken to.

    But, clearly, there was some disconnect between the police department
    and the prosecutors. We have the source that was telling us that it`s
    simply impossible to get charges on anyone unless the state attorney
    figured that he had a slam dunk case, and that was clearly what happened


  4. ytz4mee says:

    Of course Guttman has been involved in this since the beginning. All you had to do was read his twitter feed to see how he feels about this case. He is a DWL all down the line.

    The question is, what are we going to do about his duplicity? Why is Guttman still employed? Even Dan Rather, when caught fabricating the “National Guard” bogus story in an effort to discredit Bush, was booted. DAN RATHER. Not to mention Susan Roesgren, who mocked the Tea Party at a rally in Chicago. Jayson Blair got booted from NYT and he was a most-status favored Negro working at the ultra-lib paper of “record”.

    Again…. are we going to stand for this, or embarrass ABC into acknowleging they continue to employ a shameless shill? Do you think the Left would be quietly accepting this if the roles were reversed?

    We are on own worst enemies.


    • GracieD says:

      Yatz, I agree with you. I Tweeted ABC the link to this story, and said somebody’s got some splainin to do!


    • sybilj says:!/mattgutmanabc

      Matt Gutman ‏ @mattgutmanABC

      Sanford FL neighborhood watch captain who shot 17 yr old teen bc he was black, wore hoodie walking slowly, likely not 2 be arrested.#Trayvon

      7:06 AM – 13 Mar 12 via web ·


      • tara says:

        He wrote “bc”??????? What an ass!!!

        I was just looking at another tweet of Matt’s, he wrote “Kudos to @piersmorgan for getting George Zimmerman’s brother on his show. FINALLY a family member speaks. What took so long??” as if family members of a possible defendant, one whose life was threatened, are expected to speak to the press.


        • chinchilla says:

          Now we can add a personal lawsuit against Gutman to the list, in addition to his employer. It’s adding up fast.


  5. CTDAR says:

    Hi all- found this site from another one.
    Thanks for all you are doing in putting this story and others into perspective.


  6. griz1234 says:

    They are doubling down on the lies because they see no downside. And to some degree, they’re right.

    It’s not like anyone that paid any attention during the 2008 election considers the “mainstream” media as anything other than blatant propagandists for the Democratic Party.

    Even if the “reporters” are forced to resign, it’s certain they’ll be able to find a better job in some leftist organization… It’s not like journalism pays well, anyway. Going to work for some SuperPAC or being taken in by some Soros front group is likely to be a step up, not down. And since leftists feel that any action, no matter how despicable, is justified for the “greater good”… Not even a downside in the form of embarrassment or shame is to be suffered.

    And you are certainly right in how the Left would react if the tables were reversed. Nothing howls louder than a liberal when their tactics are used against them. It’s not fair! Dirty tricks, lies, and “politics of personal destruction” are only OK when the self-anointed chosen ones employ them.

    We are only our own worst enemies as long as we play by their rules.


  7. griz1234 says:

    I hope that FoxNews, Breitbart, etc. are being sent copies of the information that’s been dug up about DeeDee and her amazing ability to twitter mindlessly while hospitalized for overwhelming psychological distress and grief for her boyfriend who wasn’t her boyfriend.


    • minpin says:

      griz- Did you by chance watch the Fox coverage of the bond hearing on Friday. They had the screen split between the courtroom, and the very young pictures of Martin displayed on the right.


      • griz1234 says:

        Yeah, I’m beginning to become concerned that some of the reports regarding Soros money and such is beginning to contaminate FoxNews.

        That said, I seldom watch any TV, even FoxNews. I’d rather get my news in “printed form”, and now that I can escape the hideous bias of the dead tree media I find I’m impatient with even accurate TV news reporting.


  8. marie says:

    Take it from me, Fox has simply been using the work of other networks on this one. Their reporting has been the worst (except for MSNBC).


  9. tara says:

    This is unreal. I’m looking through Gutman’s tweets and I spotted this communication he had with another person:


    Gutman actually thought, and confirmed via tweeting, that Zimmerman had been at the 7-11? He wrote this garbage on Mar 29.

    I pray Geroge Zimmerman can sue for libel/slander.


  10. ZurichMike says:

    Ever since Watergate, all “journalists” are trying to be the next Carl Bernstein / Bob Woodward.


    • texan59 says:

      Remember, the only reason they became who they are is because they went after Nixon – a supposed Republican. All of Clinton’s shenanigans were well-kept secrets for the most part until he had already been impeached.


      • ZurichMike says:

        A high school friend of mine became a journalist in this mold: “gotcha” and “aren’t I clever?”. It’s disgraceful and it shows in her inability to reason. Truly, “cognitive codependency” is the mental illness of leftists.


  11. Ken says:

    Please try to obtain the rest of the footage from the SPD that night. GZ collapses in the hallway right before Gutman stops the video. He is team Crump for sure


  12. libarbarian says:

    So, you’re saying that DeeDee talked to Trayvon 3 hours after he was killed?


    • Nope> Saying that these records aren’t proven to be TRayvons.. The records indicate that 4 lines are attached and the records have been doctored as evidenced by the placement of the calls in question in 2 places,


      • Peter Warner says:

        Deborah, if you are the author of the post above, or if ‘sundancecracker’ is someone else, please understand that the post is very unclear. What is the allegation? If something appears to be fabricated, what is it exactly that looks fabricated, and why? None of this is explained within the post, there are assumptions of reader’s knowledge that the writer is making, repeatedly. Honestly, the post seems disjointed and entirely vague.

        Best regards, Peter Warner.


  13. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    If I was O’Mara I would subpoena and depose the parents, lawyers and PR people and ask what each of them did, or who they know to have done so, to

    “Scrub,” delete, remove, sanitize, wipe out, erase, or disguise (I’ll just call it “deleting”) any web page or elements that Trayvon uploaded, maintained, used, viewed, bookmarked, managed, or edited.

    Who knows, maybe these people will grab headlines by taking the 5th, because any good lawyer would advise them that destroying or removing evidence in a homicide case and in an attempt to influence a criminal investigation or civil lawsuit is considered Obstruction of Justice.

    And all this evidence that they destroyed could also constitute civil and criminal conspiracy.

    Many of you may not know it, but when you think there might be litigation in a civil or criminal case, the law does NOT allow you to set about destroying, modifying, hiding, or remove digital evidence. You are also not allowed to mislead investigators or prosecutors (such as lie to Corey so she will charge Zimmerman).

    I am very curious who did what in regards to deleting the evidence many of us have. The pics, the tweets, the postings, and even closing some accounts, while leaving others up AFTER they “sanitized” the pages to convey to the public that, for example, “these were Trayvon’s pages, that the racists have accused of being unseemly.”

    When you do that kind of “PR” (projecting an image, then getting rid of files) then manipulate the narrative, lie to the public, and get the media to go along, those actions constitute the elements of federal and state civil and criminal conspiracy, to commit fraud, extortion, and other money-making schemes..

    THESE ARE SERIOUS MATTERS THAT NEED TO BE LOOKED INTO. Remember the old saying (I never have): The best defense is an aggressive offense.

    Zimmerman has to quit taking punches and start nailing these people for what they have done.


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