Update: Trayvon Martin – The Latest

A soup to nuts deconstruction of the lies and obfuscations by the media in the Trayvon Martin case. Along with what verified fact based information we can gather.

What a difference a week makes.

Throughout the past week more new facts surrounding Trayvon Martin have been discovered thanks to the New Media doing the work the Institutional Lame Stream Legacy Media intentionally refuses to do. Simultaneously we discover how many lies and falsehoods are continuing.  Yesterday’s updates include:

In short. This is perhaps the biggest national racial event since Rodney King. It is also shaping up to be the biggest media driven false public story since Richard Jewell. It’s in the process of becoming a watershed event; And, as more facts surface, it continues to look almost entirely fake. It’s a tempest in a tea-cup.

The whole thing is an institutionally media-generated racialist/socialist psycho-political agitator’s dream come true.

Today we will update and continue to outline and contrast the false narrative sold by the Legacy media types, TV, Print and Radio including: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, Associated Press, Reuters Media, USA Today, New York Times and other like-minded affiliates.

For the sake of these continuing posts we are going to focus entirely on Trayvon Martin and not the infinite various nuances and side stories spinning out of the false narrative. I apologize for the length, but accuracy matters and context is needed.

SUMMARY of Content: In summary we now know that Trayvon Martin was not the innocent 17-year-old (junior year) High School kid portrayed by the media as: a football player, a volunteer mentor, a math loving student, and loving respectful child, who was serving a five day ten day suspension for tardiness. This was, and is, a complete fabrication. The truth is divergent in the extreme.

But that picture of an innocent child was exactly what the media wanted to sell, because it fit their chosen narrative.

The media even doctored photographs to make Trayvon look more child like.

It is also what the professional race-baiting Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, New Black Panther party wanted to portray; and it should be mentioned at the time of this writing they are still bitterly clinging to it. But losing grip rapidly.

Real photo                                   Doctored By Media Photo

When the truth is being presented, one does not have to work so hard to control, portray, obfuscate and spin. The media have been working very hard because the media has not been presenting ‘the truth’.

But now, against the shere weight of the truth-telling, research, and presentation of facts by the New Media, the Legacy media is beginning to backtrack. Their false construction is crumbling around them.

However, we are not going to let them just skulk back into the shadows. They, the media, created this mess – and make no mistake, this is a huge mistake – and now they are going to be forced to own it. All of it.

We will not allow the media to turn George Zimmerman into Richard Jewell. Not this time. This time we push back. Truth is on our side.

False – The media initially reported that Trayvon was suspended from school for five days because he was tardy. That narrative soon changed to the more truthful ten days. However, they missed the reasoning and a little research revealed much more.

Truth – We now know that Trayvon Martin was suspended from school THREE times in this school year. We do not know the details of the first suspension. But Trayvon Martin was suspended the second time from school in October 2011 for an incident in which he was found in possession of stolen women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that a schools security staffer described as a “burglary tool,” The Miami Herald has learned.

According to the report, on Oct. 21 staffers monitoring a security camera at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School spotted Trayvon and two other students writing “W.T.F.,” an acronym for “What the f—,” on a hallway locker, according to schools police. The security employee, who knew Trayvon, confronted the teen and looked through his bag for the graffiti marker.

Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described the screwdriver as a burglary tool.

“Martin was suspended, warned and dismissed for the graffiti,” according to the report prepared by Miami-Dade Schools Police.

Then in February 2012 that second suspension was followed four months later by another one, in which Trayvon was caught with an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it AND a pipe. A schools police report obtained by The Miami Herald specifies two items: a bag with marijuana residue and a “marijuana pipe.”Trayvon was again suspended. This time for ten days.

You can read much more about Trayvon’s drug involvement at Wagist. Click HERE

The Martin family and attorneys et al are furious about the release of background school information to ABC news. Because one of their lawyers, Ben Crump, had filed an injunction to “seal” Trayvon’s school and criminal records earlier this month as soon as he was retained.

The parents argue the background information on Trayvon is irrelevant, yet simultaneously proclaim the background information on George Zimmerman is vital. A tenuous position at best because one of the points of contention is the behavior of both during their encounter.

False – Trayvon was a respectful peer and role model mentor.

Truth – Trayvon left a trail of communication from his twitter account that is retrievable via google cache. His screen name was “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” and his words speak for themselves. You can read 152 pages of his twitter communication at DAILY CALLER.

However – Warning, explicit language.

The Daily Caller has identified a second Twitter handle that was used by the late Trayvon Martin during the last weeks of 2011. Tweeting in December under the name “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” Martin sent a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

There are also concerning discussions within the twitter communication from Trayvon’s friends about his violent encounter with a School Bus Driver. In the conversation Trayvon is discussing having punched the bus driver in the face.

A reasonable person would think the media would be interested in this aspect. Alas, once again the media shows they only report on that which affirms their pre-scripted narrative. Someone tell Anderson Cooper that it shouldn’t be hard to find that bus driver….. wait, nevermind.

Tattoo on back of Trayvon Martin's neck from Twitter Account. His mom's name is Sybrina

Another picture of Trayvon’s right arm tattoo and physique:

Trayvon Martin's parents. Tracy Martin (Dad) left and Sabrina Fulton (Mom) center. Attorney Benjamin Crump (background)

Financial Opportunism

Trayvons mother also applied for Trademarks on his name last week.

Sabrina Fulton (Trayvon’s Mom) is seeking Trademarks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In both instances, Fulton is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

The March 21 USPTO applications, each of which cost $325, were filed by an Orlando, Florida law firm representing Fulton.

Odd no? How many “grieving parents do you know that would be concerned with “Trademarking” their dead child’s name? And why?

But then again, the Trayvon “Brand” would be more marketable and valuable if the constructed image of the innocent child victim could continue.

Alas, now it becomes clear, why all of those people who stand to profit from the death of Trayvon, consider any fact based, or truthful, information too risky to the Trayvon brand.

This also explains why Sabrina Fulton (Mom) and Tracy Martin (Dad) hired an attorney named Benjamin Crump. The very first action that Crump took upon retention was to file an injunction to “seal” Trayvon’s school and criminal records. Thereby trying to hide the troubling background.

Benjamin Crump - Attorney for Trayvon's parents

Discovery of Trayvon’s background presented a risk. Not just a risk of character assassination toward their son per se, but a risk to the “brand image” being created. A financial risk. In addition, various Black organizations have invested themselves in the outcome of this case.  Controlling the “image narrative” is a key component to their continuing ability capitalize.   

All Lawyered Up..

One of the key aspects of this fiasco to keep in mind is the “inability” of George Zimmerman to publicly defend himself or tell his story. Yet the family of Trayvon Martin, and their supporters, can talk 24/7 to every media outlet and personality.

It seems every day a new legal representative face appears in the media, or even on Capitol Hill as an attorney for Tracy Martin (Dad) or Sabrina Fulton (Mom). A partial list of their known lawyers are:

      1. Benjamin Crump Esq. (Family/Natl Media)
      2. Daryl D Parks Esq. (Family/Natl Media/Gov’t Relations)
      3. Ms. Jasmine Rand Esq. (Natl Media/Public Relations)
      4. Ms. Areva Martin Esq. (Family/Natl Media)
      5. Ms. Kimra Major-Morris Esq. (Financial/Family/Media)

This composes only a partial list of the National legal team hired by Trayvon’s family. Compared to Crump, Parks, Rand, Martin and Major-Morris, George Zimmerman is at a significant narrative disadvantage. And this doesn’t include the Florida States Attorney General’s office “Angela Corey”, from the Jacksonville Division, who is conducting the investigation with her 65+ person support team of prosecutors and investigators. Indeed, A flea looking into a furnace.

Also he cannot share his side of the story for two more reasons:

First, because he is literally under threat of bodily harm and injury. The New Black Panther party has placed a MILLION DOLLAR bounty on his head, “Wanted Dead or Alive”, and tens of thousands of people are rallying daily with the Black Panthers and professional race-baiters.

Even Spike Lee tweeted the address of Zimmerman’s home to his 248,000 followers. Fortunately for Zimmerman Spike Lee sent out the wrong address. However, profoundly unfortunate for the 70-year-old couple living there now housebound with around the clock security. 😦

Secondly, if Zimmerman was to speak now every word, nuance, phrase and intonation would be scrutinized by not only the media, but by law enforcement who are under extreme pressure to arrest Zimmerman, with or without legal merit. He has been advised to keep quiet. He cannot talk without a ridiculous amount of risk.


Another fabrication the media allows to continue without correction surrounds a prior 2005 arrest (non-conviction) of George Zimmerman. The media and talking heads have repeated this mantra long enough to embed it in the psyche of almost every reader/listener. They frame the arrest as a battery charge against a police officer.

But whoa… wait a minute. Arrest with NON-Conviction. Huh? Well the details are more nuanced and they prefer you not to know the full story because the headline fits their narrative, the content doesn’t.

In 2005 Zimmerman was in a bar having a drink with a friend. Unbeknownst to them an undercover sting operation was going on inside the bar with police officers posing as patrons to catch bar operators selling alcohol to minors.

An altercation between one of the undercover (regular clothes) officers and a friend of Zimmerman took place. Zimmerman thought his buddy was about to be in a bar fight so he interjected and shoved the guy away from his friend. The guy was part of the sting. Out of spite for the shove, and potentially frustration for no minor alcohol sales, they arrested Zimmerman and his pal.

One media outlet did report truthfully. ONLY ONE.

In 2005, Zimmerman was charged with resisting arrest with violence. State alcohol agents said Zimmerman pushed them while they were arresting a friend of his during an underage drinking operation at a bar. Zimmerman avoided a conviction by going into a pretrial program that is offered to people with no prior arrests.


Now some facts to deconstruct the left-wing media bias.

On Feb. 26, when Zimmerman first spotted Trayvon, he called police and reported a suspicious person. He called the non-emergency phone number not 911. He was taught to call this number by police as part of the Neighborhood Watch program. He was asked by the police operator a question about describing the person.   The operator specifically asked “is he black, white, or Hispanic”  Zimmerman described Trayvon as a black male, wearing a grey or dark hoodie, acting strangely and perhaps on drugs.  

Initial reports reflected that Zimmerman was fulfilling his shift on the neighborhood watch patrol. However, according to his brother Robert, George was not “patrolling”, George was driving to Target to go shopping when he noticed Trayvon acting suspiciously. 

Zimmerman was Captain of the Neighborhood watch program because the Home Owners Association voted him as such. In this gated community there were eight burglaries, nine thefts, and a shooting just in the past year.

In fact, the local homeowners’ association reports that George Zimmerman actually caught one thief and aided in the apprehension of other criminals. The Miami Herald wrote about this on March 17th. None of the thousands of articles and cable news segments that came after, thought this was important.

In fact the Miami Herald goes on to interview neighbor, Ibrahim Rashada, who is black. Rashada confirms that there has been a lot of crime in the neighborhood and indicates to the reporter that the perpetrators are usually black.

One of the commonly repeated media narratives is of George Zimmerman being a vigilante type personality. Nothing could be further from the truth as outlined in this report from an investigative piece done by The Philadelphia Enquirer, and intentionally ignored by all other National Media Outlets:

[…] people are wondering if the 28-year-old Zimmerman is an earnest if somewhat zealous young man who was just looking out for his neighborhood, or a wannabe cop who tried to take justice into his own hands.

Attorneys for Martin’s parents say Zimmerman is a “loose cannon.”

“He’s a wannabe police officer,” lawyer Benjamin Crump said. “Why did he have a gun?”

But some neighbors welcomed his vigilance, at least before the shooting.

Samantha Leigh Hamilton, an auto-dealership employee who has lived on Zimmerman’s street for about a year, said that she once left her garage door up and Zimmerman noticed it while out walking his dog. He notified another neighbor, who let Hamilton know.

“The only impression I have of George Zimmerman is a good one,” Hamilton said Wednesday.

Hamilton said another neighbor, a black woman, would regularly inform Zimmerman when she was out-of-town so that he could keep an eye on her place. Hamilton said that when she moved into the middle-class, racially mixed community of about 250 identical townhouses, the black neighbor told her, “Hey, if you need anything, you picked a really good area, since George is part of our neighborhood watch.”

Zimmerman, who was captain of the neighborhood watch and licensed to carry a gun, made 46 calls to police since 2004, according to department records.

Hamilton said there had been several break-ins in the past year, including one three doors away in which burglars took a TV and laptops.

“When I hear about him calling the police constantly, it kind of makes sense to me because we had so many break-ins recently,” she said.

The homeowners association’s February newsletter said that Sanford police had beefed up patrols in the neighborhood and that officers on bicycles were making random checks of front yards and backyards. It was not clear how big the neighborhood watch was, but Zimmerman was the dominant force.

If you’ve been the victim of a crime within the community, after calling the police, please contact our captain, George Zimmerman … so we can be aware and help address the issue with other residents,” the newsletter said. It added that the neighborhood watch group was looking for more participants at its monthly meetings.

Zimmerman moved with his parents from Manassas, Va., to Florida about a decade ago. He lived with his parents in nearby Lake Mary for several years before moving to the Retreat at Twin Lakes, records show. He lives in the gated community with his wife, Shellie, a licensed cosmetologist, but is now in hiding because of death threats. (read more)

George Zimmerman would not know Trayvon Martin because Trayvon was visiting, staying with his Dad’s girlfriend in the Orlando sub-division. Both the Dad and the girlfriend were not supervising Trayvon at the time. Neither adult were home.

Much controversy has been “created” by the media about the fact Zimmerman was “following” Trayvon, as if that represented some form of unusual behavior.

 Zimmerman was driving to Target when he noticed Trayvon outside the community clubhouse.  Being as he is captain of the Neighborhood watch patrol, of course he’s gonna follow the suspicious person. That’s what concerned citizens do. See something suspicious – Say something to police – and Keep watch. DUH?

This point is not in contention by either Zimmerman, his attorney, or the other side. It is a manufactured talking point of the race-baiters. AND it is being promoted by an agenda driven biased media.

While on the phone with police George Zimmerman stopped the car and got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.

When a dispatch employee asked Zimmerman if he was following the 17-year-old, Zimmerman said yes. The dispatcher told Zimmerman he “did not need to do that”. Zimmerman replied “OK”, and immediately turned back toward his SUV.

There is an exceptional breakdown of the timeline including maps of the complex available at WagistEvidence that Trayvon Martin Doubled Back“.  I highly recommend readers visit the analysis including a timeline, maps, and phone records which substantiate Zimmerman’s account of losing sight of Trayvon, and being confronted while en-route back to his vehicle.

  • 0:15 – The best address I can give you is the clubhouse. [A]
  • 0:45 – He’s just staring at the houses.  Now he’s staring at me.
  • 1:00 – He’s coming towards me.
  • 1:20 – He’s coming to check me out.
  • 2:08 – Shit, he’s running.
  • 2:14 – Sound of truck door being closed. [C]
  • 2:20 – He’s heading towards the back entrance. [referring to E]
  • 2:25 – Are you following him?  Yep.
  • 2:45 – He ran… Zimmerman stops and completes the 911 call. [E]
  • 3:05 – Call ends.

Visit the entire construction at Wagist

Much false controversy has been made about the police dispatcher instructing Zimmerman not to follow the person (Trayvon), but it really is a moot point. It is standard protocol for all operators to say “do not engage”  or in this case “we don’t need you to do that”, because they are trained to avoid liability by police departments fearful of being sued.  As soon as the police dispatcher told him not to follow, he stopped, turned around and attempted to walk back to his vehicle.

There is about a one-minute gap during which police say they’re not sure what happened next.

According to the police report George Zimmerman told them he lost sight of Trayvon and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from the left rear, and they exchanged words.

Trayvon asked Zimmerman if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, he told police. Trayvon then said, “Well, you do now” or something similar and punched Zimmerman in the nose, according to the account he gave police. His nose was broken and bleeding when police arrived.

Zimmerman fell to the ground and Trayvon got on top of him and began slamming his head into the sidewalk, he told police.

An independent witness from the next house [G-above] gave the same descriptive to police of Trayvon on top of Zimmerman punching him and pulling his head up and down slamming it into the sidewalk.

Zimmerman began yelling for help.

Several witnesses heard those cries, and there has been a dispute about whether they came from Zimmerman or Trayvon. Lawyers for Trayvon’s family say it was Trayvon, but police say their evidence indicates it was actually Zimmerman requesting help.

One witness, named John, who has since talked to local television news reporters, told police he saw Zimmerman on the ground with Trayvon on top, “pounding him” — and was unequivocal that it was Zimmerman who was crying for help. He described with specificity what both people were wearing and their exact body positioning.

At this point it becomes imperative to point out one of the most blatant media lies. George Zimmerman’s weight.

The media continues to report that George Zimmerman outweighed Trayvon Martin by 100 lbs. You see that report and justification for the impossibility of physical assault everywhere. It is factually wrong.

How did the false reporting start? A reporter researched a prior 2005 arrest report for George Zimmerman which placed his weight at 248 lbs. So that was what they reported as his 2012 weight. 248 lbs.

In actuality he weighs 170 lbs. Yeah, he lost weight in those 7 years.

No-one, not one reporter or TV talking head bothered to check. The 100/lb weight disparity fit the narrative, so they ran with it. Even now with the facts clearly available the media continues to sell the same lie.

So let’s get this straight once and for all, at least here in the world of factual reality:

George Zimmerman 2005 5′ 8″ @248 lbs

George Zimmerman 2012 5′ 8″ @170 lbs

  • George Zimmerman is 5 foot 8 inches 170 lbs
  • Trayvon Martin was between 6 foot even and 6 foot 3 inches (per mom) 160 lbs (according to police report)


According to Robert Zimmerman, and the statements that Zimmerman gave during his 5 hour police interrogation.   During the scuffle on the ground Trayvon noticed the gun at Zimmerman’s waist.   Both Zimmerman and Trayvon began trying to get his handgun out of his belt. Trayvon attempted to get the gun away from Zimmerman. Zimmerman then shot Trayvon once in the chest at very close range, according to authorities.

The impact of the shot thrust Trayvon upward, backward, and partially spun him around to land on his stomach.

The handgun was a Kel-Tec PF9 semiautomatic 9mm pistol. The police took immediate custody of the weapon when they arrived on scene. The gun was recovered with a full magazine and only the chambered round had been fired.

This is a condition associated with something preventing the gun from cycling a fresh round from the magazine into the chamber after the shot was discharged. One thing that can cause this condition is another man’s hand wrapped around the pistol, retarding its slide mechanism.

This would indicate, as the coroner’s office affirmed, that specific gunshot residue patterns and cuts were present in certain places on Trayvon Martin’s hand(s), and that a struggle for a gun was taking place when the fatal shot was fired.

When police arrived less than two minutes later, Zimmerman was bleeding from the broken nose, had a swollen lip, had bloody lacerations on the back of his head and grass located on his back.

Zimmerman was processed as a potential criminal suspect and placed handcuffed in the rear of the second arriving patrol car. Paramedics from the Fire Dept. gave him first aid in the vehicle upon arrival but he said he did not need to go to the hospital. He got medical care the next day.

He was held in the vehicle while preliminary investigation took place and the crime scene was initially processed. The police retained custody of the handgun.

George Zimmerman was transported to the police department where he was questioned, recorded, and processed. The police questioned Zimmerman for five hours at police headquarters without an attorney present, apparently Zimmerman felt he had nothing to hide. The police report noted Zimmerman was “bleeding from the nose and the back of the head.”

There are conflicting reports on what toxological evidence was retrieved from Zimmerman. CBS reports none were done. However, that CBS article appears flawed in that regard. A Police Dept. spokesperson told local Orlando media a full toxicology analysis was completed including, blood tests, breathalyzer and the police took residue and swab samples of his hands, arms and body.

In addition the police took custody of his clothing for further evidence processing.

George Zimmerman was fully cooperative with investigators both on the scene and at the police department. He was noticeably shaken and distressed, but fully cooperated with all questions and gave both written and recorded statements for over five hours.

Zimmerman’s statements were compared against witness statements, and against the recorded phone calls including a timeline analysis. In addition, his statements were compared against the physical evidence at the scene. The following day, detectives reenacted the shooting with Zimmerman at the scene.

After intensive questioning, George Zimmerman was released from custody pending further investigation. The police retained custody of the handgun and clothing of Mr. Zimmerman.

Zimmerman sought medical treatment the following day for his nose, head, face and anxiety.

Trayvon’s body was evaluated, autopsied, and crime scene processed by the coroner’s office.

The following day the police re-created the events with George Zimmerman on the scene.

Who was Trayvon Martin? For the police this became a question difficult to answer. Unfortunately Trayvon was unknown to anyone at the scene, surrounding residences, investigators, police, or any person available for contact within the community.

Completely understandable when you consider Trayvon lived in North Miami, and no-one within the gated Orlando community was familiar with him or where he was from.

It is important to remember that neither Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin, nor his father’s girlfriend were home within the community at the time of the shooting.

Hence the delay in police figuring out who this John Doe actually was.

The shooting happened at approximately 7:15pm on 2/26. Trayvon’s parents were tracked down and notified on 2/28. Between those times, no-one in the Martin family has described making any effort to locate Trayvon. Nor has any Martin family member described themselves filing a missing person report.


There is one odd Point of contention from the Mitchell family about a “supposed” phone call Trayvon made during the time Zimmerman was following him.

The call was reportedly to Trayvon’s girlfriend in Miami, who has, according to the Mitchell’s completed an affidavit stating that Trayvon told her on the phone he was being followed.

Both Trayvon’s parents, and their attorney Benjamin Crump think this phone call is an important aspect because it shows George Zimmerman was “following” Trayvon Martin.

The family thinks it is so important they had the girlfriend swear an affidavit to that affect. However, something doesn’t smell right about this because again today we discover something new. There is a lie embedded in this entire “phone call” narrative, but what aspect is false is yet unknown.

Why so sure?

Tonight, Tuesday (3-27) on CNN Piers Morgan Show Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was questioned about the case and some general aspects surrounding the ongoing investigation. During the conversation about wanting to get to the bottom of everything. Pam Bondi specifically stated that Trayvon’s girlfriend had previously been unwilling to cooperate with police.

Bondi stated she was hopeful that Trayvon’s girlfriend would now become more cooperative, because since the time of the initial early investigation, up to and including all subsequent inquiries, she has been unwilling to talk to police or provide records of the phone call. She has refused numerous times to be interviewed and would not provide a statement to police, nor allow herself to be interviewed even with legal representation.

As of Friday night March 30th according to Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, Trayvon’s girlfriend still had not talked to police.   She was refusing to give sworn testimony, or a sworn statement.   

Why? Well, I’ve got a strong hunch, but it is supposition so I’ll not go there because for the sake of intellectual honesty every cintilla of verbage on this subject up to this point is factual, fact based, and verifiable.

However, I’m not sure why this phone call is even a point of contention.

Again, neither the police, nor Zimmerman dispute the fact Trayvon was being followed by Zimmerman. If anything it leads further credibility to Zimmerman’s explanation of events.

However, again I note while the parents of Trayvon are stating they are in possession of a sworn affidavit from the girlfriend, she has never allowed herself to swear the same to police or law enforcement. She has refused any and all attempts at being interviewed.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, if she’s being truthful, this aspect does bring up a general common sense question:

“If” this phone call was actually taking place during part of the time Zimmerman was following Trayvon, and if Trayvon told his girlfriend that someone was following him, then why wasn’t anyone worried or looking for Trayvon when he didn’t show up or come home.?

If anything this bit of information makes it even more odd that Mom, Dad, or Trayvon’s girlfriend were not worried even more about where he was.

There are two obvious really tragic aspects to his death. One is the shooting, and a life cut so short.

But with a full measure of brutal honestly, another is the culpability of his non-engaged parents in creating a morally undisciplined teenager.

Their visible outrage now showcased in the media is understandable given their grief. But perhaps a dose of guilt is intertwined.

Apparently it should be.

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  1. Shalini says:


    Sorry!! But if yet another person asks this question, I just might scream!


    • Gino says:

      While I do not know the entire racial makeup Of Mr. Zimmerman’s gated community by all accounts it is a racially diversified community.This community has an organized and sanctioned protection policy for the well being of it’s citizenry and their personal property.This community is governed by an elected board of directors known as the Home Owners Association (HOA)The HOA acts in compliance with all the homeowners requests and demands and all decisions made within the community are ratified by community vote.

      Mr. Zimmerman, in being known to the entire community and recognized as an upstanding citizen was elected to represent, implement and monitor a security patrol within the community. Many people would know this type of security as a citizens crime watch and/or neighborhood watch.Regardless of the definition the intent is to protect all members of the HOA.The HOA is funded by fees levied on each homeowner living and/or owning property within the community.Why I would point this out is to demonstrate that Mr. Zimmerman was acting in total compliance with the entire community. The additional caveat to this would be that he was acting in compliance with regulatory demands incorporated within the HOA insurance coverage.

      While we do not know at which point the security patrol was implemented we do know that said community was on an elevated alert status predicated upon numerous break ins thru out the community.Mr.Zimmerman in his capacity was duly authorized to institute the HOA security policies which would be conversant with randomly questioning any and all strangers whom would be present whether driving or walking throughout the community .Having said that it is important to once more stress that the questioning of any individual within a closed gated community in compliance with the bylaws of the HOA is a fully sanctioned and legal action.


  2. ytz4mee says:

    Thank you. It is interesting that NO ONE in the “Legacy Media” has asked the parents why they didn’t go looking for him, and why he was on a slab in the morgue for DAYS not hours.

    As more evidence comes out, it appears that Trayvon reached for the gun with the intent to kill Zimmerman.


    • Solaratov says:

      That was one of my first queations. Why didn’t the girl call his parents – or even try to call T back later – if she had heard a fight start and he didn’t call her after? Wasn’t she just a *bit* worried about her ‘boyfriend’? Why didn’t the parents (specifically the father) call around to locate T? Was T in the habit of just “disappearing” for days on end, so it wasn’t unusual? Did they even notice that he was gone? Why did the cops have to track them down?


    • Last night on that CNN ridiculous ratings seeking propaganda show by Soledad O’Brien she asked Trayvon attorney Ben Crump if the “girlfriend” had not talked to police, he said “no, not yet, they -might- be working on the details” (his words).

      That was it…. a mere pffffft in passing. No challenge, no asking the obvious WHY?

      The entire Trayvon narrative is now absolutely contingent upon “DeeDee”, because all other factual known evidence points to exhoneration. So the weight of their entire substantive position is about that phone call between DeeDee and Trayvon.

      Yet, the media just flips off the fact she HAS REFUSED to talk to police. Go figure.


    • Aussie says:

      Yes, yes, yes… that is how I am reading this commentary. It appeared to me that Travyon Martin had the intention of killing Zimmerman. His hand was on the gun as was Zimmerman’s hand…


  3. barnslayer says:

    “You repubicans is all rayciss! No one cares about yo stupit facts! We don care who did what an such. We doin this fo that po child been killed by that white man”.

    Did I read that correctly Mr Sharpton? Was it “black enough”. I didn’t overdo it did I? If you require a retake it’s no problem. It sure is swell getting to work with you.


  4. ytz4mee says:

    I had never heard of this “Toure” character before the social media becoming all-aTwitter about his interview with Piers Morgan. Now I know why. What an idiot and desperate race-hustler-in-training. Note his body language, his feeble attempt at condescension, his reliance on appeals to emotion over discussion of facts. “We’re pretty much established….” Uh, no. You, as a member of the race-hustling class, want to continue to advance the meme that “we’ve pretty much established” as fact whatever spin you’re trying to sell. Uh, no.


  5. James says:

    Thank you for this awesome article. Blacks will ignore all the facts so they can keep on hating whitey. Jessie and Al will never acknolwedge the facts so they can keep making money. Sabrina Fulton will continue to try to capitalize off her son’s death, because that’s how blacks mourn.


    • stellap says:

      Well, it’s true that many will ignore the facts (both black and white), but not all blacks hate “whitey”. Mother Sybrina (with advice from her attorney, I’m sure) does seem to want to enrich herself as a result of the media frenzy surrounding her son’s death, but not all blacks (not even most, I imagine) would act this way. It is a pretty awesome post, isn’t it? Took a lot of research and work.


      • tnwahm says:

        You are correct Stellap. I am working with a wonderful black conservative woman named Charlotte Bergmann who is challenging CongressCritter Cohen here in Memphis. Her message is one of Liberty and Reconciliation will bring Prosperity for everyone. Race-baiting liars like Jackson and Sharpton would be out of a job if true Reconciliation took place. They are making it more difficult for individuals like Ms Bergmann and Allen West.

        “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.” Booker T. Washington


    • Dace says:

      STOP believing that we are all indoctrinated by the Left!!!


      • barnslayer says:

        Speak out against the left and join us. You can’t stay silent if you want things to improve.


      • Gino says:

        Obviously, you do not see your self marginalized by the Left and/or Democratic Party.Thus, could you explain whom “we are all” for it is difficult to rationalize your reference point and objective with nothing more than an arbitrary statement?



      • Solaratov says:

        START showing us you’re not!

        And, while you’re at it, you might try throwing off those chains that you donned so willingly and get the hell off of the plantation. To the left, you’re nothing more than an excuse to raise taxes.
        Do you really believe that leftists care about – or even like – black people as actual human beings? Look at what they do and how condescendingly they treat you. Leftists REALLY believe that you do not have the ability to take care of yourself or prosper in America. They believe that you are a lesser form of animal that must be tended to. That’s why they talk about giving you ‘stuff’. They don’t want you to prosper.
        Is that ‘stuff’ worth your self respect? Your manhood? The future of your children – and their children? Are you content to be treated as a pack of dependent victims who cannot rise above the same obstacles that others have risen above since America was formed?
        You can bet that every one of obama’s czars has read “The Bell Curve”, and applies it to blacks with the worst possible interpretation. They don’t like you. They tolerate you as a necessary (for now) evil; and as a voting base that they have locked into place to do their bidding.

        Read this, Dace: http://www.black-and-right.com/the-democrat-race-lie/ if you dare.
        And then, Google “Republican civil rights legislation since the civil war”. EVERY piece of civil rights legislation that benefitted blacks – and other minorities as well – started with and was passed by the Republicans — and was vehemently opposed by the democrats (who also started the KKK and wrote the Jim Crow laws).

        Grow up. Act like a man.



  6. tnwahm says:

    Thank you SD for putting all of this together. I used your compilation of research on a debate on FB ~with someone that former HB’s would recognize~ and her opinion was that those of us over at the “treehouse” are angry and not looking at facts. It’s really quite comical to see how liberals will knot themselves up like pretzels to justify their emotions.


  7. Shalini says:

    There one thing struck me about the call Zimmerman made. Towards the end of the call, after he says Trayvon Martin had run away, the operator asks him if would like the police to contact him when they arrive. He specifically asks to be called once they arrive. Does it sound like a ginormous racist who’s out to confront and kill a black kid? Why would he expect to be called by the police, when they arrive on scene, if he had murder in his mind? Of course, I am assuming but I feel he wouldn’t have initiated a confrontation. But people post the call tape in youtube as proof for his guilt when I hear clearly hear a different story. Their only claim is that he used a racial slur (which, BTW, I have never heard and I don’t think I am going to find out what it means) and that is all they seem to need to convict him. It’s all just good business to the media. Vultures, every single one of them.


  8. HOT NEWS:
    Huey Newton, Little Bobby Hutton, Stokely Carmichael, and Malcolm X are planning a protest march down here tomorrow in support of this Trayvon character. A few days ago, Lucifer toasted him for flipping him the bird and calling him “a horny, red cracker.”

    When asked for a comment on the planned protest, Lucifer replied, “Oh, shizzle!”


  9. Jerry says:

    Thanks a lot for all this info


  10. Semi related thoughts. Anyone else think about the “screwdriver” incident at school contrasted against all the cases of kids being kicked out, suspended et al for bringing far sillyer stuff to school?

    And secondly, Sarah Palin is skewered a thousand ways to Sunday for SarahPac having “crosshairs” on a political map. They beat that horse to death for weeks. Meanwhile Spike Lee sends specific intentional message to 248,000 people to attack George Zimmerman and the Left-Wing criticism is ((((crickets))))


    • Aussie says:

      these are all good thoughts. I had already connected the screwdriver since it is an implement used for burglary. The kid was an obvious burglar and had been caught at school with stuff in his possession…. yet he was not booked by the Miami police at the time.


  11. New “original hi-def” footage from police station clearly shows a signficant gash to the back of the head of Zimmerman in complete corroberation with his statements to police.

    As previously outlined on this site, the ABC footage was intentionally fuzzy and difficult to see because it was stolen, and intentionally leaked, footage obtained by someone filming the CCTV monitor as opposed to the actual recorded footage of the cctv recording itself. The original unedited and hi-def footage from the actual cctv system within the Sanford police department clearly shows a wound, and significant swelling to the back of the head of Zimmerman.


    • Aussie says:

      SD, that is a definite egg on the back of his head. I have seen that once before when my middle son hit his head… long story….on the back of a desk in his bedroom. The egg is evidence of a blood clot or hematoma that has formed. I guess he was lucky that there was a gash and that the blood was flowing.

      I am wondering if the hospital has been allowed to release details about treatment, including any x-rays of the back of the head. His head should have been x-rayed. On top of that I am wondering if there was any talk of him having concussion because of the pounding he took to his head. It would not be surprising if he had concussion as a result of the assault upon his person.


      • Gino says:

        Aussie because of HIPPA laws in this country all medical records would be sealed unless Mr. Zimmerman authorized there release.However, you can be sure that if and when a grand jury is convened medical records will be released before said jury..Furthermore, I would suggest that Mr. Zimmerman’s wounds were noted by the police and if not photographed the officers whom handled Mr. Zimmerman will be cross examined on all wounds that they witnessed. I believe that many people are underestimating the function of the police, coroner and district attorneys office. The fact that the parties are conversant with all aspects of preparing evidence in a manslaughter case has escaped people.


        • Aussie says:

          I am with you on that one Gino…. the release I am talking about is more or less release to the police and District Attorney who need to see all of the evidence. The LSM do not count for much….

          I agree with you regarding the fact that the police should have noted all of the wounds that they had seen and that they are cognizant of the kind of material that they need for a manslaughter case.


      • All good points. Given HIPPA Laws being as strict as they are, it would not be unusual for the medical records from the hospital visit to be in the sole posession of Zimmerman, unless the police got a court order for them, which I doubt.

        That’s one of the reasons that cell phone argument people make is impossible. A police detective cannot just pick up a phone without a warrant and begin searching it. The data or information is not visible without action by the police, that action requires a warrant, especially when there’s a death involved.


        • Gino says:

          I would suggest that Mr. Zimmerman’s legal counsel has advised him to hold back from presenting any and all of his personal medical records at this time.Wherefore, the medical records would be inclusive of attending physicians reports indicating all abrasions, contusions and fractures.This is important to Mr. Zimmerman”s defense as it could very well implode all arguments to be presented by the district attorneys office and substantiate that Mr. Zimmerman was acting in self defense.

          I believe that everyone has missed another important point that will be the basis of Mr. Zimmerman’s defense and that is the function of the HOA..May I suggest that you search out my blog in the last day which is pertinent to the HOA indicating the bylaws of the association and the legal right to question any and all individuals whom are strangers within the gated community. My intent in writing same was to present a pragmatic argument of why good citizen Trayvon was followed and the legal context of same as it pertains to Mr. Zimmerman and the association.


  12. This is rather long, and over 4 years old, but I think time has shown how true this is… a post I wrote on March 19, 2008:

    Obama Nation:
    Using Racism In Order To Form A More Socialist Union


  13. Brian says:

    Excellent fact driven article. Well done.


  14. dee says:

    Bravo, well done. Not too many liberal media agenda stories have drawn my ire more than this one has. Intelligent analysis has been always wins over emotional reactions. I’m glad I’m on the right(correct, not political) side.


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