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Newt Does Not Need To Drop Out – He Merely Needs To Channel His Inner Breitbart……

One of the biggest lessons that Andrew Breitbart provided all of us was his inherent and awe inspiring capacity to avoid allowing the media to frame HIS narrative.   He was profoundly well skilled in setting his own agenda; then using what … Continue reading

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Car Bomb Attack As U.S. Defense Secretary Arrives

Apparently the vehicle drove onto the runway and burst into flames as Panetta’s plane was landing for his surprise visit. Obviously the surprise visit was not much of a surprise at all. Fears are growing that U.S. Defence Secretary Leon … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Sadie, A Special And Wonderful Gift From God

On Friday March 9, Sadie arrived at 12:34 PM. She has navy blue eyes, and dark hair, and she is all around perfect. She is a very laid back and relaxed baby, but she knows what she wants and insists … Continue reading

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Romney Biased Matt Drudge “Jumped The Shark” Again….. All The Way to Irrelevance This Time.

Can we finally put the last nail in the coffin of dissent amid those who deny Matt Drudge’s Pro-Romney bias.   The latest episode is so ridiculous we have to assert the Drudge report has lost any semblance of credibility.    We have previously … Continue reading

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Splody Head Alert – Reconcile This: AFL-CIO Says “We Affirm Our Faith In Obama” while honoring Chinese Premier with “Best Friend of The American Worker” Award

I’m left to wonder about all those AFL-CIO members who must be scratching their heads at this one.   Not the goonish thug types, but the ordinary union worker who ain’t got a choice but to see his dues spent on … Continue reading

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D’oh – Romney says “I think President Obama is great”…

Not Mitt, Matt.    Matt Romney, son of Mitt Romney, thinks President Obama is great.  Huh?   ‘Here’s your sign”……   😦    Doofus. HONOLULU — Local Mitt Romney supporters took their campaign to the streets of Laie this evening.  “We need him. This … Continue reading

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