Lame Stream Media – Biggest Example Of The Prior Week CNN

While interviewing Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, O’Brien uses a trick to have her producers Google words for her so she can pretend to know what she’s talking about.

She and her guests unveil themselves as a bunch of racists while making false accusations against Pollak. Where Breitbart would have Liberals loaded-for-bear, Pollak seems to lull them into a half-witted stupor where their inner ugliness bubbles to the surface. The self-righteous smugness of the guests is something to behold.

O’Brien behaves like a 13 year old girl throughout the interview – sighing, making faces and repeating the same arguments over and over as if frequency will supersede logic. The irony is that she thought they had won the day.

BIG LEFT knew better and started their Orwellian scrubbing of data from the internet. It is sick that CNN’s ‘source’ turns out to be Wikipedia.

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8 Responses to Lame Stream Media – Biggest Example Of The Prior Week CNN

  1. Joe Tchorz says:

    They totally underestimated Joel…..So much for objective journalism these days.


  2. tnwahm says:

    What’s really funny, especially for the idiot Jay Thomas, is who Pollack’s wife is.


  3. Avram says:

    How many viewers are out there who can tell the difference between reasoned arguments and innuendo? How many people are out there who believe in right and wrong as distinct, opposed categories? I wonder about it but don’t let it discourage me, because fighting the EVIL is a moral imperative. No doubt about it, the MSM in this country is evil, by commission and by omission.
    No better that Pravda back in the bad old days. BTW. Pravda is criticizing the MSM for refusing to cover Sheriff Arapaio’s DearLeader’s birth-certificate, social security number, and draft card.
    [ ]


  4. Bijou says:

    I love how it took FIVE idiots on O’Brien’s “panel” to argue their pathetic case and Joel effortlessly made them all look like a bunch of bigoted idiots.
    It’s beneath Joel, of course, but I was almost hoping he’d show them a picture of his wife, who happens to be black. (She’s also drop-dead gorgeous.)


  5. Avram says:

    both breitbart’s spokesmen lack his charisma, but they know their stuff and use intellectual/rhetorical jiu-jitsu to turn msm demagoguery and dishonesty back on itself. i was impressed cool demeanor and his barely concealed contempt. i just hope everyone who watched it got it.


  6. moe2004 says:

    This is a video of Joel Pollack when he was a student at Harvard questioning Barney Frank at a Town Hall meeting. I knew I had seen him before!
    Did any of you buy Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation? Yesterday I read Chapter Six, Breakthrough. In it Andrew writes about Critical Theory, and many other progressive terms we’ve been hearing all through this nightmare. I think it represents Andrew’s grand plan of attack for this election and so far based on this weeks drips it makes perfect sense. If you have the book take a look, and see if I’m off my rocker.


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