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Stephen Bannon Tells Hannity He Will Release Breitbart’s Obama Tapes… (Video)

(Mediate) – (h/t PatriotDreamer)…On his program Thursday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity spoke with Steve Bannon (producer of The Undefeated, among various other films) about a series of tapes Andrew Breitbart claimed to have about Barack Obama. Breitbart mentioned the tapes … Continue reading

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Did This Get Andrew Breitbart Killed? – (Video)

This stuff has been swirling about the innertubes all afternoon…might as well get it out in the sunlight.  People have been speculating all day as to foul play in Andrew Breitbart’s death due to the fact that he had in … Continue reading

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Limbaugh on Breitbart

Hat Tip Puddy Paws for finding the video.  🙂 1969 – 2012

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Sheriff Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate A Forgery – Not Worth The Paper It Was Written On…

(WashTimes)…(h/t Redpill)…PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday he suspects the birth certificate President Obama released last year is a forgery — and he also raised questions about the authenticity of the president’s Selective Service card.  “Based on … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Watch…And Be Reminded Of Why You Love Her – (Video)

SarahPAC is out with a new video fighting back against “Game Change”, an upcoming HBO movie about the 2008 Republican presidential campaign.  Watch and be reminded of why the left is so abso-freakin’-lutely terrified of this woman.  

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The TSA – Coming To A Highway Near You!

Okay…..the implications for this are utterly frightening.  Last fall, TSA teams, redesigned as VIPR (Department of Homeland Security Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) teams, began conducting searches and screenings at train stations, subways, ferry terminals and every other mass transit … Continue reading

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… “Anyone who’s willing to stand next to me and fight the Progressive Left, I will be in that bunker, and if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you, you’re … Continue reading

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