How To Join Resistance – Liberty Guerrillas for America – TEN RULES FOR LIBERTY GUERILLAS

With the skyrocketing price of gasoline, it’s time to ressurect the Sticky Note Campaign.    Take a pack of “Post Its” write your anti-Obama slogan and then leave one on the gas pump during your next visit. 

You can also create custom “Post It Notes” free CLICK HERE

See more examples below including more from Louisiana guerrilla GracieD. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE…..   Examples and explanation from YTZ4Me:

Patriots. ACTION NEEDED – Send pictures of your “Post It” notes to our e-mail and we will share with attribution every day. Send your pictures to include your username if you would like it shared. and Tell your friends too..

Via our Treeper Heroine YTZ4Me ( at StopShouting) Part of the charade employed by the existing Regime is to continue to make people believe that they are alone in their dissent and/or dissatisfaction with the ruling class. They need to isolate you and make you feel YOU are the outlier. A recent example is the derision lobbed at those who questioned Obama’s background and credentials.

This has been written about extensively in various professional military training manuals. It has also been the subject of many papers, dissecting the evolution of an underground movement that overthrew an entrenched Regime, where to outsiders, the “sudden collapse” of an oppressive regime catches them by surprise, when in fact, it was predictable all along.

The reason for the “sudden collapse” is that the group knowledge finally reached a tipping point, where the “dissenters” realize that they are the MAJORITY, not the minority as the Regime would have them believe.

Sticky notes, as advocated at gas pumps and on stores shelves, represent what is known as “Counter propaganda”.


1. It is important to maintain a belief in final victory. Morale is everything.

2. Large numbers of [counter propaganda] appearing day after day, night after night, everywhere, will make the Regime nervous and raise the self-confidence of the population since such activities demonstrate the inefficiency of the existing Regime and the power and strength of the resistance movement.

3. Whenever practical, successful guerilla forces use non-electronic means to communicate.

4. It is a principle of political science that it is easier to persuade people to vote against something or someone than to persuade them to vote in favor of something.

5. Liberty guerillas form centers of resistance EVERYWHERE and they are always in action. Thus, when the Regime attempts to confront/solve one “media” crisis of anti-Regime opinion, another flares up. This serves to also drain the Regime’s manpower and resources.

6. Always, always, ALWAYS be on the offensive.

7. Short, snappy slogans spread the message. Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less.


Turn the tables on the opposition: Palin’s “Obama: WTF indeed” is classic.

8. Mix it up. Never be predictable. But always be lawful.

9. Undermine the Regime’s morale and their propaganda by exposing their methods and by constant emphasis on the unjustness of their cause and effects on the population.
(Higher prices? Thanks, Obama).

10. Exploit the alternative media to communicate the ideas of the Liberty movement and resistance to the Regime. Be everywhere; be informed; make it known you are aware of the lies disseminated by the Regime and aren’t falling for them.

THE MOMENTUM IS ON OUR SIDE. Do not be deterred!

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8 Responses to How To Join Resistance – Liberty Guerrillas for America – TEN RULES FOR LIBERTY GUERILLAS

  1. Brooklyn says:

    This is such a good idea. I always have a camera with me, now all I need now is a bag of sticky notes. This will be serious fun. Thanks. The sticky notes brigade, here we come….!!


  2. These are the ones I use most of the time…..

    Thanks for this fundamental transformation obama….

    This is obama’s fundamental transformation…

    If you are broke thank obama…

    If you cant pay this much thank obama….

    Do you miss 1.85 gas now?

    obama vacations while you struggle….

    Remember when obama called you lazy….

    has obama bought gas for you yet?

    Did you get some of obamas stash….

    this is the actual cost of hope and change….

    asking obama why makes you a racist


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  4. Zauber says:

    Think I’ll put a few up on the pumps not letting those filling up and feeling the pinch who killed the Keystone I pipeline.


  5. Avram says:

    great idea!


  6. Dan says:

    I use Obama’s own words. “under my cap and trade policy energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” Gas prices up 90% since Obama took office.


  7. You can buy them here in about 6 days.


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