Thursday Open Thread – February 23rd

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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117 Responses to Thursday Open Thread – February 23rd

  1. In my opinion, Santorum is, and has always been, a political opportunist. Being against “means testing” for food stamps plays well in Philly and other PA Democratic strongholds. A poignant look back, from Verum Serum:


  2. Rabbi David Kaufmann of the Union for Reform Judaism writes an interesting article in The Times of Israel. This organization, along with the Religion Action Center, will be hosting a reception at the upcoming AIPAC.

    Speaking of AIPAC… Obama will address the conference, and no doubt express his undying love, fealty and admiration for all things Israeli and Jewish. He’ll probably show up wearing a Yarmulke and a Kofax jersey and talk at length about how he has personally kept Israel secure for the last three years. Hopefully, the delegates will see through his Cavalcade of Bullsh!t & Stupidity, but they cynic in me sees American Jews rolling over like the little love-starved schnauzers they so happily imitate when i the presence of Teh Chosen One.


  3. WeeWeed says:

    Friday-eve, kids! Good Morning! “Children of The State”


  4. texan59 says:

    How many of the wimmen-folk here were offended by this?


  5. texan59 says:

    It’s official. Ann Coulter has jumped the shark.

    It seems to me that an intervention is in order for Miss Annie! πŸ˜€


  6. texan59 says:

    Cruz non-commital on Cornyn support if elected. OK by me.


  7. texan59 says:

    After reading Wee’s link to “Children of the State” above, I have decided to post this which I’ve been ruminating for some time. It is not meant as an affront or indictment, just a thought-provoking (I hope) exercise. If we are to get this great Country back on solid footing at some time within the next few years, it will require drastic action on the part of our leaders (betters). How willing would you be to:

    Accept a reduction in your proposed/current SS benefits. Most people begin to take out more than they put in after 4-5 years. After that you’re playing with house money.

    Participate in a medical program in leiu of Medicare that required you to purchase insurance in the free market. You would receive subsidies equal to your contributions put into the Medicare system. After that, you would be entirely on your own.

    Pay more for local services. Assume your Federal taxes would go down.

    Pay tolls to travel some roads in your community or Interstate highways? Assume the Federal gas tax went away.

    Pay more for licenses such as driver, hunting, handgun licenses? No Federal interaction, all run by your State.

    Eliminate the mortgage deduction on your taxes?

    Pay a consumption (FAIR) or flat tax in leiu of current tax system?

    I know this is not really fair to throw this out in the morning, but with CRS, I have to write this stuff down when I can remember it. If you have any other situations, scenarios to put in here, please add to my list. This will probably prevent me from ever being a pollster, but I shall deal with that! Must be extra caffeine in my coffee this morning. πŸ˜€


    • ytz4mee says:

      I am all for a move to a fairer-consumption based tax system.

      I have a problem with taxes being collected and then skimmed off/redirected to pet causes and payoffs.

      For example, I have no problem with excise taxes on gasoline, because allegedly that goes to maintain the highway system. However, that money is not specifically set aside for transportation infrastructure, it goes into a general slush fund. There is more than enough money collected just in the excise taxes to maintain a first class transportation structure, if the money wasn’t diverted to fund “social justice” projects.

      I have a problem with being forced to pay taxes to a school board that in my view is unconstitutional, takes away my rights, which I do not support, which serves solely to indoctrinate children into the leftist world view, and which is in place to maintain a bureaucracy charged with created a class of compliant, non complaining consumers.
      It has absolutely nothing to do with “education”. I don’t support the public school system on principle and I resent my wealth being confiscated to pay for something that I am absolutely against.

      The mortgage interest deduction is in place to keep the banks happy and everyone perpetually in debt. Only in the US do families spend far more than they can actually afford on a house. Part of this is the “school district” game, but in other countries, where you don’t have 30 year fixed rate terms, and no tax deduction for mortgage interest, families tend to buy smaller homes, pay them off fairly quickly, and build real wealth.

      Health insurance should only be castrostophic insurance, like house insurance. Tax free medical savings accounts are a good way to encourage responsible use of the medical care, and would bring down costs for everyone over all. Insurance and the third party system distorts the market.

      Good ideas, but most people are afraid and are choosing “security” over “freedom”.
      Our Founding Fathers must be weeping.


      • Auntie Lib says:

        Ok – now I’m home and can respond to the specifics…

        1. Reduced SS benefits. Ok – that’s doable, but I think there should be modifications in the allowable income that you could earn to supplement your SS income.
        2. I’d like to see Medicare eliminated – as long as retirees could still have insurance through their previous employer. (Employers could offer retirement health insurance as a benefit like they used to.) I don’t like government health care – period.
        3. I think local and state governments must be weaned from federal handouts – especially in education, environmental control, energy mandates – you get the idea.
        4. I’m not sure about the gas tax/roads thing. States like Montana with huge areas and teeny populations wouldn’t be able to maintain a safe infrastructure without outside help. I think t’d rather see the gas tax go back to a funded program and used exclusively for highways.
        5. No problem with increases in license fees to cover costs.
        6. I’m for a flat tax with a graduated standard deduction – so get rid of all itemized deductions. Not all that excited about a consumption tax – but I could be persuaded under some circumstances.

        Bet you wish I would have stayed at work now.


    • Auntie Lib says:

      TX – This is some though-provoking stuff – great comment. I need to cogitate on it a bit, but I’ll come back after work tonight and respond. I think I like where you’re going with this, though.


  8. texan59 says:

    Feel free to share this with your grandchildren. Let them know who to thank for this bar tab! Hint- you can start with FDR!.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Not my children. I’ve already explained to them that they don’t need to feel on the hook for this. And I can assure you there are in no mood to be debt slaves to bankers.

      Redistribute Goldman Sachs.


  9. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Abortion investigation: doctors filmed agreeing illegal abortions ‘no questions asked’
    Women are being granted illegal abortions by doctors based on the sex of their unborn baby, an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph reveals.

    Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said: β€œI’m extremely concerned to hear about these allegations. Sex selection is illegal and is morally wrong. I’ve asked my officials to investigate this as a matter of urgency.”

    The illogic of the pro-abort position. If abortion is a woman’s choice and can be done on demand for any reason, somehow it’s immoral if it’s done based solely on the baby’s gender.


  10. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Myths abound about HHS contraceptive mandate; here are the facts


  11. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Guess who’s paying legal fees of Fannie, Freddie execs accused of securities fraud

    Taxpayers are.


  12. Solaratov says:

    Did anybody catch this last night?

    Maybe lil barry might get called to task over some of his past positions if people keep hitting them.
    At least Newt has the stones to bring these things up.
    The media, of course, tries to ignore or cover up any of it.


  13. Zauber says:

    Over rthe years in the PD I watched the 4th Amendment stretched, bent and its protections generally eroded so much that search warrants were becoming a needless impediment to the trial process. Yet another chip off of what’s left:

    February 22, 2012

    Supreme Court: Police cannot be sued over warrant

    Suit argued shooting was a domestic incident, so police had no right to look for gang-material

    By Jesse J. Holland
    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON β€” The Supreme Court said Wednesday that California police officers cannot be sued because they used a warrant that may have been defective to search a woman’s house.

    The high court threw out the lawsuit against Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Curt Messerschmidt and other police officials, who were being sued personally by Augusta Millender for the search on her house and confiscation of her shotgun.

    Police were looking for her foster son, Jerry Ray Bowen, who had recently shot at his ex-girlfriend with a black sawed-off shotgun. She told police that he may be at his foster mother’s house, so Messerschmidt got a warrant to look for any weapons on the property and gang-related material, since Bowen was supposed to be a member of the Mona Park Crips and the Dodge Park Crips. The detective had his supervisors approve the warrant before submitting to the district attorney and a judge, who also approved the warrant.

    Bowen and his shotgun were not found at Millender’s house, but police confiscated the 73-year-old Millender’s shotgun.

    The now-deceased Millender sued, saying the warrant was constitutionally overbroad because police had no right to look for any weapon at her house, only the weapon Bowen had used to shoot at his ex-girlfriend. She also argued that the shooting was a domestic incident, so police had no right to look for gang-material at her house.

    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court agreed, saying Messerschmidt and other officers should have known the warrant was overbroad and therefore lose the immunity that police normally would be granted against such lawsuits.

    The court on a 6-3 vote overturned that decision.

    “The officers’ judgment that the scope of the warrant was supported by probable cause may have been mistaken, but it was not `plainly incompetent,” said Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the court’s majority opinion. “On top of all this, the fact that the officers sought and obtained approval of the warrant application from a superior and a deputy district attorney before submitting it to a magistrate provides further support for the conclusion that an officer could reasonably have believed that the scope of the warrant was supported by probable cause.”

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan dissented from the majority.

    “Qualified immunity properly affords police officers protection so long as they conduct is objectively reasonable,” Sotomayor said. “But it is not objectively reasonable for police investigating a specific, non-gang related assault committed with a particular firearm to search for all evidence related to `any street gang,’ `photographs … which may depict evidence of criminal activity,’ and all firearms.”

    In a separate dissent, Kagan pointed out that gang membership does not violate California law, “so the officers could not search for gang paraphilia just to establish Bowen’s ties to the Crips.”

    The case is Messerschmidt v. Millender 10-704.
    Copyright 2012 Associated Press


  14. Solaratov says:

    Ya…Hummers are sooo 90s……………………. πŸ‘Ώ


  15. zmalfoy says:

    Just finished my taxes. Based on the results, looks like I can indeed affort to get my first hive of bees this year, from Georgetown HoneyBee Company. ^_^ Yay! Mead and beeswax candles ahoy!!! (well, down the road at least. But when it comes to barter-ables and overall most benefit for least effort, bees are about as awesome as they come)


    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Lot of stoopid comments there. They assume that PP is the only Medicaid provider and the only way that poor people get medical care.


  16. French Reader says:

    Some days ago, a blogger mentioned that some Americans are leaving the USA. I then asked where they are going to.

    Many Europeans are leaving Europe too.
    Here two maps from Courrier International


    • Excellent graphic and good info, FR. Thanks! Europeans know where to go. We have looked at all those places, except for Angola! When O’Baastard is done with us, even Cuba will look good.


      • Zauber says:

        Interesting out-migration graphic. I’ve been hearing from friends in the old Bloc countries that one of the reasons they are pulling out is the belief that the US will dump them back into the Russian’s lap as they did at Yalta. Obama is the first Us president in decades they think leans more towards the Russians than Europe.


    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Chili, OK. But I wouldn’t want to go to Argentina or Angola. But that’s just me.


      • I agree about Argentina. Really not much of an option, but Chile is actually a very good option. They even have a major English language newspaper in Santiago.


        • ytz4mee says:

          Chile is a pro-free market economy, and they have a stated goal of functional English literacy across the country. The lake district is beautiful, and known as “the Switzerland of South America”. Their medical care is outstanding.

          The people I know are leaving for Chile, Singapore, Panama and Costa Rica. Although apparently Costa Rica is starting to get a bit pricey, like Chile, the medical care is outstanding.


      • Solaratov says:

        Chile is supposed to be one of the best and most stable countries in S.A. Argentina is in worse economic shape than we are – and has started confiscating savings and retirement accounts. I fought a war in Angola and don’t think I’d want to go back there to retire. (It’d be nice if Rhodesia still existed, though. That was a great place.)
        Costa Rica is a great place. Land and homes are still reasonable; and the people genuinely like Americans (or, they used to a few years back). And, they have pretty decent gun laws. Belize is not bad, either.


  17. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Chart: ‘America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece’


  18. Patriot Dreamer says:

    How to delete your Google browsing history in three simple steps . . . before it’s too late to hide your secrets–late.html#ixzz1nFUfyicy

    I don’t know how effective this is, so for what it’s worth…


    • Solaratov says:

      Well, it cleans it out – if one can believe Google – but you’ll have to go back and sign in every place that you used to be signed into. (Which is no big deal. The same thing happens when I use CCleaner)
      Who knows if it’s actually gone, though? (Yeah. I’m paranoid. And I’m still alive because of it.) πŸ˜‰


  19. Ad rem says:

    This is why she should be our president…


    (Cue libtard chorus: But how did she come up with that idea? She’s soooo stoopid!)


    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      Sometimes I just get so discouraged by Obama and how little he thinks of our Country and our Troops. Honestly, this latest apology just makes me tired.


    • We burned a friggin bunch of books…. get a grip Obama. THEY ARE BOOKS. Yeah, religious books, but books nonetheless. I could buy them all a replacement for less than the cost of a gallon of gas.

      Sending a letter of apology from the White House? Really?

      Are you sure you ain’t a muslim? They sure as hell think you are. 😦 😦 😦 😦 Arrrrrrgh


      • Ad rem says:

        Yeah….but being a MOOSE-LIMB, he takes it real hard.


      • WaltzingMtilda says:

        Yea…see. if someone burned a Bible it would never even occur to me to kill them. I would be upset and sad and probably feel sorry for that person. I love the Bible, but any particular edition/copy of the Bible is ink on paper. If the physical book itself rules you, then that is worldly and of the Devil, and you are enslaved, not set free by your faith.


  20. stellap says: has this pic – among some others – posted today:


    Here’s the link to the post, if you are interested:


  21. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Debbie Downer Ditz says:

    Americans “Overwhelmingly” Support ObamaCare

    So many lies, so little time.


    • texan59 says:

      When will y’all start to understand this man-child. He wants you starving so you can line up for free cheese. Then his minions can tell you that you were supposed to be here yesterday. When you begin to suffer from malnutrition, you will go in front of the death panels where another minion will tell you your time is up. Solves a lot of problems that way!


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