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Arizona CNN Debate Thread – 8pm Eastern

Tonight on CNN the GOP candidates will have their final “scheduled” debate.   This will be the last debate prior to Super Tuesday and much is at stake for all of them.  CNN’s John King is once again moderating the debate … Continue reading

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Obama Does Not “Accept Responsibility” For Soaring Gas Prices…

Of course he doesn’t.   President Obama does not accept responsibility for anything.   He can waste a trillion dollars on a stimulus plan with no results.  He can propose a budget that Democrats laugh at, and get zero of his own … Continue reading

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Follow Up Italy: Divers find 8 more bodies in ship wreckage of Costa Concordia

Ugh, ugh, ugh…. this is just horrible.   My prayers go out to the family of those still missing.  They must be in such grief and despair… ROME (AP) — Divers searching the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship found eight bodies Wednesday … Continue reading

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Road Trip…And You Get The Window!


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Watch The Shell, Not The Hand….. Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s…..

(WSJ) — President Obama’s 2013 budget is the gift that keeps on giving—to government. One buried surprise is his proposal to triple the tax rate on corporate dividends, which believe it or not is higher than in his previous budgets. … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP Gov. McDonnell Backs Off Promise To Sign Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill, Now Says He Will “Review” It…

HatTip Freedom1781 – I knew there was something untrustworthy about this guy as soon as he endorsed Mitt Romney.  McDonnell’s attendance at the Colorado Decepticon meeting last fall was the first tip off.  His Romney endorsement was a big flashy … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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