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Santorum: “Will You Sit On The Sidelines…Or Will You Stand Up And Fight For Freedom?”…Full Lincoln Day Speech – (Video)

Tuesday afternoon Rick Santorum took to the stage in Phoenix Arizona to address Maricopa County Republicans at their annual Lincoln Day luncheon.  Recent polls show him equaling or in some cases surpassing Romney, and thus they’ve made him the target … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich: Defeating Obama “Most Dangerous President in US History” Is a “Duty Of National Security”

Hear, Hear !!! In his opening remarks to students at a town hall event held at Oral Roberts University former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discussed the importance of defeating President Obama in November. Don’t just hear the soundbite … Continue reading

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Keep Praying – Reports reflect things are not looking good for Christian Youcef Nadarkhani

Ever since the recent tensions between the West and Iran have deteriorated I have been thinking about this poor man and his fate.   The American Center for Law and Justice said  Tuesday it had received information that Iran may have … Continue reading

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The Countdown To Romney’s Thermonuclear Detonation On Santorum Has Begin…..

Well that didn’t take long… (see bottom of thread) “Establishment, we have a problem” is the type of phrase you can well imagine Team Romney sharing when Santorum began to clean his clock in the polls.   Team Romney’s  most familiar strategy was … Continue reading

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NAFTA In Action – Watch Out Southwest Airlines, They’re Coming After You…..

Today a new Low-Fare airline carrier from Mexico has announced its intent to expand operations.  Currently SAN TACO AIRLINES is only flying in Mexico, but hopes to introduce services to San Diego and Los Angeles later this year. The FAA is trying … Continue reading

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Whoopsie, Media Narrative Shattered – Women Prefer Santorum to Romney by 10-Point Margin, Says Gallup

Since ABC news propaganda in chief George Stephanopoulus began constructing the contraceptive narrative last month the main stream media talking points have been about how Rick Santorum is positioned outside of the female electorate.   Indeed just about every pundit and … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood Says Virginia Ultrasound Law Akin To “Rape” … Fails To Mention They Require An Ultrasound Prior To Performing An Abortion…

(Life News) The Planned Parenthood abortion business has crated a firestorm of criticism for itself by making the wild-eyed claim that allowing women in Virginia a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child before the abortion is akin … Continue reading

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