Newt: “You Can’t Put A Gun Rack On A Chevy Volt” !

While campaigning in Georgia, Speaker Newt Gingrich mocked the green car lobby: “How DARE we go out and drive vehicles bigger than their bicycles!”

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6 Responses to Newt: “You Can’t Put A Gun Rack On A Chevy Volt” !

  1. Solaratov says:

    Somethin’ tells me that your ‘average’ Volt-owner would never consider putting a gun rack in it — or owning a gun to put in a gun rack. 😦

    On the upside, of course, anyone who can afford a Volt can also afford a Suburban full of armed bodyguards to follow them around. 🙂



    • Funny, that’s just what Media Matters CEO David Brock does. Sure, he’s a gun-confiscation advocate, but that doesn’t stop him from hiring armed bodyguards, because he’s SURE the right-wingers are out to assassinate him. Those little old lady tea-partiers so violent and all. /s


      • barnslayer says:

        I don’t think any of the limousine left are hiring bodyguards because of us. A few years ago one such individual who is a patient of mine asked me about politics. I mentioned taxes being too high. In a moment of absolute honesty this wealthy liberal said… “I feel if we don’t pay them the money in taxes, the schvartzes will just come into our neighborhood and take it”. Kinda taught me all I’d ever need to know about liberals.


        • texan59 says:

          If that’s not a useful idiot, I don’t know who would be! How do these lunch money losing people ever become successful in the business world?


        • Shotty says:

          Hey there,
          I’m one of those ‘tree hugging’ liberals you are all so fond of! Also, I’m pro-choice, I own three well-maintained guns (pistol, rifle, shotgun), am a Navy veteran, volunteer firefighter, and husband. So before you shoot off your mouth about “all you need to know”, maybe stop for a second and use your head for something besides a hat rack.



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