Government security program will monitor every phone call, text and email… and details will be kept for up to a year

Did you ever wonder what data bank they were constructing under the new Denver airport.?   Millions of square feet of underground data storage and the worlds largest hub for data collection….  Well consider what is happening now in England and apply these same considerations to our future.

(Daily Mail)  Details about text messages, phone calls, emails and every website visited by members of the public will be kept on record in a bid to combat terrorism.   The Government will order broadband providers, landline and mobile phone companies to save the information for up to a year under a new security scheme.

What is said in the texts, emails or phone calls will not be kept but information on the senders, recipients and their geographical whereabouts will be saved.   Direct messages to users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will also be saved and so will information exchanged between players in online video games.

The information will be stored by individual companies rather than the government.
The news has sparked huge concerns about the risk of hacking and fears that the sensitive information could be used to send spam emails and texts.

Nick Pickles, director of privacy and civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: ‘Britain is already one of the most spied on countries off-line and this is a shameful attempt to watch everything we do online in the same way.

‘The vast quantities of data that would be collected would arguably make it harder for the security services to find threats before a crime is committed, and involve a wholesale invasion of all our privacy online that is hugely disproportionate and wholly unnecessary.

‘The data would be a honey pot for hackers and foreign governments, not to mention at huge risk of abuse by those responsible for maintaining the databases.  It would be the end of privacy online.  ‘The Home Secretary may have changed but it seems the Home Office’s desire to spy on every citizen’s web use and phone calls remains the same as it was under Labour.

‘At a time when the internet is empowering people across the world to embrace democracy, it is shameful for one of the world’s oldest democracies to be pursuing the kind same kind of monitoring that has a stranglehold on civil society in China and Iran.’

It is believed the Home Office started talks with communication companies a few months ago and could officially be announced in May.   The plans have been drawn up by home security service MI5, MI6 which operates abroad, and the GCHQ, the governments communication headquarters which looks after the country’s Signal Intelligence.
Security services would then be able to request information on people they have under surveillance and could piece together their movements with information provided.

Mobile phone records are able to show within yards where a call was made from and emails will be tracked using a computer’s IP address.

Security services are said to be concerned about the ability of terrorists to avoid tracking through modern technology and are believed to have lobbied Home Secretary Theresa May to introduce the scheme.   According to The Sunday Times ministers are planning to include the spy initiative called the Communications Capabilities Development Programme in the Queen’s speech in May.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said: ‘This would be a systematic effort to spy on all of our digital communications.  ‘No state in history has been able to gather the level of information proposed,’ he said to The Sunday Times.  (read more)

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4 Responses to Government security program will monitor every phone call, text and email… and details will be kept for up to a year

  1. Brooklyn says:

    There is another whole world of video/audio data being collected out there, right here in the good old US of A, I’m not sure of the levels Hollywood would have us believe by the -machine- in ‘Person of Interest’, but there are highway video integration system known as Autoscope that utilize the algorithms of six or more video inputs to not only show traffic presents in a certain lane but the vehicle classification, license plate and number of occupant – for HOV lanes. Combine the with red light enforcement video technologies and Easypass video surveillance, throw in you GPS and cell phone, and YES! WE SEE YOU…. 24/7… Don’t even get into using your credit cards or retail or street video systems while you walk down the street of in the parking lot…. As we used to say – Here’s lookin’ at chu kid… 🙂


  2. Well, back to smoke signals, Aldis lamps and heliotropes, brothers.

    Let’s see ’em store that for a year!


  3. Zauber says:

    As I’ve said .before your Goverment spook service are vacuuming up information just to have it when and when (no ‘if’) they figure out a use for it. Remember back in the the Klinton years when our Birkenstock-wearing, alligator-wrestling AG wanted the phone companies to build storage facilities which they’d use to record and store every phone conversation in the US, funded by yet another tax on the user’s bills? The digitalizing of spoken words and the flood of voice-recognition applications has now made it possible to store and winnow masses of conversations to be processed by algorithms which will look for key words and/or phrases. These data will in turn be compared to information gleened from other searches and if the ball drops into the right slot your name pops out on some bureaucrat analyst’s desk for further scrutiny. Our good friends at teh We Hat Guns agency do that with handgun purchases looking to see if you’ve purchased ‘too many’ within a shot period or the purchser’s personal data suggests that gun may not be an appropriate purchase for the purchaser. The algorithms are getting more complex in what they search for and how they search, and the available personal data we use (whoops, I mean ‘they’ use) is expanding. The remore ‘lie-detection’ systems Uncle is pouring your tax dollars into are even more interesting. Sleep tight.


  4. Gino says:

    How absurd is it this? Presently the FBI does not comunicate with the DEA and the DEA does not communicate with the CIA and none of them communicate with Homeland Security and/or municipal and state law enforcement agencies.However, let us expand our information gathering so that law enforcement agencies can better be informed and while we are at it let’s create another agency to monitor the collection process and distribute same to the appropriate agencies whatever that might be could be or should be.


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