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Thad McCotter: GOP Must Reject an Establishment Orchestrated Convention

(TMAC Via Big Gov) Even as the Republican Presidential primary hits fever pitch in my home state of Michigan, the GOP establishment maneuvers for an orchestrated convention that “chooses” some “new face” as our standard bearer. I abjectly reject such … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin…”Chords Of Memory” – (Video)

Today Sarah released a Presidents Day video, and already the media’s speculating on it’s intended message.  Is she preparing for a brokered convention?  Like we say…continuing to live rent free in their heads. (SarahPAC)…Celebrating George Washington’s birthday is an American … Continue reading

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Whoa !! Santorum Up By 27 Points In Texas ?… Giddy up !!

(Weekly Standard)  The latest Republican presidential primary poll of Texas from University of Texas/Texas Tribune: Santorum would get the votes of 45 percent of the respondents if the election were held today, according to the survey. The other three candidates … Continue reading

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Mark Levin…”Deface The Nation” Goes After Rick Santorum – (Audio)

Part 1 – CBS should have a mandatory retirement age.

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Help Me Understand The Point Of This…..

In  what’s meant as a jibe at America, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon has erected a bill board with a message made of  crushed firearms that says no more weapons. Since  2008, over 9,000 people have been killed by the drug war … Continue reading

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Mooch “Reflects” On Presidents Day…

Who does Michelle Obama think about on Presidents Day?    Washington, Lincoln, FDR ?

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2J-Jr On The Ropes ??…..

RedGrandma, can you provide any feedback on Debbie Halvorson?  Does she actually stand a chance of beating 2J-Jr.?  (NBC Chicago) — Jesse Jackson Jr. faces no small challenges in his re-election run in the Congressional 2nd District.  According to a Jackson surrogate, … Continue reading

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