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Romney’s Death Star PAC Opens Fire On Santorum…..

With the following multi million dollar ad buy in Michigan….. Once again proving that Mitt Romney cannot run and win on his own message, because he doesn’t have one. The only thing he can do is try to lay waste … Continue reading

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She Demanded Finger Sandwiches…..

What Mooch wants, Mooch gets…. 😦 White House – A White House household worker suffered an on-the-job injury Tuesday and may have lost some fingers.  “There was a minor injury with a member of the residence staff — an ambulance … Continue reading

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Obama: “Not Raising Taxes Is a Form of Government Spending”…

Only in the mind of a severe leftist would this make sense.   The only way not raising taxes is equivalent to government spending is if the concept of capital ownership is from the position that all wealth belongs to the … Continue reading

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How Media Matters Aimed To Dig Up Dirt On Fox Employees – (Video)

Tucker Carlson appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss the Daily Caller’s latest installment of it’s “Inside Media Matters” investigation.  These goons actually wanted to hire private investigators to do opposition research and dig up dirt on ANY and … Continue reading

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Today is also: Starbucks Appreciation Day!

It’s not quite as silly as you might think. See, some anti-gun group is boycotting them today, because they decided that whatever state law is in a given state, they will not impose further restrictions than on their customers. Which … Continue reading

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The True Story of St. Valentine’s Day…

Guest posted by GFC… ………………………………………..“Be My Valentine.” This is a phrase that conjures up a lot of different images associated with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Cards with hearts and little poems on them. Candy and flowers given to someone … Continue reading

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If you’re working as a dog groomer and accidentally chop off a dog’s ear, don’t try to glue it back, the family WILL know

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Two Oahu women have filed a lawsuit against Petco, claiming their dogs had parts of their bodies cut off while being groomed at the Kaneohe store. Three-year-old Gilzale and Pomeranian-Maltese mix Dodo are the best of friends. … Continue reading

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