I’m Defending A Prog – Head’s Up For Flying Pigs…..

The latest victim of Political Correctness run amuck is CNN contributor Roland Martin.   I was reading the “controversy” earlier in the week, and it appeared quite silly.   However, now they (CNN) have suspended him from the network taking silly and turning it into totally ridiculous.    C’mon people, this entire don’t offend anyone schtick is going over the top in all directions.   Here is the story:

(WaPo) On Super Bowl Sunday, Roland Martin of CNN issued some homophobic tweets that got him in trouble with gay organizations and this blog. CNN stayed silent on the matter, until just moments ago, when it issued this statement:

“Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

CNN took its time, but it clearly reached a strong decision here. What Martin had tweeted — advocating beatings for men who’d enjoyed the David Beckham underwear ad shown during the Super Bowl plus the same for a New England Patriot clad in a pink suit — was the equivalent of cheerleading for violence against gays.  (read more)

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4 Responses to I’m Defending A Prog – Head’s Up For Flying Pigs…..

  1. cjmartel says:

    It has gotten to the point in this country where you have the right to remain silent, you’d damn well better exercise that right or some friggin nit wit is going to get you fired for “perceived” threats? This is exactly one of the reasons I’ve slowed down my consumption of news, this kind of stuff makes a person crazy. Common sense has gone right out the window, a person can’t say a damn thing without some idiot getting offended by it, like the Eagles song said, “Get over it…”


  2. Normally, I’d take up for anyone attacked by this group of Sodomites, but it this case the Irony Is Supreme. For a guy who sees racism in nearly everything, he finally knows what it feels like to be hoisted upon his own petard. A hot pink petard, at that! 😀


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