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Tingles Gets White House Briefings? Huh?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, guest hosting on Andrea Mitchell Reports, revealed that he has access to briefings by the highest level of the Obama Administration where he learned they are afraid the Republicans will intentionally block legislation to damage an economic … Continue reading

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Like your ex mailing your fiance’ all of your love letters after breakup…….  Six minutes plus of Rick Santorum telling folks that Mitt Romney is all that and a bag of chips.  (circa 2008)

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I’m Defending A Prog – Head’s Up For Flying Pigs…..

The latest victim of Political Correctness run amuck is CNN contributor Roland Martin.   I was reading the “controversy” earlier in the week, and it appeared quite silly.   However, now they (CNN) have suspended him from the network taking silly and turning … Continue reading

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Pro-Abortion Group Tells Obama Not To Flinch On Religious Contraceptive Mandate

Until some actual internal polling shows his staff how toxic this issue is Obama will continue to support it.   The leftist bubble surrounding the president has convinced Obama this is not a dangerous position.   Most notably the far left contingent of inner … Continue reading

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House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer: “The Fact Is You Don’t Need a Budget”…

Why is it that Democrats can say this stuff out loud and yet they still find support within our republic for their party?  (CNSNews.com)– House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said that Congress does not need an official federal budget because … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign Manager Promises Wall Street Donors Class-Warrior-In-Chief Will Stop “Demonizing” Them…

Yeah, right.   Suckers.   He’ll take your ‘fat-cat’ money, then ridicule the way you earned it, and hang those corporate jets around your neck with Romney bumper stickers.   That is just the Obama reality. Feb. 8 (Bloomberg) — Jim Messina, President … Continue reading

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Romney’s carpet bombing coming home to roost – Prof.Jacobson

(Via Prof.Jacobson) So what did last night mean? Rick Santorum won the two non-binding caucuses where all candidates competed, and the Missouri non-binding primary where Newt was not on the ballot. Does it mean that the Republican electorate all of … Continue reading

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