GAME ON !! Super Bowl Thread

Who Ya’ Rootin’ Fer ?….

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27 Responses to GAME ON !! Super Bowl Thread

  1. Ugh. Neither, really. As a Philadelphia area resident, I’m obligated to root against the Giants. However, I reaaallllly don’t like Tom Brady and his wife gets on my nerves.

    Besides, I can guarantee you if I publicly declare a preference, the team I pick will lose.


  2. WeeWeed says:

    Meh. I’m rooting for food and the commercials!


  3. I’m rooting a good game for the often-disappointed sports fan.

    Half-time sucks in any game, but it especially sucks tonight.


  4. Clint Eastwood just delivered the very first campaign commercial of Obama’s re-election effort. Halftime in America….. GM commercial.


    • barnslayer says:

      That’s what I thought! Half-time…. re-election. Clint Eastwood used to be atypical for Hollywood. Now he fits in just fine. Turd. And it was a Chrysler ad…. the other handout car company.


  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, in your face, Brady!!!!


  6. barnslayer says:

    Newt picked the Giants to win. Let’s hope it’s contagious! Glad NY beat Boston but now I have to work at avoiding hearing Bloomberg taking credit.


    • stellap says:

      Since the Giants actually play in New Jersey, that would be a stretch, but I suppose that wouldn’t stop Bloomberg!


      • barnslayer says:

        The Giants are scheduled for a ticker tape parade in Manhattan this Tuesday. You can bet King Bloomberg will be at the center of it all. Neither NY NFL team practices or plays in New York state let alone NYC.


  7. Good game. I’m not a Giant fan, but even less of a Pats fan.

    The best part was seeing Archie weeping tears of joy and the great, great Raymond Berry bringing in the trophy. Modern players cannot hold a candle to the likes of Berry, Unitas, Lipscombe, et al.


  8. zmalfoy says:

    Back from the parents’ annual Super Bowl Party. Mom’s food was excellent, as usual. Homemade hot wings FTW!

    Thing about this Bowl was. . . Daddy is a Yankee (well, to be precise, he’s a G*d D@mn Yankee), so he’s a Pat’s fan. But I hate Brady. On the other hand, I’m used to wanting the Giants to loose, since they’re a division rival of my ‘Skins. But, I like the Manning boys, and Eli is a total cutie. And, I hate Brady, and want him to be crushed. So . . . Yay! I think. To bad, Dad . . .


  9. G8rmom7 says:

    We rooted for the Giants for two reasons…one, they are one of the few NFL teams that use almost exclusively Schutt helmets (the ones my husband sells) and it’s great free advertising for him (hey coach, don’t you want to use the same helmets the Super Bowl champs wear?) and secondly, I HATE the way the majority of the Pats fans I know treated Tebow when they played the Broncos. Just so smug and rude. OH and I sort of like watching Eli best his older brother too.

    So yay Giants!


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