Sounds Like a Plan – Operation STOP ROMNEY 2012

I’m in….

HatTip JRD(Reaganite) I don’t know about you, but so far this election year is just not anywhere near the fun as I thought it was going to be… getting screwed-over and treated like a pestering child has a way of ruining things every time.

And sure never expected Team Romney and the GOP old-guard to be adopting the tactics of the Left to destroy all in Mittens’ path, not to the degree we’ve seen: I long-ago had my fill of the heinous character assassinations after the MSM/RNC team job on Sarah Palin, but what they’ve done to Newt Gingrich -a man who’s done more for the conservative movement in this country than all the other candidates combined- is truly beyond the pale.

If this is the Republican Party in 2012… I’ll be quitting the day they coronate this scheming snake Romney. One hard-to-swallow strategy at that point would be to simply ignore the presidential contest this fall and fullyconcentrate on obtaining powerful congressional majorities to control and contain Obama (since Mittens is going to lose in the general anyway)… meanwhile, the investigations continue.

But keeping them grubby Mitts off the nomination is still the far preferable option… sure would be nice to be able to vote for somebody in November (only been counting-the-days for four years). Gradually Republicans are beginning to notice that the lightly-vetted GOP golden boy is a bumbling, insensitive gaffe machine of the first order… and are starting to wonder aloud re. what all the ‘electablility’ claptrap you hear everywhere is based upon.
Despite a political carpet-bombing campaign that was hugely successful in Florida, über-blogger Dan Riehl says the Republican establishment has seriously underestimated the resistance they face from the Right with a Romney nomination… many ‘level-headed’ conservatives are now putting much thought into how to derail his candidacy sooner, rather than later.

Thankfully, the primary race isn’t over, as the MSM and RNC might have you believe: Romney only has 7% of the delegates he needs, and there’s 46 states left to go here. I sure am disappointed in the failure of conservatives to rally around Gingrich -due primarily to the zombie campaign of Rick Santorum and relentless attack ads- but there ARE quite a number of things we can ALL do -particularly in states where Newt is not on the ballot- that can steer this thing towards victory yet for someone more conservative than Mittens.
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (blog) has proposed ‘Confusion to Both Our Enemies, the idea being that voting for Obama is a non-starter, Romney is little better, and a Mittens nomination will only encourage them to put up more RINOs… not voting/going 3rd party really doesn’t help us much, either.

What to do if forced to face a false choice in November? Pragmatically vote GREEN Party: if they get 5% they will qualify for federal matching funds for their next campaign, splintering the Left for many elections to come, hopefully (!)  Other conservative parties only hurt us in the future, and for the same reason… something to think about since it’s only a protest vote.

But before it comes to that, the GOP nomination is still open: in Virginia -where Newt is not on the ballot- all conservatives could vote for Ron Paul, denying Romney the appearance nationwide of widespread support in the South. In Missouri where Newt is also not running, Santorum has pulled out a big lead over Romney there… that’s who I’d be voting for too if I was myself a Show-Me Republican.

In sum, we need to deny Romney any and every victory/delegate we can, by thinking and acting strategically.  This is our only way to ensure that the path to the nomination remains open for either Newt, Santorum, or…?  The RNC will win this battle if we allow Mitt Romney to wrap it up… NOW the time to resist: conservatives are the ones under attack, and like Trotsky said “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you!” In brief, fight or surrender… I’ve made my choice.

Speaking of pugnacious sorts, Former House Speaker Gingrich is currently gearing-up for a real competitive Super Tuesday, a battlefield that looks quite favorable to him, Yet as long as Santorum and Paul stay in it’s hard for him to win all he needs. But Romney isn’t getting 50% anywhere, either… see ya in Tampa, then.

I am openly requesting any ideas my friends and allies have out there for stopping Mittens from obtaining the nomination, or what to do if he does… will also consider guest posts on this topic: thousands of brains are better than one, you know- and we have just got to win this one (for the Gipper, if nothing else).    Visit Blog Here

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19 Responses to Sounds Like a Plan – Operation STOP ROMNEY 2012

  1. ZurichMike says:

    I am up at 3:30 in the morning here. Part of it is worrying about my job search, but a great part of it is worrying about the US and what is happening to it. Very, very disheartening.


  2. Coyote says:

    I just hit everyone on my spam list with this one.


  3. cjmartel says:

    What they did to Palin was just the beginning, these pariah are’nt done yet, they still have to turn their guns on Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Rest assured these attacks are coming, the so called “old school” of the GOP has sold out every vestige of honor they had, ever God damned bit!! How much more proof do people need to realize that the ENTIRE system has been sold out, the whole thing!
    McCain authoring that despicable NDAA bill, did any of us see that coming? and yet the masses keep eating this spoon fed shit, daily! We now need to accept the fact that there will be no further elections, our vote has been shitcanned, no matter who we vote for, the powers that be will be placing Romney in office.
    Our currency is worthless, our children go to schools that more resemble prisons, civil rights have gone out the window, the TSA is running amok, no less than detaining a sitting U.S. Senator for over an hour and a half, article 1, section of the US Constitution was violated, blatantly. If those talking monkeys will do that to a U S Senator, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of us.
    We used to be a nation of laws, now it is a nation run by the lawless, ladies and gentlemen, we are in deep shit! It is time to take care of your families as best you can, time to renew our faith and pray like we have never prayed before, our nation is in extreme danger.


    • Coyote says:

      CJ, I don’t know of anyone who has ceased taking care of their families…but, it’s not time to hunker down and hide. The fight is just getting hotter. More…ah…how should I say it without damaging someone’s delicate sensibilities…oh fuck it….it’s just a more target rich environment.
      Right now is the time to get the word out. Hit those buddies up who you think just maybe on the fence. Educate them as we’ve done here for ourselves. Bring ’em in here? Yeah.
      Get up out the foxhole and strap your boots on tighter if you need to. But hunkering down and hiding isn’t the solution right now. Spraying word out is, with proof.

      This here is the ammo. This is what it’s all about. Right here, right now.


      • WeeWeed says:



      • cjmartel says:

        Coyote, that is why I come to this site, you remind me that all is not lost, this I know. But God damnit, there are some times where I get so fucking pissed off at the lemmings that are passing themselves off as Americans that I kind of go off the beaten path. I’ll say another thing for this site, some of you may laugh, but I have begun reading my bible more than I had before, sometimes it is the only thing between sanity and madness. Anyway, thanks for the verbal slap, aka George Patton, I needed that!


        • Coyote says:

          CJ, I need you to be clear-headed about what this entails.
          1) Telling people what the real threat puts YOUR neck on the line. It’s not like being online where you can hide. This takes face to face.
          2) Be prepared to take heat. They’ll confront YOU personally and on a personal level.
          3) The threats are possible…and all too real.
          4) Persistence counts.
          5) Stand the hell up and maintain your ground. Strength is paramount. Life and politics is not a “sport” for the squeamish or timid. Flag carriers and officers are targeted with just as much frequency. You, being the messenger, will get shot at.
          6) The amount of time, and the risk involved (possibility of losing friends) is the underlying sacrifice. This sacrifice is what makes Americans squeamish. They don’t want the “thumbs down” on Facebook. They don’t want to be “that guy” who just got de-friended.

          Personally, I’d take the freedom with no friends…because no freedom with “friends” is just misery with company.


  4. cjmartel says:

    I copy Coyote 10-4


  5. Wraith says:

    Barring something completely unexpected, I will #writeinSarah if Mittens gets the nomination. Anyone thinking of staying home, get your butts to the polls and do the same.

    Not voting can be read as apathy. Purposely showing up and writing in ‘Sarah Palin’ shows them exactly what you think of this whole crooked game. 😉


    • GracieD says:

      Wraith, that same thought has run through my mind for a while. That is definitely my plan should Mittens get the nomination.


      • stellap says:

        I just can’t do that, guys. I’ll vote for the person running against Obama. Obama for four more years is my nightmare. No one will notice a protest vote or, if they do, it will get a single line in the paper and then be forgotten.


    • We must all vote. Staying home is not an option. We must all vote. Remember we are voting for congresspeeps, senators, judges, etc etc. etc. too…..

      This is not just about Obama vs. Romney – the thought of which is like nails on chalkboard for most of us. This is about the House and the Senate too, as well as state legislatures on down.

      No. Staying home should not be an option for anybody.


    • barnslayer says:

      Rather than chancing the insignificance of a write-in vote for Palin there is another way. It’s rather difficult to think of let alone post but here goes. I’m going to assume that RPaul is not going to drop out and endorse a remaining candidate. The problems with all disenfranchised conservatives voting for RPaul are 1- a feeling of self-loathing and 2 – it guarantees four more years of il Douche. I do not want to reward Romney but I do not want to continue with this POS.


  6. JRD says:

    I wish I found this quote by Mittbama before the Florida primary. Everyone I’ve shown it to has become enraged.

    “In the general election I’ll be pointing out that the president took the reins at General Motors and Chrysler — closed factories, closed dealerships, laid off thousands and thousands of workers — he did it to try to save the business,” Romney said in a recent interview on CBS, prompting
    outrage among conservatives and ridicule from the Left. Even more astounding: A spokesman for the Romney campaign told the New York Times recently that the GOP contender had been advocating the Obama plan all along.

    Game, set, and match bruddas and sistahs. Works like a charm every time! Sweet!


  7. Mittens must be defeated. IMO, he is much of the same as the current administration. Influenced by big business. Passing laws to further strengthen the government and their cronies.


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