What About Rick?

Professor Jacobson at LegalInsurrection has a thoughtful consideration: Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Rick Santorum’s campaign?

(LI) Rick Santorum has said he will be in the race for the long haul, and I have no reason to doubt his sincerity.   But what message does it send his supporters in Florida that he’s not even hanging around for election night?

Failing to show early signs of momentum in the Sunshine State, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on Wednesday signaled he may be cutting out of Florida before the state’s Jan. 31 primary.

Speaking to reporters here, the former Pennsylvania senator said was unsure if he would be in Florida the night of the primary, committing only to campaigning in the state over the next two days. On Saturday, he’ll head home to Virginia for fundraisers and to prepare his tax records which he plans to soon make public.

His voters strongly prefer Newt over Romney according to the latest PPP poll:

If Rick Santorum drops out between now and next Tuesday, Gingrich will be the beneficiary. His voters prefer Gingrich over Romney 50-23, and in a field where he’s no longer a candidate Newt’s lead expands to 43-36.

Will an unofficial drop out, at least in Florida, be the differerence?  I don’t see how he revives his campaign unless he can be competitive in one of the prize states.

But he can do damage at the debate Thursday night, and leave with a bang.  (read more)

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6 Responses to What About Rick?

  1. Remember, it’s a winner-take-all state, and he will not take it, but … he is by no means slacking off or backing out of the race! He is using wisdom! 🙂 Supporters must understand that the battle is not won or lost in Florida alone, and because it is a winner-take-all state, his time and money may be better used elsewhere.


  2. Sharon says:

    The awkward tone of his endless explanations as to why he’s leaving Florida to go home “because he has to access his computer to obtain his tax records to be able to release them”—really doesn’t work. That just doesn’t make any sense. There isn’t anyone else either in an employee relationship or within the family who can go into his office and boot up his computer and send him whatever he needs? Or sign up for one of those programs where you can totally access your own computer from anywhere…..it sounds s odd as he endlessly tries to explain why he doesn’t have any other way to do it.


  3. Coyote says:

    With Florida, I suppose the platform will predominantly be about retirement, medicare, taxes and then jobs. Just speculation.


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