Spot On Commentary On The SOTU Address

From Instapundit we get this commentary.


“If the idea tonight was that the President would fulfill his constitutional duty to give us ‘information of the State of the Union’, we should be able to expect some truth. I didn’t hear much truth. Truth is that the real unemployment rate is probably still above 10%. Truth is that after all the hand-wringing and deals of the past couple of years, instead of cutting spending, the President and Congress are going back to the well for another $1.2 Trillion debt limit increase. And the truth is we are seeing nothing from either the President or the Republicans that will really change any of those unacceptable realities.

“Only in the twilight zone that is Washington could a President who has bailed out and stimulated our economy to death stand in the Capitol and declare there should be ‘no bailouts, no handouts, and no cop-outs’. Can anyone spell GM or TARP or Solyndra?

“The President said we deserve a government that plays by the same rules as millions of hard-working Americans. Perhaps that should begin with the government not borrowing and printing 43 cents of every dollar it spends – something hard-working Americans can’t and don’t do.

“Until we see a real plan – not a Washington smoke and mirrors plan – that puts a stop to deficit spending and really puts America back to work, all of this rhetoric is just wasted breath.:

Now there is a libertarian comment I can agree with one hundred percent.

h/t Avram.

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4 Responses to Spot On Commentary On The SOTU Address

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Good find, Avram!


  2. Aussie says:

    I have some problems with the personal ideas of Gary Johnson, but he is the one candidate, the only Governor who had a record of actually cleaning up the Democrat mess in his home state.

    However, that does not mean that he should be considered for the Presidency. He is by far the best libertarian of the bunch.


  3. LIB-VET says:

    What up folks. Just checking in. Menagerie, how are you sweety?

    GJ would be a good one yes. I would most deff give him my vote. But, the third partys are so marginalized, the reality is, the establishment will not allow it to happen. Repus and Dems both do not want any other realistic contestants to pull away sheepish votes from them. God forbid, a 3rd get a serious shot, right? I dont care who it is, so as long as they get a fair chance.

    Ah, whatever, it’ll come to ahead. Were still broke and getting broker. It has got to end at some point. This Iran thing is freaking me, for real. Can we not leave them alone? Its impossible to not fight someone all the time.

    Oh, and the SOTH speech was so chaulked full of unconstutional garbage it was scary. How does one man seem to hold so much power? But lets be clear. He is not the first one to ever do it, so to say BO is bad for it would leave other without proper blame placed on them too. Exc Orders, federal mandates and regulations… Ahhhh! ha.


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