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2 Responses to Succinct

  1. The Tundra PA says:

    EXCELLENT comment on iOTW, sundance! You said it all so succinctly…


  2. Mittens lack of being forthcoming about his father and Grandfather being born in Mexico is gonna be a key point of diversion if the SC electorate finds out about his disingenuous optics before next Saturday.

    As if Obama needed another deflective position to like Romney his father being an immigrant from Mexico essentially nullifies any immigration stance he might want to take. So now along with manipulated Capitalism for personal benefit to deconstruct his job creation skills, his liberal governance of Massachusetts, and his Romneycare baggage, why oh why would anyone support Romney.?

    Besides, has anyone ever actually met a Romney supporter in real life?

    I’m beginning to think they are figments of the Web and Media.


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