How Ugly Is 2012 Going To Be?

It’s going to be THIS ugly.

……………. or worse

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12 Responses to How Ugly Is 2012 Going To Be?

  1. Solaratov says:

    How about that democRAT boys’ club? Started by, financed by and supported by…..democRATs.


  2. And this video is from a Huntsman supporter? Huntsman is Mormon, too. Weird.


    • Yeah, there has been some controversy over who made it. Team Huntsman denies any knowledge of it. Obviously most people call it ridiculous and over the top. However, the voice in the video is Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC during one of his infamous ridiculous over-the-top rants.

      While no-one would actually openly advocate such hostility or position, the reason I post it is because, while exaggerated, it shows the type of narrative that the left will use. This kind of thing will not have Obama’s fingerprints on it per se, but it will be showcased in the media as they stand “aghast” at the charge.

      Racism will be a key point of attack, and like we have learned from historical experience with all things Obama the media and Obamabots will find a way to inject race into everything.

      Karl Rove was the first modern campaigner to use a strategy where he would quietly and secretly create the attack against his own candidate by planting information he already had an entire defense for. Then he would flip the conversation/narrative from the attack to strength as part of his strategy.

      After Rove burned the Democrats multiple times they wised up and then took his strategy and his approach to entirely new levels.


      • it shows the type of narrative that the left will use.

        Absolutely. And I’d rather have it come out now, during the primaries, so that if it’s going to negatively impact Romney, have that happen BEFORE he secures the nomination.

        Obama used racism to get elected in 2008, and he’ll try to use racism to get re-elected in 2012.


  3. ZurichMike says:

    1. The GOP candidate is not going to get the black vote anyway. Blacks vote for Obama because he is (part) black, making them racist voters.
    2. Everyone else is going to shrug their shoulders and say “glad they made it to the 20th century.”
    3. We can bring up “God damn America” from the Rev. Wright again.
    4. And we can bring up Obama reciting a muslim curse / prayer as “the most beautiful sound” he knows.


  4. ZurichMike says:

    Beating up on the Mormons is not going to work. Let’s take a page from citizenship: I don’t give up my US citizenship because we allowed a Marxist Mulatto to financially cripple generations to come and ignore the Constitution. I am still proud of my US heritage even though there was a time when slavery was allowed. I don’t deny the country of my fathers because Bill Clinton serially assaulted women and was disbarred and impeached. I don’t disdain my southern cousins because they live in states that were segregated way past the Civil Rights Act.



    • Brooklyn says:

      Z, Thanks for the MM above, I had been in search of the ‘perfect term’ to describe our a-ho-in-chief for some time now and yours definitely nails it. BTW: the mulatto part is described as “an offensive term for someone who has no birth certificate, just kidding 😉 who has one black and one white parent” Hmmmmmmm…

      ….and the horse he rode in on, 2-boot!


  5. Brooklyn says:

    As a Brooklyn-Irish-Catholic, I don’t no-nuttin’ bout being no Mormon, which is why I have Harry Ried’s office on speed dial…

    And, yes SD, “…the horse he rode in on, too”


  6. Zauber says:

    The LDS church can be problematic if you live in Utah, though it’s not as problematic as it was when I lived there some 30-ish-plus years ago. It’s positive aspect is that it’s probably the most genuinely patriotic and 2nd Amendment friendly church in the US. I wasn’t as warmly held to tthe bosoms of my LDS relatives as I would have been had I become a member but then my LDS apostate inlaws would have not been happy. It’s complicated. If you have LDS neighbors, especially those who adhere to the tenets of their religion – they won’t bite and their missionaries are far more easy to deal with than – let’s say – the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve served with LDS in the military and right now I have an ex-SF commander of mine who’s LDS, would love to convert me but doesn’t push and frequently shares a non-alcoholic beer with me as we burn up boxes of ammo. If things keep going the way they are an LDS candidate won’t look bad compared to the Democrats loading the ticket with Nation of Islam.


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