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Controversial New Jersey Sign: “Keep Christ In Christmas” Draws Ire from Some Residents….

PITMAN, N.J. (CBS) – Some residents of a South Jersey town are calling a Knights of Columbus banner that hangs over Broadway in Pitman, a sign of the season.  It reads “Keep Christ in Christmas.” “I think it’s wonderful, Christ … Continue reading

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Jewish Week: If Tim Tebow Wins The Super Bowl Christians Will Be “Burning Mosques, Bashing Gays And Indiscriminately Banishing Immigrants”…

This is the way progressives think folks, and here’s your answer about why the majority of Jewish people vote Democrat….   Insufferable progs… (JewishWeek) I’ve got a Tim Tebow problem. I want to root for the guy, but I’m afraid of … Continue reading

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Treehouse Advent Calendar — Dec 13

So, picking the “Gaudete” theme back up, today’s selection is two versions of “In Dulci Jubilo.” You’ll note that the sung version is part Latin, part English. This is the way the song was written, some 500 years ago. This … Continue reading

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Poll: Ron Paul Within One Point of Gingrich In Iowa…

Coincidently on the same day Ron Paul appeared on 9/11 truther Alex Jones radio show, to talk with the same guy who thinks condensation trails left by airplanes are actually some kind of mind control chemical being sprayed on the … Continue reading

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Standard Of Proof For Witchcraft Hasn’t Changed Much Over The Years…(Video)

How Do You Prove Someone’s a Witch in Saudi Arabia?  Call the religious police’s Anti-Witchcraft Unit and get them to set up a sting operation. (ForeignPolicy.com)…In yet another reminder that the phrase “witch hunts” isn’t only used figuratively these days, … Continue reading

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Funny That….. DOJ Begins Investigating Voter ID Rules

The AFL-CIO, and the NAACP have deliverd petitions to Eric Holder demanding the DOJ open investigations within states who have legislated voter ID requirements.   Before you read the article allow me to present this visual jab at the hypocrisy of the … Continue reading

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Howard Cosell Was Fired For Less…..

One can ONLY IMAGINE the media screeches if a conservative was describing Obama in a similar fashion…..  David Axelrod compares Gingrich to a monkey: (TIME) At briefing for reporters,  [Axelrod] says of the Georgian: “The higher a monkey climbs on the … Continue reading

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