Obama Tries Clinging To His Bible…And Fails Miserably – (Video)

The Obamas at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony

Last Thursday night, President Obama delivered a few remarks before lighting the National Christmas Tree.  He made a rather curious reference to Jesus as a “manifestation”, then added, “He grew up to become a leader with a servant’s heart”.  When I hear the phrase “a servant’s heart”, I’m immediately reminded of Sarah Palin’s movie, “The Undefeated”, where it’s the title of Act I.  Coincidence?  After all, he is the greatest community activist ever.  But the following article nailed it for me.  What kind of Christian talks like this?

(RightScoop)…I’m pointing this out only because I don’t know any Christian who talks this way about the One who they believe is their Messiah. First here is what Obama said: 

“More than two thousand years ago, a child was born to two faithful travelers who could find rest only in a stable, among the cattle and the sheep. But this was not just any child. Christ’s birth made the angels rejoice and attracted shepherds and kings from afar. He was a manifestation of God’s love for us. And He grew up to become a leader with a servant’s heart who taught us a message as simple as it is powerful: that we should love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Here’s the video from which the quote was lifted (it’s short):

I’m sure that sounds good to a lot of people, as I haven’t seen the criticisms I feel are warranted anywhere else. But outside of Obama lecturing us about charity and what not, what struck me was how he referred to Christ:

“He was a manifestation of God’s love for us.”

Um, not exactly. He wasn’t a manifestation of God’s love for us, he was a manifestation, if you will, of God. He was God incarnate. He was our Messiah. It was God himself coming to His creation, in short, to redeem us from our sins by taking our punishment on Himself. Ok, I know that’s a lot of theology, but really, Christ was God and I’ve never heard any other Christian say what Obama did.

“And He grew up to become a leader with a servant’s heart who taught us a message as simple as it is powerful: that we should love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Here again, he didn’t grow up to become a leader. He grew up to become a sacrifice for our sins. He wasn’t just some leader with a special message about loving God and our neighbors. He said “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” He was God incarnate and as Jesus he’s the only way to God.

Look, there are several problems with this clip, including the one highlighted by CNS News, that Obama suggested that Jesus Christ’s message can unite all people in the holiday season regardless of how they worship. But as a Christian, I just found Obama’s words to be nothing more than PC talk about faith, and lies about it being his faith. No Christian talks this way. It reminds me of a documentary I watched on “Who was Jesus”, and they defined him as some leader trying to lead his people out of the Roman oppression or something. Completely missed on who Jesus actually was, but then, that didn’t really surprise me.

If any of you have been here for a good length of time, you know I don’t believe Obama is a Christian. He certainly doesn’t act like one and seems to hold contempt for Christians as he embraces the Muslim world. As to what he actually is, it’s up for debate. But one thing is clear to me is that every time he refers to his Christian faith, it’s just another lie like all the other lies he’s so good at telling.

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That last paragraph sums up my feelings perfectly.  Dot….Period….Bingo!

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11 Responses to Obama Tries Clinging To His Bible…And Fails Miserably – (Video)

  1. AFinch says:

    Exactly. Thanks Kitty


  2. WeeWeed says:

    I don’t think he’s ever actually touched a Bible…..I have visions of it bursting into flame in his paws.
    Good article, Puddy!


  3. YTZ4Me says:

    Yes, I concur. I have never accepted the premise that he’s a Christian. He’s a chameleon.


  4. Auntie Lib says:

    He’s an Obamist. He worships himself. “The One” who will make the planet heal and the oceans fall (or rise, or whatever the hell crap he claimed he’d do).

    C’mon guys – you all know that. Gag.


  5. Shalini says:

    I don’t think that he is a Christian either. Not because I believe he practices any other faith or worships himself. His stance towards innocent babies is all I need to know to think whether a man is a Christian or not. ‘Love thy neighbour as ourselves’, huh? ‘Only when it suits you’ is an hidden clause, I am sure! How he could talk about Christ’s birth to a virgin with a straight face beyond me! Vile, vile man!


  6. Aussie says:

    You may want to research some history about the beginning of Islam. At the time there was a Christian heresy. I think it was Arianism, but there is another one that was a very similar heresy.
    MothePed heard that form of Christian heresy because it was rife in the Middle East at the time. He also heard bits and pieces of the Torah via a Jew.

    In that heresy ( I am using memory) these people taught that Jesus did not die on the cross. They also taught that Jesus is not the son of God.

    Looking at those words above, that is exactly what was being said – that Jesus is not the Son of God, but was the son of both Joseph and Mary.

    This goes to the very heart of our Christian beliefs.


  7. Brooklyn says:

    One might also offer that Taqiyya allows him to conceal his true religion.

    It is my belief that a Christian POTUS, at a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, might have delivered remarks like:
    Please remember, as we spend time with our own family and friends this holiday season, that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the recognition of the greatest event in the history of mankind, when our Creator deigned to become a human being, like us.

    This single event has inspired artists and composers to paint and write the most beautiful pieces of art, music and literature this world has ever known; and for our nation’s founders to declare liberty, freedom and the rule of law for the people of the United States of America.

    May the joy of this Christmas Season, once again help to lift your spirits during this most difficult period in our nation’s history and your continued belief in the simple yet powerful prayer we carry with us each day on our currency – IN GOD WE TRUST.

    Onward & Upward,



    • Aussie says:

      However, it is patently clear that he does not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the promised Messiah.

      That is why he made such a mealy-mouthed statement that points to him not being a Christian because of his denial of Jesus.


  8. Gino says:

    Since when is Christianity to be observed in the context of that which is politically correct? The American public would best be served by Obama eliminating himself from any event that is spiritual in nature.Wherefore, hypocracy is not a mainstay of religion and any derivative that impedes, diminishes or impunes ones religion and/or the rightrs of others to observe their religion is simply biased and unconstitutional.Today, we ask why is government so hell bent on eliminating religion what is the purpose in diminishing spiritual beliefs is there a perceived net gain to politicians?
    Why is an xmas tree now a holiday tree? Why is a manger scene considered a deplorable display in cities and towns? Why is that a minority can dictate the practise of religion to the majority.Of course, the latest chapter in the deconstruction of xmas — Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer has been sited as inappropriate for Bullying. and of course, we can site Obama in the same context


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