How Quickly We Forget…… Biden yucks it up with Mongolian Prime Minister

US Vice President Joe Biden (C) tries his hand at archery as Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold (2nd R) laughs during a mini Naadam staged in Biden’s honor in Ulan Bator, Mongolia on August 22, 2011. (AFP PHOTO)

For those who do not remember the “tiananmen square” uprising in China during the failed reform movement of 1989, it was the Mongolian soldiers who were called in to fire upon the unarmed protestors when the regular Chinese military refused to fire on civilians.  No-one actually knows how many people were killed.   Scroll up and look at their faces again, see those smirks and laughs.    Now watch…..

I Beg you to pause this next video at the 1:50 mark

 – look closely – read – reflect.  Please

Don’t Let It Be Forgotten

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17 Responses to How Quickly We Forget…… Biden yucks it up with Mongolian Prime Minister

  1. No-one really knows how many people were slaughtered during the June/July uprising. Estimates put the overall protest crowd over a million in Bejing as thousands poured in daily from April to June 1989 on trains, buses, and cattle carts all looking for a government to listen and reform. Over 100,000 protestors were inside tiananmen square when the tanks crossed the river bridges.

    By the 1980s, the leaders of China’s Communist Party knew that classical Maoism had failed. Mao Zedong’s policy of rapid industrialization and collectivization of land, the “Great Leap Forward,” had killed tens of millions of people by starvation.

    The country then descended into the terror and anarchy of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), an orgy of violence and destruction that saw teenaged Red Guards humiliate, torture, murder and sometimes even cannibalize hundreds of thousands or millions of their compatriots. Irreplaceable cultural heirlooms were destroyed; traditional Chinese arts and religion were all but extinguished.

    China’s leadership knew that they had to make changes in order to remain in power, but what reforms should they make? The Communist Party leaders split between those who advocated drastic reforms, including a move toward capitalist economic policies and greater personal freedoms for Chinese citizens, versus those who favored careful tinkering with the command economy and continued strict control of the population.

    Meanwhile, with the leadership unsure of which direction to take, the Chinese people hovered in a no-man’s land between fear of the authoritarian state, and the desire to speak out for reform. The government-instigated tragedies of the previous two decades left them hungry for change, but aware that the iron fist of Beijing’s leadership was always ready to smash down opposition. China’s people waited to see which way the wind would blow……

    The regular Chinese Military refused to fire on the peaceful crowd when they were ordered to clear the square, many even linked arms and encircled the students to protect them and show their solidarity. The Chinese government then enscribed the Mongolian branch of the military to engage the citizens and shoot if needed. They Did.

    Honest estimates appear to be around 2,500 people killed in the square and countless more, perhaps tens of thousands, in the surrounding area as they tried to block the military from entering the protest area.

    Watching Biden yuck it up is sickening to me. Sickening……


  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you for putting Biden’s foolishness in context, Sundance.

    I remember. I may show this to our 18 year old grandson: he cares about history but I suspect this is one piece he is quite unaware of, simply due to his age.

    I also remember the 18 year old woman who was shot to death in Iran 2 years ago as the twitter revolution died aborning–her death was literally filmed as it happened, as her father cradled her in his arms.

    Remember also that when the Chinese murder their dissidents, the families of the identifiable dead are billed for the cost of the bullets.

    Those who value liberty above all will pay any price to achieve it and protect it. Those who value power over others above all will pay any price and exact any price to retain it.

    We have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights…among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even never having lived under conditions of liberty, the Chinese young people somehow knew that.


    • Hey Sharon, the 1989 uprising for freedom culminating in what we call tiananmen square is one of the most dismissed historical events in the global rise for freedom. Hidden and overlooked because of the relatively simultaneous collapse of the Iron curtain and the fall of the Berlin wall. The success of freedom for people in Eastern Europe is a great historical story. But never, and I mean never, do you hear any discussion on the timeline about the failure of freedom cries in China.

      Movies and books are written about the killing fields and Cambodian khmer rouge. Movies and books are written about the Polish Solidarity success, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But when it comes to the Bejing killing fields (((crickets))) Name one book? Name one Movie? Go ahead and try…. Why is that?


    • Forgot to add:

      We have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights…among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even never having lived under conditions of liberty, the Chinese young people somehow knew that.

      This brought tears to my eyes. Well said.


  3. But all the killing was good for the planet, right?
    It’s just a reminder to me what they did recently in Tibet and what they’re about to do in Taiwan. Especially now that we won’t help them anymore with F16s. After Libya and Syria, Taiwan will be O’Bozo’s next legacy of destruction by proxy and neglect.


  4. Biden is a goofy, quirky little dude, in the same way that everyone thinks Kim Jong Il is a goofy, quirky little dude. Appearances, they be deceiving…


  5. WeeWeed says:

    The plans are for it to happen to US, as well. Consider Maxine Waters telling the TEA Party to go straight to hell. TEA Partiers are ‘terrorists.’ The meme on tv lately for the ‘disgruntled yoot’ is, “you’re working and giving all your money away to keep white baby-boomers living in the manner to which they have become accustomed.” Ooooo, I feel a rant comin’ on……Hey, y’all, feel free – you gotta rant, email it to the refuge2012. UNLIKE the MSM, we might actually print it!!
    SD is actually connecting dots for us, here, do you see it? I have, since 2008.


    • GracieD says:

      Sadly, I do see the connections. I am one of those Americans who “would rather die on their feet than live on their knees”. DH and I are saving every penny we can in hopes of not needing what will be a non-existent SS check.


  6. Predicted Biden Gaffe: “Hey, when I face the sun, I squint! What do you folks do?”


  7. TXMom says:

    Thank you for remembering, Sundance.


  8. Gino says:

    In defence of our Vice President (as hard as that is) I have to say that the photographs depicted are expected proper edict for any diplomatic visitor to China.Wherein, the Chinese pride themselves on their ancient history, festive banquets and most of all extending hospitality to foreign visitors.The Vice Presidents failure to participate in any event would be construed as a sign of disrespect and would exact a negative consequence.From my perspective Mr. Vice President is simply following protocal and doing that which is expected.


    • butchcracker says:

      Yes indeed, he was most certainly politically correct. Same with the “understanding” and implied support for the genocidal “one child policy”. Nice advocacy of freedom huh? But then again we are no longer the beacon of hope for free people, instead we are a national advocate for dependency and communal thought.

      Please peel back the layers of your viewpoint, and consider the historic backdrop.


  9. Gino says:

    I have been their done that and walked away with the understanding that yes they are a communist nation and a vast number of the population live in conditions that are completely intollerable.In many regions there is no infrastructure and sanitation is non existent.Ironically, the older population is totally unaware that there is a better way of life outside of China.Case in point I was in a town that was a major producer of chemicals and everyone walking the streets wore some type of breathing devise my driver proclaimed this town the most beautifull in the world.(Wrong Again)

    The middle age and younger poulation are opposed to communism and firmly beleive that the best way of moving away from same is by allowing elders in the regime to die off and as same happens a more moderate government and policies will be effected.However, they also know that commerce plays a major role in making this happen and by advancing same the hard liners have been forced to modify their positions.

    I can also tell you that I have seen the nasty way that the government handles defection first hand. A young lady that attempted to defect while with a delegation visiting Boston found her husband whom attempted to cross a border in China at the same time jailed, her parents jailed and her grandparents jailed.The caviat she was offered return to China with the delegation and we release your family members.
    Now she could have opted to stay here and eventually her family members would have been released.However, there was another underlying problem that being if a family member does not bring food to the prisoners the prisoners starve. Unfortunately, she was forced to return and knew full well upon her return her life would be completely controlled and monitored until the die she dies.

    My point with respect to Mr. Vice President was simple he was following protocal did I expect him to screw up yes I did.How badly did he screw up BIG TIME. Wherefore, he also played to the court of Haig which is also adopting measures that will insist that the United States adopt a one child only law.The critical mistake made was when he said “I understand why” thus in offering that he understood he was also aknowledging that their was a certain benefit.


  10. bob e says:

    this is very beautiful, sundance.


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