File This Under Wingnut Humor…..

Here in sunny California, I’ve got Obama voters on either side of me…voters so enamored with him, they put large signs on their front lawns declaring their undying love.  We’ve also got a vast assortment of canine critters, the kind that leave calling cards all their own.  Seems a shame to toss away a perfectly good opportunity, when a campaign statement of my own could be made.

Thanks to Sondra K., at Knowledge is Power, for the solution to my problem.

Unfortunately, the front sidewalk of my apartment building is not covered in ground ivy or ice plants but a green, trim & tidy lawn.

Every once in awhile, a new influx of dog owners will move into the surrounding apartments — people who think they’re too f*cking special to bend down from the waist and pick up their own dog’s sh*t.  And every once in awhile I’m forced to post signs to get their attention that our building’s front lawn is not their own personal doggie toilet.  Seeing as how we have an election coming up, and that 76% of my neighbors had the “wisdom” to vote for him the first go round, I figured I’d try something different.  Saw a perfect, glistening target this morning as I was leaving work, and I can’t wait to plunge one of these bastids into it.

I love dogs but I hate some of their filthy, lazy, disgusting owners. Owners like these should really consider buying gladiator dog waste station for sale to help them maintain cleanliness not just inside their homes but also for the entire neighborhood. A dog I really like is the German Shepherd. They are very cool shy dogs. Cehck them out at



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Millions of little gray cells wrapped in fur.
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36 Responses to File This Under Wingnut Humor…..

  1. G8rMom7 says:

    THAT is BAD ASS!!!


  2. Menagerie says:

    Puddy – you’re free! for We thought you had been repo’d for the new puddy tax.


  3. GracieD says:

    Now that is funny! You’re frilliant, Puddy!


  4. goodkathie says:

    I f’in LOVE this!!!


  5. WeeWeed says:

    At last! A HAPPY story to go with my Friday beer!! That’s hilarious! And thank God you’re not in jail, Puddy!! We’re still collecting the taxes, here….


  6. Sharon says:

    Excellent. Simply excellent.


  7. Butch and Sundance hereby commit their total unwavering support to the effort. They are trilled at the opportunity to support the pet friendly Post-It note campaign. However, you’re gonna need a whole bunch more forks…..

    Send directions when you can peek out from under the bed.


  8. Solaratov says:

    I stand in awe of your brilliance and creativity. That is, truly, inspired – and inspirational. Kudos for an effort far above and beyond those of mere mortals/
    You have surpassed the realm of the rightwingnut and advanced to the superior status of a true “WASP”. 😀 Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! 😀

    (WASP is an old (1950s) SciFi book)


  9. zmalfoy says:

    Awe-Freaking-Some!!!! LMFAO!!!!


  10. stellap says:

    I love it, and already shared!


  11. ZurichMike says:

    FABULOUS (and I rarely use that word — no, really!).

    Can you post an update later? Has anyone complained? Or increased / decreased their dog’s “habits”?


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