Eric Holder’s Mob Violence View – Only White People Can Commit “Hate Crimes”, Especially in South Carolina

This is insufferably upsetting…  I previously shared the story of Carter Strange HERE.  Now it appears his attackers will NOT be charged with “Hate Crimes”, even though I cannot find a distinction in such brutality being defined as “hate”, but I guess I must digress… ugh, ugh, ugh...  (WisTV – SC)COLUMBIA, – Prosecutors say the brutal beating of a teenager last week in Columbia’s Five Points doesn’t appear to have been racially motivated, but the U.S. attorney is still reviewing the case.

Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson, who will prosecute the eight people charged with attacking 18-year-old Carter Strange on June 20 before leaving him for dead, said no evidence suggests the beating was racially motivated other than the race of the people involved. Strange is white; the eight suspects are black.

However, Johnson said his office asked U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles to review the evidence to make sure hate crime charges are not warranted. A hate crime is legally defined as an attack motivated entirely or primarily by prejudice.  The seven juveniles charged with attacking Strange faced a judge on Monday, who granted a request that the defendants stay in jail until trial. The unnamed suspects’ next court date hasn’t been scheduled yet, according to Johnson.

The eighth suspect, 19-year-old Thyeem Henrey, appeared in court on Friday afternoon. The judge set bond at $750,000, which must be paid in full to allow Henrey’s release.

Police say Strange was jogging home just after midnight when the suspects approached him in a parking lot near Blossom Street and beat him up. A passerby found him a block away two hours later, and called 911.

Strange said he had to have emergency brain surgery and facial reconstruction surgery after the attack, but is making a remarkable recovery. “My physical condition is amazing,” said Strange. “I mean, the condition I’m in right now is a miracle.”  (read more)

I would strongly suggest you read the extent of the brutal attack upon Carter Strange.

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8 Responses to Eric Holder’s Mob Violence View – Only White People Can Commit “Hate Crimes”, Especially in South Carolina

  1. White interlopers…. Kill all the white people….. My people…. Bush hates black people…. Bush blew up the levies…. Uncle tom…. Oreo…. Get in their faces….. At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers…..It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses……Typical White Person…… It makes you feel justified in your ignorance, that’s America….. For the first time I’m proud…..

    No racism there….
    No Hate there…..

    Sure thing commies!


  2. Menagerie says:

    There is only one relevant point here. If he had been black and his eight attackers white, it would have been a hate crime. Nothing else matters, no explanation takes that away. You cannot end prejudice by practicing more of it.


  3. Gypsy says:



  4. Ivan Yurkenov says:

    Move along … no news here … keep moving….

    Unfortunately, this type of beat down is so common that it cannot be called newsworthy.



  5. ackbarsays says:

    I’m still unsure what Dylan Roof had on his nose, but it looks remarkably like this picture of Carter Strange.


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