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The 2011 Flood Of The Red River

It’s now three weeks since Sandbag Central in Fargo, ND opened for business with the goal of filling three million sandbags in preparation for the 2011 flood which will inundate the Red River Valley from the South Dakota/North Dakota border … Continue reading

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Another Example of Why the Lame Stream Media Holds NO Credibility…

The media would have you believe that a majority of Americans do not agree with Peter Kings’ Hearings on the danger of Radical Islam. However,…. (USA Today)- As Congress prepares to hold a hearing investigating the radicalization of Muslims living … Continue reading

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Meanwhile without all the Hysterical Fanfare – Idaho Legislature Passes Wisconsin-Style Bill Limiting Teachers Union Collective Bargaining Powers…

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A bill that would phase out tenure for new teachers and restrict collective bargaining on their salaries and benefits is on its way to the Idaho governor. The GOP-backed measure cleared its final hurdle Tuesday in … Continue reading

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Obama’s No Drill Energy Policy

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Among Independents Down to 37%, Tanks 10 Points in One Month…

They must be a racist bunch too….  “Independents’ approval of President Barack Obama has dropped sharply in the past month, a new poll suggests. Obama’s approval rating among independents fell to 37 percent in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday, down … Continue reading

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RIGHTeous IndigNATION…. “Excuse Me While I Save The World”

Amazon has available

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Newt Gingrich Claims His Scumbaggery is Caused by Patriotism….

In a nutshell, Newt ditched his first wife, Jackie, while she was suffering from cancer, to marry the woman he happened to be screwing at the time, Marianne. Then Newt ditched his second wife, Marianne, eight months after learning she … Continue reading

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