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G8rMom7 Needs Our Help… So C’mon Crew.. Lets get busy !!

Crew, G8rMom7 needs some feedback so lets use this thread to drop off links, articles, thoughts, suggestions, ideas etc. for her.  G8rMom7 – I was wondering if some of you could help me. Without giving too much detail I work … Continue reading

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Crisis Libya – Getting Worse: Quackdaffy Bombs His People

Quackdaffy said he was going to fight to the last bullet, and it looks like he means it: (Daily Mail) — As Libya teeters on the brink of full-scale civil war Colonel Gaddafi today said there was a conspiracy to … Continue reading

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Gunman Attacks US Air Force Personnel on Frankfurt Bus, Two Killed — Man Yelled “Allahu Akbar” During Attack…

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — A gunman fired at U.S. Air Force personnel on a bus outside Frankfurt airport Wednesday, killing two airmen and wounding two others before being taken into custody, authorities said.  Kosovo’s interior minister told The Associated Press … Continue reading

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The Shallow End of The Gene Pool – “Deep in The Heart of Texas”

‘Cause we’re celebrating Texas n’ all … 🙂 *Ducks Head*  😉 (DailyCaller) A lot of politicians give nicknames to their aides. George W. Bush famously referred to his attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, as “Fredo.” Mitch Daniels, then head of the … Continue reading

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Muslims Call for Demolition of Statue of Liberty…..

 h/t JenniferH (via Moonbattery)  If flying jets full of innocent civilians into the World Trade Center wasn’t perfectly symbolic of Islam’s relationship to America, how about this — Muslims are calling for the demolition of the Statue of Liberty. From … Continue reading

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Allen West: Resurrecting the American Spirit

(Video Link Click Here )  WASHINGTON — He’s moved from Iraq and Afghanistan to a new type of battlefield: Washington, D.C.   Retired Army Lt. Col Allen West is taking the Capitol by storm with his “take-no-prisoners” approach. Fresh off a … Continue reading

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ACORN Whistleblower, Anita MonCrief, and Her Fight Against Voter Registration Fraud.

Last Feb. 12th., I received an e-mail (with videos) from one of our commenters here at the Treehouse.   This ‘TreeHouser’ is currently involved with investigating voter registration fraud and they have asked to remain anonymous.  The primary subject in the videos we … Continue reading

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