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Yikes – NOT GOOD… Bloated Leftist Michael Moore Creates Online “High School Newspaper” to Indoctrinate Students With His Left-Wing Agenda…

Yikes, as if Academia needs more leftist progressive avenues…  (via NewsBusters) Controversial schlockumentarian Michael Moore this week unveiled a new website giving high school students a venue to have their views published. Under the headline “Join My High School Newspaper” … Continue reading

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Wisconsin “Fleebaggers”

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin senator says he does not believe Senate Democrats will return to work unless Gov. Scott Walker shows a willingness to negotiate on his plan to effectively eliminate union rights for most public employees. Sen. … Continue reading

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Conservative Tree House – Woman of the Year (contender series)…. Ann Barnhardt is an islamophobe

More frilliance from the world of (IamDangy) aka… Ann Barnhardt – Ann Barnhardt is an islamophobe – I am encouraged lately to read more and more articles and essays wherein an honest discussion of islam, its nature and its core … Continue reading

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TreeHouse Man of the Year (so far….)

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Union Orcs Being Dispatched to every state for battle…..

In an orchastrated effort of thuggery and brute force, union organizers are coordinating logistics to support their ideological battlegrounds and protect their parasitic positioning.  These are the first battles in a War for our Republic.    Find out SEIU plans HERE.   Find … Continue reading

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Spooky Dude thinks we’re stupid……. Shocking!!

(The Hill) Liberal financier George Soros said in an interview aired Sunday that Tea Party activists are being “used and deceived.” “I think the people in the Tea Party are very decent people, hard-working,” he said. “They have been hit … Continue reading

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Allen West on Wisconsin Protests: “We’re Witnessing the Abject Hostility of a Unionized Entitlement Class Lauded by the Liberal Left Including Obama”

Sheer Awesomeness !!(NewsMax) “Over this past week I have watched and listened to members of the House of Representatives from across the aisle. I am appalled at their ignorance, belligerence, and dishonest rhetoric filled with empty emotional platitudes. Have they … Continue reading

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